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AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

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Hi Everyone,


You may (or may not) be aware that we're continually monitoring activity and feedback on our contributor tools, especially the Alamy Image Manager (AIM).


We've got a list of improvements we want to make and release to the live environment and the next update (January ) is now live. 


Here are some details of what's in the forthcoming update as well as a list of other things we're currently working on for release in the near future.



Jan 30th 2019 update (all users may need to wait 24 / 48 hours for all updates to appear:


  • Download your data option: Users in AIM can now request an export of all their metadata into a spreadsheet template from within the tool.  The option can be found at the bottom of the "mandatory" info tab:


  • Added the ability to set defaults for marking images as exclusive (this will be visible at some point tomorrow)
  • Added a filter to show you images not marked as exclusive (this will be visible at some point tomorrow)
  • Changed the text colour on grey tags from white to black to make them easier to read (this will be visible at some point tomorrow)



Nov 22nd 2018 update:


  • Caption box now has larger font and darker colour to make it easier to read
  • Added messaging to say changes may take up to 48 hours to be reflected in live database
  • You can now view the upload date on a magnified image in AIM
  • The supertag “star” now has a bigger hitbox making it easier to select
  • Fixed various issues related to unusual text characters causing errors in search and copy and paste
  • Added messaging about restrictions if a user tries to add all 4 restrictions to an image
  • Fixed a scenario where upload failed with lengthy filenames
  • Fixed a bug that returned all images in a search for “Photographer” within AIM


Oct 2018 update:


  • Changes to the UI so it’s clearer you have more than one image selected. There is now a more obvious “highlight” overlay on the image and the info box in the top right corner is now more prominent. Should reduce the chance of mistakenly making changes to images that you didn't know were selected
  • There is a button now for “remove all tags”. No more having to click each tag one by one if you want to start fresh!
  • There is a copy and paste function that has been added. You can select tags individually or select all (woo hoo!), then copy and paste to another image(s) via the paste button. We know this has been a request many of you have asked for so we hope this will really help those who prefer that type of workflow.



Future updates (more things we are working on for a later release, some require further testing - this list doesn't confirm release):


  • Intuitive help
  • Options to change order of tags
  • Improvements to mobile functionality
  • Improvements to category options
  • Various other UI improvements


*This is not an exhaustive list.*


If you've got any feedback on any of the above feel free to email us on contributors@alamy.com




James Allsworth

Contributor Experience Manager

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Oh, how fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Deleting hooray. Copy and paste marvelous. I have so many images with too many tags and I'd love to start over on them. I see I will be very busy.... This is great.



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Thanks Alamy.  This is great news. Especially excited about the copy and paste function in the current update but it looks like there are other really useful improvements in the pipeline too.



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Yes a big thank you from me too. It is great to hear that you do listen to your contributors and that their comments are acted on.





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6 minutes ago, CAROL SAUNDERS said:

I must be missing something it all looks the same to me, also just had hassle signing in here, I'll have a look later to see if I see anything different;)



Read carefully (I didn't).

it isn't live yet. End of the week

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Thank you very much James and @Alamy for these updates.


At least 4000 of my images were uploaded with the older system that could accept 300+ keywords* and I have been asking for a multiple delete function for some time, as the task of manually deleting vast numbers of tags singly had me totally defeated and I gave up on revamping the images. "While a "delete all" button and a "multiple delete" function are not exactly the same thing, it's probably going to be easier to clear the tags, rewrite new ones and then cut and paste those onto images from the same set, as a starting point.


I'm also really looking forward to the improved mobile functionality, as AIM is an incoherent jumble on my iPad and totally unusable. The ability to move tags around also feels like something I could use a lot, to make logical strings of text, rather than scattered, random words.


*If anyone is wondering why I have images with 300 keywords, in any case, all I can say is...Keywording Services. I have two key words for them. Bad. Idea. 

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