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  1. Shouldn't be a problem if you tick "yes" for the question; "Does this image contain property that needs a release for commercial use?" in Attributes.
  2. NT- beware

    So if someone from Poland has an image of a NT property in the UK and licences the image to someone in the US, how does the NT have jurisdiction over 2 parties outside of the UK?
  3. is this NYC public park sign a request or law???

    I would not have entered, being an adult male with a camera at such an an event would have been asking for trouble. May not be fair but so be it.
  4. The offer is not limited to UK residents only, I am in Australia and received the email from Alamy regarding the Shaw courses, I have enrolled into the Lightroom course.
  5. I have cycled from Augsburg to Budapest along the Danube River, it is a fantastic ride and the infrastructure for cyclists is great. I rode with a Nikon D90 hanging around my neck so I had easy access to my camera and I could take photos of other cyclists while cycling. Back to OP I think that Camera will improve in the manner of cameras as computers with lenses so what if cameras had Photoshop or Lightroom so that all the processing can be done in camera. Or why do we need a camera? What if lenses are manufactured with a slot that you attach your smartphone and that is your camera and you download the Photoshop or Lightroom app or other appropriate camera
  6. Thank you To M. Chapman and Spacecadet for your input, I have learnt something today.
  7. If the files are the same size how and why is it an advantage to crop in RAW rather than JPEG?
  8. I was not aware of that, I have 2 cameras, Nikon D90 and Olympus OMD E-M1, and with both RAW files are 2 to 3 times bigger than JPEG files.
  9. I recently converted to using RAW and I have found the biggest advantage so far is as one of the bullet points in Arterra's post on the first page, "Cropping to make an even better composition". In JPEG I often found that when I wanted to crop an image the image size was then too small to be accepted by Alamy, with Raw I can crop a little or a lot to create a far superior composition. This is especially so when I have only one photo of a particular subject and I need to crop to create a photo that I am happy with.
  10. India rights

    I too have 2 photo's licensed for $1.34, one of which is Novel us India only. There are situations where you cannot access all websites, the website host can control who can see their website or limit pages within their website to geographic areas based on your ISP address, for example I live in Australia and if I go to an airline's website to purchase flight tickets, the Airline's website knows where I am located and will only let me see the pages for Australian customers where the flight prices are higher than if I was in another country and wanting to by tickets on the same flight. So maybe these India only licenses are for pages on websites that can only be accessed in India.
  11. Have you found any Alamy Photographs August 2016

    gvallee I love your night sky photo.
  12. Plane crash survival

    Your OP provides the answer; you get out and don't take photos. You put up a link to a video of the incident, how much was the copyright owner of the footage paid? I don't he/she made millions, I think my survival is more important than free photos or video footage.
  13. sale price

    When you first sign up with Alamy insn't there an option to be paid in US$, UK pound or Euro, and that what is shown on your web page.
  14. RAW verses JPEG

    Thanks Philippe your point, "RAW is like the old negative: the only real proof you are the copyright owner", has convinced me to switch to RAW. Up until now I have been shooting in JPEG because of the convenience and have been wondering whether I should shoot in RAW instead, not anymore.
  15. Stockimo

    I just joined Stockimo and downloaded the app, I have been a member of Alamy prior to the commencement of Stockimo so will Alamy split the fees 50/50 or will I only get 20%? Also, I will I be paid as per the current arrangement with Alamy or will I have to use PayPal as well? Thanks in advance for your answers.