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  1. Anyway, thanks again everyone for help & advice. I am a bit sad that I can no longer submit live news as Berlin is a hive of activity...demos, protests, art and politics c'est la vie ;-)
  2. yes, I too can no longer test it But my IPTC keywords did load correctly with the data when I was able to submit live news. Was not aware that one was not supposed to tag the pics.
  3. The advice is appreciated! I have just had a look at the first page of my live news portfolio and see that some may be worth re-visiting and re-captioning while others would probably not be worth the effort. So I guess all the opinions have validity, Best wishes Eden
  4. Thanks, Joseph. Will at some point have to go through them and decide which may be worth the effort.
  5. Thanks for this advice, Niels It did seem like a lot of extra work! Eden
  6. Hello all, I would very much appreciate it if you could advise me I previously had access to the live news feed and have images which are now stock. Should I remove most of these or if not, should I re-caption them. They are occasionally used in newspapers but after the event Many thanks, Eden https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/edenbreitz/livenews.html
  7. Congratulations pn your win and Interesting choice of subject. Women's March Berlin 2019 Women's March Berlin 2018 Berlin, Germany, 21st January 2017. Anti-Trump rally
  8. with a smile...had a look at recent live news, I think Germany and France have become totally non-newsworthy, Fortunately Italy & Spain are there to represent Europe so not a Brexit issue ;-) Have a good Sunday all, Eden
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