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  1. So very sorry to hear this Michael. I'm sending you lots of good vibes and pray your symptoms don't get any worse and that you make a very speedy recovery🙏 Carol
  2. I wouldn't bank on it being updated today, hopefully tomorrow or there again whenever.....😉 Carol
  3. Agree that's really lovely, he must have been completely overjoyed and it's good to read a nice story😁 thanks for sharing... Carol
  4. I got used to my iPhone 12 very quickly and thanks for all the tips on the other now deleted thread. After many years of wondering what Icloud was all about and how it works, I have now got my head around it. I can now restore/save/back up from iCloud with the best of them😄 I've had an iCloud account since it came out, before that I think it used to be called Mobile Me. Never understood it - but hey ho I now do and find myself in the 21st century and happy to be here😄 Carol
  5. Thanks for sharing the video, it looked absolutely fine there. I didn't go as there wasn't anything in particular I needed, but as we know want and need are two different things and I have been known to be impulsive😄 Carol
  6. Worthwhile trip then especially meeting up with the others 😄 Enjoy your new products.... Carol
  7. Yes that works, well done all of you, lovely pic and thanks for sharing....😁 Carol
  8. Here we go again - all I'm getting is three blinking blue lights.....🙃 Carol
  9. Glad you all had a good time - anyone buy any new kit ?😄 Carol
  10. Shame I can't make it as I would liked to have met some of you and also I believe Rankin is doing a talk and I quite like him. Have fun everyone, look forward to hearing what new kit everyone comes back with😀 Carol
  11. That sounds great Allan, look forward to seeing the group pic Carol
  12. W81JBK Low $ Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, 550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines.Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic46 MB4427 x 3648 pixels 2 MB compressedStart: 15 September 2021End: 15 September 2026 Strange usage I thought..... Carol
  13. Wow that's great news Betty well done, you should be very pleased indeed😁 Carol
  14. Agree, and I have shopped today - I think I need to start a separate post😄 Carol
  15. Absolutely 😄 Yes I sometimes get them in there and correct never too cold in there. The only thing I won't buy in there again is a fresh cauliflower as the last time I got one in there, when I got it home and cut it open there was an enormous slug in there😮 I know these things happen with fresh food and I'm all for extra protein and all that but now I check them rigorously before buying and tend to get one with less green leaves around it, silly I know but......😄
  16. 🤣 Well actually it didn't end there - about 5 minutes later I bumped into the same chap at the bread counter...he very kindly insisted that I get my harvest grain sliced - medium of course - before getting his numerous loaves sliced - who said chivalry was dead😁 I then popped into the M & S food hall to get a few bits - no I didn't bump into the same chap, maybe he doesn't do M & S😁However, when I was paying at the checkout, the chap at the till suddenly complimented me on my eyelashes saying how long they were and were they mine especially the lower ones, and asked me wha
  17. Ah thank you, yes it appears I have an Ethernet cable 😁 hopefully Betty will have one also... Carol
  18. Think this is my favourite Red Deer image, I call it, We Three Kings - taken 2013 Richmond Park at stupid o'clock in the morning, zoomed a few times but not sold though other Red Deer images have... Carol
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