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  1. How long before you sold your first stock photo?

    Sold my first image after 6 months and had 450 images for sale, in my first year sold 2 images.
  2. A First - Entire Month Without A Zoom

    I had a good August and already 2 zooms in September which puts my CTR for the month at 2.2, I'm sure it will be all downhill from there.
  3. Do sport news sell (via Alamy)

    I have sold a couple of sports photos but not as news, both are at the new Perth Stadium of Australian Rules Football.
  4. Lightroom purchase

    I have monthly subscription with LR Classic and PS but if New LR is on the cloud then wouldn't the monthly subscription be substantially greater because you are then using their storage space?
  5. Lightroom purchase

    I have gone the subscription route for the past 2 years and have no problems, I figure that the first image sale per month on Alamy will cover the cost of the subscription.
  6. I'm a bit 'demoralized

    Hi Lorenza, one of the reasons that you may have lower sales is that you have too many similar photos, for example M3P6GD "Wine bottles in a Milan bottle shop" has another 7 similar stock images which are very difficult to tell the difference between them, and you have many other photographs which are too similar so rather than a portfolio of 3367 images you have effectively probably less than 1000 different images. The other disadvantage of having too many similar images is that it will affect your CTR adversely. My suggestion is to be more ruthless in your editing and select the best 2 photos rather than use all 8 photos of the same image. Good luck and keep uploading.
  7. Whats App, Skype, Facetime, Viber, Facbook Messenger all allow you to make phone calls as long as you have internet access. Whenever I am overseas I always buy a local SIM card then I am not at the mercy of having WiFi available and most times the free WiFi is very slow. Having your own local SIM card allows to have 24 hour internet access and hence access to all the travel guides and it is impossible to get lost. Don't be put off by the cost because it is only a similar cost to buying one Lonely Planet printed guide book.
  8. Unless the property can be identified it does not need a property release. I thought the interpretation regarding property releases is that a photo of a building needs property release but if the building is only part of the photo then no release is needed for example each building in a photo of a cityscape does not require a property release.
  9. OMG! O.M.G. (= $1MG)

    Wow! That is fantastic, that has given me inspiration to take more photos as you have shown that is possible to crack the $1M, I only have $996, 000 to go.
  10. Upload not working?

    I thought it was me or my computer malfunctioning but I also have found that in the past 2 weeks I start an upload and then have to abandon it because it is frozen half way on the first or second image.
  11. First sale was after 4 months and 460 images, it was of the love locks bridge in Paris.
  12. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial, Vienna
  13. From memory when you set up your account you nominate which currency you would like to paid in and prices paid reflect that, and that the only currency options are US dollars, UK pounds or Euros. Things may have changed since then.
  14. Shouldn't be a problem if you tick "yes" for the question; "Does this image contain property that needs a release for commercial use?" in Attributes.
  15. NT- beware

    So if someone from Poland has an image of a NT property in the UK and licences the image to someone in the US, how does the NT have jurisdiction over 2 parties outside of the UK?