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  1. Robert, I'm going to stick to my jars😁 I think over the years I've tried many types of coffee even going back to that thing called a percolator😁 hope I'm not showing my age here ! Tried grinding coffee beans etc.,They were all good at first but then I got fed up with them ha ha. Also I hate having gadgets all over the kitchen worktop and no more room in my cupboards to store them....it's instant for me but enjoy yours😁 Carol
  2. Hiya, yes it was indeed Fixation but only the Jpeg/Raw was changed😄 Probably always as well to check everthing else though just in case.... Carol
  3. I don't like flat white coffee either or any of the fancy other ones. For me it's black Nescafe Gold Blend😄 probably far too much of it ! Carol
  4. I feel your pain, it happened to me some years ago, I thought there was something wrong with the camera! Very frustrating, now I ask that it stays on RAW, whether or not they use jpeg and put back to RAW I don't know but now I always check when it's done anyway....It appears to be the only thing that changes. Carol
  5. Glad you have it sorted, don't doubt your confidence, you have a port that some of us can only dream of😉 Carol
  6. Similar for me also, images from the other day now showing though one from last night not. I guess it will all get sorted😉 Carol
  7. Oh OK thanks Paulette, let's hope they get it sorted quickly at least I know it's not only me😉 Carol
  8. Hi, I keyword/captioned a few clicks yesterday but noticed they are not showing - normally they show the day after. Anyone else having problems ? Carol
  9. One of a couple that appeared this morning $ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.57 MB5472 x 3648 pixels 3 MB compressedStart: 28 October 2020End: 28 October 2025 5 MB1576 x 1029 pixels 272KB compressedDuration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Again $ but it all mounts up..... Carol
  10. I managed to catch the presentation at 2 p.m., so thank you again Wim for pointing out the GMT difference. Was pleased I got to watch the introduction of the new notes especially the $10 one😀 It was confirmed that the new $5, $10 & $20 dollar notes will go into circulation this November and will run alongside the old ones for the time being. Still feeling massively humbled and over the moon to have an image on a banknote..... Carol
  11. Many thanks again Wim, a good point indeed. It doesn't actually specify GMT but I will check at 10 a.m., also later at 2pm. The have also just issued a reminder for the 10am presentation and also for a download at 9.30 a.m., again GMT isn't specified. Media Briefing Powerpoint Presentation - Introduction of the $5, $10 and $20 polymer notes - will be available for download on the Central Bank's website (www.central-bank.org.tt) at 9:30 a.m. on October 27, 2020. I hope to catch it one way or the other !😀 Carol
  12. Hi everyone, as some of you may recall I sold an image in July this year which (or part of which) is to be used on the reverse of a new $10 polymer banknote in Trinidad & Tobago. My massive thanks again to Wim for actually finding out which note it's going on! I'm still massively chuffed about this! It's really made my year ! I thought the new notes were going to be circulated September/October, however for the $5 / $10 and $20 it looks like October. Try as I might I still haven't managed to get hold of one of the new notes, it's probably still early days yet
  13. Just clicked randomly on one of your images of a pussycat 2D4XH40 - the caption is........search and rescue patrol boat 😉 it happens...... Carol
  14. Not problems as such just a bit more of a faff, bit slower and had to go through crosswalks and traffic lights😀 Carol
  15. My flu jab is booked for next week. Back in I think February I went to the Doctors for my jabs for a forthcoming trip which didn't take place. However I was also offered a pneumonia jab whilst I was there so I had that also.. Carol
  16. Wow Rawshooter, now that does bring back memories 😀 Carol
  17. Many thanks Edo, that is very helpful indeed. I've not been to Amsterdam either ..... Carol
  18. I feel hungry when I look at your food images Edo😀 you obviously have a knack for food photography something which I seem to struggle with. I feel I should make more of an effort so just wondering,.....flash or no flash and any other basic tips when you have 5 - apart from shoot before you eat😄 Carol
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