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October Challenge - Attention to the Reflection (Urban)

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So here's this month's Challenge ( huge "thanks" to Colin, Wim, Paulette and Marianne - you rock!).

"Attention to the Reflection"? Hm, what's in my mind?

I imagine mostly puddles ( come on, guys, it rained at least once in your place and being good, you

had your camera with you ) and whatever grabbed your attention (!) in there. The more colourful - the better ! 

It works with glasses of wine as well, of course...;-)

It's close to mind that the photos must be on Alamy and the challenge will close at midnight your local time (am I 

that generous? Yes, I am!) on 31st of October. Please, upload up to 3 shots. There will be 8 photos picked by me which will compete for the top

prize and a voting poll will be set for one week. The winner will be able to set the November Challenge.

That's it!

Let's do this! (Sorry, no examples)

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Congrats Ognyan! So glad you decided to take on the challenge of the Challenge! Love your topic.

Here are my three:


1) Sunset clouds reflecting in a parking lot




2) Museum reflection in Washington DC




3) Rooftop Pool Scene



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Great topic, I do like a reflection.




Montreal Old Port






The CN Tower in Toronto reflected in the walls of a building.





The KPMG Building in Montreal, reflected in the windows of the PNB Paribas building.



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Congratulations on the win!


Here are three from me:


Reflection in a bus stop on Slough High Street



Reflections in a puddle in Windsor:


The back of Windsor Castle and other buildings reflected in a puddle:



Edited: As I took another picture that fits into this category, I've changed my last image to go with a newer picture.

Edited by Matt Ashmore
As I took another picture that fits into this category, I've changed my last image to go with a newer picture.
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Three from me. Although I have to admit that I generally try to keep reflections out of my images in the urban environment. Thankfully a few slipped through.


Reflection in house window.


Decorated mannequin through window Stock Photo



Reflection in shop window selling womens stuff.


Brassier shop front Cambridge Stock Photo




Reflection in bridal shop window.


Wedding dress shop window with reflections Stock Photo





Edited by Allan Bell
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Living where I do, you'd think I'd have urban images but this is the best I can do. The first one was taken in the Bronx at least....



Reflections of flowers and foliage in a pond.




Small boat harbor in Homer, Alaska




Giant Waterlilies, Victoria Amazonica, in Brazil



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Well done Ognyan, cracking cat photo, a truly worthy winner!!!


Three from me...


Vintage motorcycle rally

Royal Enfield badge, and reflections in a chrome petrol tank at a motorcycle rally in Redditch, Worcestershire Stock Photo






A narrowboat reflected in the waters of the river avon near Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire, with a branch of willow Stock Photo






Dark waters over a weir

Dark blue black water passing over a weir Stock Photo



Edited by TeeCee
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BMW Welt reflections of BMW HQ and museum.Munich,Germany Stock Photo

BMW HQ & Museum building reflections on BMW Welt windows.


Coventry building society in Coventry with the cathedral spire reflecting in the glass. West Midlands, England. Stock Photo

Cathedral spire reflecting on glass of Coventry Building Society


Plain clothes protection officer attending the Prime Minister of China during his UK visit in June 2011. Stock Photo

Plain clothes protection officer attending visit of Chinese Prime Mininster to UK in 2011



Edited by andremichel
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Congratulations. After some reflection (hahaha), I've chosen these three images for this month's challenge.


Old Montreal reflections





Vancouver reflections





Urban Dream




Edited by John Mitchell
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My three reflections images.


Water Mirror, Le Miroir d'eau, Place de la Bourse, Burdeaux,




Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India




Reflection Canyon in Lake Powell & Glen Canyon National Recreation Area




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Rather outwith my areas of subjects but I have managed to scrape up 3.


Tall ship, S.V.Kaskelot, moored alongside the Barbican in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, UK, April 2017




Swamp cypress, Taxodium distichum, and reflection in red autumn foliage by the side of a small lake




Diners at tables outside the Three Crowns pub reflected in the water of Sutton Harbour, Plymouth






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Reflections in urban settings (in one case, if urban can be an urban park):



Common Snapping Turtle in an Eakins Park pond in Fairfax County, Virginia.




Reflection of the Altagracia, Isla de Ometepe, cathedral in a rain puddle. 
Just the two.  Don't have any others that are urban.
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Congratulations on your win Ognyan! 


Just noticed that the title of the competition is "Attention to the Reflection (Urban), but it didn't mention Urban in the instructions, so I will submit another two in a couple of days!




1. Reflection of a neon Stars & Stripes sign in a yellow cab windows, New York City, USA







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Good challenge Ognyan!



B8XWM9  - Washington DC - Washington Monument reflecting in the water of the Tidal Basin.



EY1HY1  - Amsterdam - Singel Canal with DHL delivery canal boat.



EEH4H3  - Chicago - United Terminal Pedestrian tunnel at O'Hare Airport.



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11 hours ago, Marianne said:

Boston, Massachusetts







Appears as though you are looking right through the building.




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Wow some really great photographs in there.

Here come my humble three:


The Kyoto tower in Kyoto japan:




Entrance to the Tokyu Plaza in Tokyo Japan:




Purification trough with ladle in a public garden in the city of Kumamoto Japan:


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My second and third entries (Urban this time!!)


My daughter standing on an escalator, reflected in a second escalator; marina Mall, Dubai





Ghent, Belgium on a winters morning









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