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  1. That's gorgeous and even better that you made the box yourself😁 Carol
  2. Ah ok Steve, no it was a different paper and different image, your image is much clearer and better though, looks like F & B a popular subject today, great you saw it anyway 😁 Carol
  3. Just read an article in today's paper, a double page and there's a tin of F & B in top r/h corner, guessing that's yours😄 great feeling for you .... Carol
  4. Yes I feel a bit stuck.....I like to have a holiday or 2 to look forward to, I'm talking international travel - that's probably not going to happen this year which I get quite down about. On the other hand, it's made me appreciate more what I have locally. We have a beautiful Cathedral here in St. Albans - one thing I've always struggled with is photographing inside a Cathedral so I've had a couple of goes. There has been a beautiful glass angel wing sculpture there for the last few weeks made of 160 pieces of handblown glass hopefully this link works..... https://www.layneroweg
  5. Mine appeared on 7th May, again probably due to Bank Holiday here. Carol
  6. Betty you have a lot of patience, I know it's difficult unboxing and moving it around on your own though. When I got my new iMac I didn't know about Migration Assistant or CCC - probably just as well ! I just turned it on and followed the prompts on screen. The only programme it wouldn't let me install was PS CS6 for which I had a licence, I think the technology had obviously changed! After trying it about 3 times convinced I was doing something wrong which I wasn't, I moved to PS CC and it was fine. Hope all goes well with your install and new iMac .... Carol
  7. If you like wider angle you could check out the Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 - it's a fabulous lens but not cheap. I used to have one but eventually passed it on. I also have the 24-70mm 2.8 though not the new version, again also excellent. An under rated lens in my opinion is the 28-300mm, a good all round lens. Carol
  8. Oh my goodness Betty, I'm not surprised you are stressed, I would be also ! Hoping it arrives earlier rather than later tomorrow🙏 Carol
  9. Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, For editorial use on BMJ JournalsMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronic52 MB5302 x 3460 pixels 3 MB compressedStart: 27 April 2021Duration: In perpetuity $$ Carol
  10. Betty - settings, go with what MDM says, it's what I meant but he explains much better than I do😄 Re: your apps - I have Topaz DeNoise 6 and it works fine on Big Sur. I do understand though that people using Topaz Adjust with Big Sur it no longer works and Topaz haven't got it sorted as yet. (Not sure if this is in with Topaz Labs). Carol
  11. That's great news Betty - you will be fine I'm sure especially with all the help here on the forum. Just take things slowly and make sure you have all your necessary passwords. You are lucky you have your other iMac to make a note of various settings.😉 I know nothing about the migration/transfer system with iMacs. I don't think they work like iPhones and iPads where you put them next to each other and then magic seems to happen😁 It will be fine so don't stress ...... Carol
  12. Good to know you got it sorted Michael and also the workaround they gave you. I think I remember when Big Sur arrived Adobe hadn't updated CC and it wouldn't save Tiffs or a similar problem - these things are certainly sent to try us ! Carol
  13. Betty I added the 2 x 16 of ram to the already installed 8gb so now 40gb ram and it seems fine though I expect it will also be fine with just the 2 x 16's. Bet you can't wait to get it, I can't wait til you get it 😄 Carol
  14. Just catching up on this thread, I love my wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse but do agree with it not being great turning the mouse upside down to charge it. However, I find it very rarely needs a good charge or could be me forgetting to do it. So much better than the battery mouse, that one used to drive me nuts, somehow or other the cover always used to slip off so for me this it's brilliant, but yes the charging port would have been better on the side maybe😉 Carol
  15. I did have a quick look on the Apple website to see the different colours - wow I wouldn't know which colour to choose if it were me 😁 Maybe it's as you say to give the market a springtime kick. Iphones now come in all sorts of colours, I'm still on the iPhone 8 which has a white top and bottom on the front. I find it's easier for me to grab if it's in my bag as it makes it more visible. I can't even remember what colour the back of it is as it's had the same case on it since I've had it, probably silver or grey - I think I'm a creature of habit. What colour did Betty go for ?
  16. Betty & Ed - so pleased to read you both have your new mac's sorted out and it looks like you both got really good deals 😄 Carol
  17. Actually the passionfruit mousse cake followed by the large vanilla mousse cake 😄 or maybe I'll just go from left to right😁 Carol
  18. I just want that passionfruit and mousse cake - now ! Carol
  19. I'm just thankful for all the knowledge on here😄 The external hard drives I've been using the last few years are Western Digital My Passport for Mac. They are small and fast. Are these SSD's, I don't know but having learned about RAM always willing to learn😉 Carol
  20. Thank you for the link some lovely images there. My favourite of yours is the Tranquil Tree, very beautiful Carol
  21. That's great it's back up and working now Betty, hopefully it will stay that way. Mine is still ok I've just checked my storage and have 1TB with 902.99 available. I think it really does help moving files onto external drives, I only have one folder on it now. Carol
  22. They are heavy Betty but please try not to use the handle to carry or lift it if you possibly can as they are not that strong... Carol
  23. That's for sure, the other week my printer started churning out blank pages, I checked the settings and it said it still had ink in the cartridges, but no they had run out, I guess they are very approximate. Again, it's a cheapo HP. OH has the same one, put his cartridges in and all fine. Carol
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