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  1. Hi, Please direct all Stockimo questions to support@stockimo.com. Thanks, Alamy
  2. Hi All This is a license via our novel use scheme, an optional scheme which falls outside of our normal licensing. The images in the novel use pool give our sales team the freedom to explore different schemes and trials, with a variety of price points and licenses. These include, but are not limited to trials with new customers, prototypes/proof of concept, and high volume low unit price licences. If you decide you don’t want to be part of the Novel Use Scheme anymore you can opt out every April by following the ‘Novel use’ link under Additional Revenue Opti
  3. Hi Miguel Any queries regarding Stockimo should be sent to support@stockimo.com. Thanks, Alamy
  4. Hi All, We appreciate your feedback and we've removed the Tweet in question from our Twitter feed. We just wanted to clarify that we only wanted you to take inspiration from the cinematic style of the image. In no way were we encouraging contributors to trespass on train tracks. Thanks, Alamy
  5. Hi Everyone, We do appreciate how frustrating this is and please be assured that this is a priority for us and has been escalated. It will be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks, Alamy
  6. Hi, We're sorry for the delay - the team are aware and the server will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks, Shannon
  7. Hi Linda - please address all Stockimo questions to support@stockimo.com Many thanks Alamy
  8. For all questions related to Stockimo, please email the team at support@stockimo.com Many thanks Alamy
  9. In case this is not common knowledge, you can always just do http://www.alamy.com/<INSERT IMAGE REF> Best, Alamy
  10. Hi everyone, From December 24th until January 4th, response times from Contributor Relations and QC will be longer than usual. We'll be up and running to normal speed as quick as we can. Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Alamy Content team!
  11. I've deleted some comments in this thread as they are not following our forum guidelines. Thanks, Elisabeth
  12. Hi everyone, Please note that several comments in this thread has been deleted as they were off topic and not suitable on a public forum. The thread will be locked for any further comments if we spot more. Thanks, Elisabeth
  13. Research, grouping, collating and putting into a suitable format for a DACS claim is a very different situation than “Alamy don’t know what they are”. This would have absolutely no bearing in any case on our infringement operation so we won’t derail the thread any more by discussing further. James A
  14. That is also - frankly - factually incorrect. As I mentioned in the vid, we’ll share more info when we can on this but I firmly believe the steps we are taking next year to tackle infringements is something to feel very positive about. James A
  15. Hi all, thanks for you comments and suggestions. We’ve posted a link to the recording here:
  16. What a year 2020 has been! Check out our Alamy End of Year video featuring an update from Emily Shelley, Managing Director, Alan Capel, Operations Director and James Allsworth, Head of Content https://bit.ly/38dDOM8 Best wishes, Alamy
  17. You can still upload new submissions whilst our systems are catching up. I've asked for an update as soon as the backlog has been worked through as this is the only thing causing delays at this point. Will keep you posted!
  18. Hi Meanderingemu, I've passed on this feedback so the teams are aware.
  19. Hi everyone, We've identified the problem within the upload queues and are working as quickly as possible to resolve it. We understand technical issues are frustrating, especially the longer they persist, but we have to investigate the issue fully before fixing to help ensure the same error doesn't occur again. Alamy process hundreds of thousands of images a day so occasional issues will be inevitable, but we are working hard to make sure future disruption is minimal. Thanks, Elisabeth
  20. Hi everyone, Thanks for flagging this, I will get an update on this from our technical team. All the best, Elisabeth
  21. To clarify, I was referring to direct sales made by Alamy to explain the difference between a reported sale and a cleared sale. Sales made by distributors will take longer to show up in the report as it is a third party involved. Thanks, Elisabeth
  22. Hi tgmd, Did you email our Contributor Relations team (contributors@alamy.com)? They normally get back to you within the hour if you email them within UK office hours. The only reason for not getting a reply would be if your question was already answered in our auto reply. To explain how it works with sales and payments, we report sales instantly, and you'll be paid once we've received the money from the customer. It will then show up in your Account Balance as cleared. Once you have a cleared amount of over $50 we'll pay you on our next payment run which is at the start of every
  23. Hi Ognyan, Please contact contributors@alamy.com and provide them with a few more details and they will be able to check what has happened with your upload. Many thanks, Elisabeth
  24. Hi Marianne, I'm not sure this is a widespread issue as the pages should be updated and working fine now. Can you contact contributors@alamy.com so they can look into this with you? Thanks, Elisabeth
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