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  1. I bet that was delicious with the ice cream😁 and I do like the dark colour bowl.. Carol
  2. That is making me hungry ! I have similar tonight but with chicken and red pesto and veggies... My plaited loaf is in QC🙏 My fruit for the Christmas/Easter cake is quietly marinating in a bowl on top of the kitchen cabinet, being checked and tested every few days, no doubt will have to top the fruit and brandy up before making the actual cake😄 Today am debating whether to make a Chocolate and black bean torte and/or wash the car😄 Carol
  3. Worrying, if it was me I probably wouldn't use it.... Carol
  4. The cake mixture requires marinating in brandy for at least a week and then more gets added every few days 😄 More just prior to baking and then more on a weekly basis until it gets iced😄 I was told it was pretty good😁 Carol
  5. I don't know those words when it comes to cake 😁 As for freezing it, I think I will need a lock on the freezer, once I know it's in there........the rest as they say is history🙃 I've decided to make another Christmas cake but ok I will call it an Easter cake just the same recipe, just been out and bought another bottle of brandy😄 Carol
  6. As has been suggested, it may be worth hiring a 1 x 4 to see how you like it first..... Carol
  7. Not a Canon user but have used a 1 x 4 converter on a 70/200mm 2.8 with my Nikon, still have it in fact. It's fine and I should imagine a Canon one would be also.... I wouldn't go with either a 1 x 7 or a 2 x. I know a lot of folks use the 100-400mm Canon, may be worth considering...... Carol
  8. I made a plaited loaf yesterday for a neighbour, I wing it with the plaiting but it turns out looking ok, still not happy with my food photography though - I'll keep trying ha ha, another plaited loaf for another neighbour tomorrow or Saturday 😁 Carol
  9. 2EA8N25 - first Covid sale $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.37 MB4455 x 2908 pixels 2 MB compressedStart: 24 February 2021End: 24 February 2026 Carol
  10. It hasn't happened to me but it's always a worry, though I try to remember to put a few pairs of undies in with my camera gear😁 At the moment it's not a problem as my passport thinks I'm in jail - come to think of it I think I'm in jail😉 Carol
  11. That looks lush, can't wait to see your next bake😄 I'm in the process of doing a plaited loaf for a neighbour, with any luck I'll be able to use available light😂 Carol
  12. Waiting.....waiting..... I made my American Key Lime Pie yesterday - this took nearly all day and again the kitchen looked like a toddler had been in there but the neighbours thought it was amazing - I think my taste buds have changed as I found it too sweet and I have a sweet tooth - my Italian meringue also needs a bit of work😄but on the plus side I used the blowtorch without setting the kitchen on fire. Haven't processed the pics yet..... Carol
  13. Certainly is worth celebrating and a lovely image simple but effective, I think I'm guilty of overthinking when it comes to food photography .... Carol
  14. My heart shaped biscuits with jam were pretty much a disaster though they tasted ok - a lot of faffing around for not a lot😄 Today I will now attempt my American Key Lime pie 😄 I think you should Betty, I would like to see it if possible. Glad you enjoyed it, sounds amazing.... Carol
  15. Wow Michael that is so amazing for you and I can imagine the stress of not knowing what was going to happen. So lovely to hear good news and 26th March is not so far away. Buying and selling property here in the UK takes so much longer. I will open a virtual bottle and celebrate on 26th March ! Carol
  16. OMG I won't ask where your clothes ended up, but made me laugh😄 Going to attempt some heart shaped biscuits now - that should make me laugh as well😁 Carol
  17. That does not look very appetising but I'll take your word for it that it was fine. Good example of how things have changed ! Carol
  18. My recipe is from the Bake Off book/Paul Hollywood. It looks very similar though use 8 limes, also condensed milk. I managed to get all the ingredients today so hope to have a go in the next few days. Just realised I forgot to get fresh mint to decorate it😄. I now need more cupboards in my kitchen for all this baking stuff 😉 Carol
  19. Food looks delish Sally hope you enjoyed it lovely images also😄 I'm going to attempt American Key Lime pie in the next day or so when I get the ingredients, my blow torch is working what can possibly go wrong😁 Carol
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