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  1. The prestigious picture collection from PA Media (PA), the national news agency for the UK and Ireland, is now available on Alamy’s global platform. PA Images has been added to Alamy’s platform to create a single destination for stock, creative and editorial photography for customers around the world. Emily Shelley, Managing Director of Alamy, said:“Alamy aims to give its customers the widest range of global and local coverage, so the addition of PA’s photo library to our growing roster of news brands really serves to strengthen our editorial offering.Learn more: http://ow.ly/TS7g50CvuhF
  2. Hi everyone, We have been migrating millions of images into the platform and this is an example of a problem that should be fixed soon. As with any duplication issue from any contributor, we gather all the required info before releasing the fix and removing the duplicates. Please note that there are no special favours involved. All the best, Elisabeth
  3. Hi Ian, Not sure how we can be any clearer on this - when we look at the costs involved in additional resource to process the yearly claim and divide it by the number of claims it costs very close to £1 per contributor claimed for. This may slightly vary year on year but for all previous years it has run to very close to £1. Like many other agencies - we submit a DACS claim for the licences we issue and DACS work with us very closely on this. This is a contractual obligation to working with us. For all those who were with us prior to this change coming in, w
  4. Alamy

    Forum update

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your feedback, the topic summary statistics have now been removed. Thanks, Elisabeth
  5. It works out as roughly £1 per contributor we claim for - has always been so - please don't read any more into the "current" wording than that as there is no hidden agenda / story! Needless to say it doesn't work in as simple a way as you may perhaps imagine. This information is not easily identifiable or shareable in a format that we can provide on a case by case basis. It's a big project and process, takes months and costs tens of thousands of pounds in total - in addition to that there are confidentiality clauses within certain buyer contracts as we mentioned earlier.
  6. This is incorrect, pricing is not based on contributor location. If you are unsure about the sale, please get in touch with our contributors team so they can look into it for you. Thanks, Elisabeth
  7. It's not inputted as a normal sale so the deductions are made and then it's put into your account - the split is 50/50 though so Alamy gets the same amount as you plus an additional (approx) £1 per claim to cover the admin costs. We can't provide the ISBN / ISSN's for a whole range of reasons - some for confidentiality but mainly because we don't always have them or have them in a format where it's easily shareable. Lots of the admin cost that goes into claiming those who are opted in is taken up by researching and trying to obtain this info. Alamy
  8. Hi Ian, Currently the admin costs work out roughly to be around £1 per contributor, we then split the royalties 50/50. Thanks Alamy
  9. Hi everyone, We were required to run a major update to the forum this morning and this caused a few technical issues. Everything should be working as normal now, but let us know if you spot any further problems! Our service providers are still working in the background updating the designs. Thanks, Elisabeth
  10. To be clear, in this situation we don't think anyone is being stupid. The reasons we have provided are genuine - it would make absolutely no sense for us to be any other way. If it was down to managing the "overhead" as such, we'd say so. Where you say "It has been said many times that UKNS buyers just didn't see opted out files." - although that is in essence, true, the reality is far more complex. Let's take the following scenario - Newspaper 'X' has 10 picture researchers who use Alamy to source images, plus a bunch of freelancers they use occasionally. Each of the
  11. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for pointing this out. We understand this situation is not ideal and are looking into the root cause of the duplicates with PA media. Many thanks, Elisabeth
  12. For clarity, this was an outdated scheme set up over a decade ago. We are not opting people “in”, we are ending the scheme and removing the option to exclude your images from newspaper clients view. There is no link between PA and their Group board and this decision, it is something that makes sense to do from both a business point of view and for our contributors. The sales value for licences outside the pool is indistinguishable to that of those in the pool now that the industry has moved on and newspaper websites use far more images than ever before. Abolishing the scheme will have no other
  13. We've moved this to the discussion area in case it causes any more confusion.
  14. We just want to keep discussions in one place on the official thread - you can discuss everything here. Having one thread keeps it easy for everyone to keep track - us included. Thanks
  15. Please keep all discussion to the official thread. Many thanks
  16. Hi Avpics, Our IT team has delayed the search engine refresh whilst working through some technical issues. It will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! All the best, Elisabeth
  17. Hi everyone, We have just sent an email to everyone who is opted out of the Newspaper Scheme as we are making some changes around this option. Please note, the scheme is separate to Live News and the changes does not apply to images sold via the Live News feed. The scheme was originally introduced in 2009, with many newspapers requiring their suppliers to move onto pre-negotiated flat rates for image usages within their online and offline publications. These rates were often lower in value than standard stock licences, but this was in many cases offset against a higher
  18. As some of you have already noticed, our technical team found the issue and it should now be quicker to load contributor related pages on our site. Have a nice weekend everyone! Best, Elisabeth
  19. Following on from the recent outage in August, we’re constantly working to improve our website experience to ensure that it never happens again. Our tech team will be running essential website maintenance on Saturday 7 November. This will involve two 30-minute periods of downtime at 5.30am (GMT) and then again at 8.00am (GMT). We can reassure you that this will only be for a short period.
  20. Hi everyone, This issue has been escalated as no technical errors were discovered by our IT team. Our application support team are now working on a solution to speed up this areas of the site. Thanks, Elisabeth
  21. Hi Everyone, I'll pass this on to our IT team so they can look into the issue, thanks for flagging it. All the best, Elisabeth
  22. Hi everyone, Just to confirm, this particular case is still ongoing and our Billing team are working on collecting the payment from the customer. We appreciate it has taken a while, but we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. Thanks, Elisabeth
  23. Hi everyone, Thanks for flagging this, I've asked our IT team to look into it. Best wishes, Elisabeth
  24. Hi Aurore, Just to confirm, images marked as exclusive on Alamy can still be licenced through your own website. All the best, Elisabeth
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