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  1. Not keen on the title but apart from that the words are far too close together, it almost looks like one long word. Guess I would get used to the green but not to my liking, it's quite bright also when I done an image search a cow hanging in the air was very distracting right through the centre of the page with crop boxes😕. Also noticing green here on the forum... Carol
  2. Oh no Allan - I think we've all been there, hopefully your mojo will return meanwhile just enjoy taking photos. I remember in July last year when I sold an image that is now being used on a banknote in Trinidad & Tobago, my biggest sale and thing that happened if my life photographically. I will probably never reach the dizzy heights of sales that others have on here but I still enjoy my photography and if they sell it's a bonus and if not, well I've still enjoyed taking them, I've had several toddlers this year but this month one was double figures so don't give up😉
  3. So pleased you managed to get it sorted out relatively quickly Betty😄 Carol
  4. Very sad, although I never had the pleasure of meeting him, he seemed like a fun guy...thanks for the Twitter info, have found😉 Carol
  5. PY1M38 Usage: NewspaperEditorial print and digital use. A very welcome exactly mid $$ which seems like a fortune after some tiddlers😉 Carol
  6. Agree with all of the above. I wear the strap around my neck mainly because I'm accident prone and worried about dropping the camera, it's not necessarily pointing forward though sometimes I swing it around to the side. I have an Optech strap which is slightly more comfortable that the Nikon one. I always use the lens hood, don't get why some people don't but up to them. The Nikon lenses always come with hoods, not sure about the Canon ones. I used to do a lot more wildlife photography now and it really used to annoy me that some folk thought the bigger their lens the better their images
  7. OMG that is horrendous but thank goodness you are now home on the road to recovery and also welcome back to your second home, you have been missed by many. Onwards and upwards now🙏 Carol
  8. Allan seems like you've lost your mojo a bit but hopefully it will return soon so you will get your good images uploaded and for sale. Onwards and upwards.....If I see sales on my dashboard and more zooms it makes me happy😄 Carol
  9. Managed to get fuel at my local BP this morning, only about a 5 minute wait. Feeling liberated again, I then when to Costco, the rest as they say is history😄 I did pass another couple of fuel garages with only short queues, maybe things are getting better. Carol🙏
  10. That's good news Allan and thanks for the update, I was also a little concerned he hadn't been around much lately... Carol
  11. Mine has been on for an hour when it gets chilly which has been for the last week or two. I hate being cold and putting on extra layers just does not work for me😉 Carol
  12. Glad you managed to get some at least. Yesterday we managed to fill up second car at our local BP just got lucky I think. Today there were the usual queues. I filled up mine the other week before the madness and it still has 3/4 of a tank in it so not panicking about that one yet😉 Carol
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