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  1. No spraying anywhere around. We took a sample of the pond water into the Aquatic shop today for testing. It was free of ammonia though the nitrate levels marginally high. The only thing they could put it down to was a bacterial infection of some kind. Fish 3 was still clinging onto life this morning, amazing as he was the smallest of the 3. Alas I think it is kinder to place him with his other 2 brothers..... Will revamp the pond in the Spring, it's too early to do it at the moment... Carol
  2. Yes I hate those type of ads - they seem to appear on certain channels when I'm watching certain programmes - I find them totally inappropriate ! Carol
  3. We used to have frogs in the smaller pond which was lovely, hopefully if we redo this pond we might attract more wildlife. Meanwhile Fish No. 3 is still clinging onto life - just although he's turned himself the right way up by that I mean he's not on his side which he was before, though he hasn't moved from the spot he is in. Not getting any hopes up.... Carol
  4. Yes it's very strange, slight update O/H has put the last one in a large bin filled with water as he's just about alive but alas I don't think he's going to make it either. Not sure what external cause could be as our pond has always had mesh over it to stop the Herons, could be something contaminated the water though not sure what as in the winter they don't have hardly any food. There is always a pump going full-time also so yes it's a bit of a mystery for sure☹️ The pond was dug especially for them as well as they outgrew the original one but l....... I'm now thinking of maki
  5. 2DYBP9A Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, inside, repeat use within a single issue Very pleased mid $$ and this or 5th or 6th image I've licensed for a reasonable amount recently. Carol
  6. Woke up this morning and found our 3 beautiful black and gold koi fish all dead in our pond😟 We've had them for maybe 15 years or more from when they were very small and they had beautiful markings on them. Very strange that all 3 should go to fish heaven on the same day. We will now drain the pond and decide what to do with it next. I am thinking no more fishes just lots of plants for wildlife - well that will be another project, the pond is quite deep about 4ft so will need to decide on how best to proceed. RIP fish.... Carol
  7. All the very best Steve, look forward to seeing more of your yummy food images 😄 Carol
  8. I had absolutely no idea that live news images would sell for such a low fee, indeed I thought it would be quite the opposite ! The two sales I had today were the lowest $ I've had. However, the Macmillan image was taken on a paid shoot and the Covid image was taken as I happened to be there so I guess it didn't cost me anything although I know that's not the point, time and effort is still taken in uploading and keywording. Carol
  9. Sending positive vibes to Betty for a swift recovery, hope she's not being too impatient 🙏 Carol
  10. 6 MB1855 x 1185 pixels Single use in online platforms, social channels and Editorial use in owned DOOH when used in an editorial context and in owned media. Very low $ 4 MB1403 x 936 pixels 148KB compressedSingle use in online platforms, social channels and Editorial use in owned DOOH when used in an editorial context and in owned media. Very low $ Carol
  11. Lots of luck with your new Mac Paulette, I think you have definately done the right thing in asking for advice on here, you can do this......😀 Carol
  12. I had upload problems a short while ago and yes I had upload problems a short while ago and yes in my case it was my internet that was faulty. My provider sorted it out very swiftly and now it's very fast and no upload problems for me. Carol
  13. Mine shows last updated 8/01/22 - it's only the 9th so I would worry too much😉 Carol
  14. Welcome back hope all goes well😀 Carol
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