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  1. Wow more inspiration thanks folks..... only real food photography I've done is outdoor market type stuff and a few other bits and pieces nothing like these though😁 Will make a note to myself - shoot before you eat😁 Carol
  2. It only got charged when I went out and that wasn't too far also so it's probably not enough, will see how it is in the morning and like you say give it full charge and/or phone my local garage as I think it's still under warranty, it did happen the other day also, again it only had a relatively short run.....ha ha keeping it in the garage no, no room even for dinky toy in there it's the other half's mancave😁 Thinking about it, it did happen in the summer and my local garage tested it and said it wasn't showing any faults - I would rather it did and get the battery replaced🙃
  3. After scraping the ice of the car windows it wouldn't start ! Same thing happened the other day, it took a jump start so first stop Halfords to get the battery tested, they said it was ok - guess it's just it's not getting used much nowadays. Second stop home to get my snow gear and cameras as by that time it had started snowing. Living on a fairly steep hill it seemed like ok now or not at all so popped to our local park. Very thick snow and everything looked lovely, managed an hour or so before heading home and drying everything out. It was good to see a few people out and enjoying them
  4. Snow envy - I'm all packed up and ready to go out but still waiting😉 be careful out there Carol
  5. Wow amazing and making me feel hungry so I guess that's why I sells well .... Carol
  6. Wow Betty those look delicious puts mine to shame ha ha - note to self, must try harder😄 That looks amazing also - definately an art to food photography which I don't think I have but will keep trying...... Carol
  7. Same here Steve, snow is predicted for me also tomorrow, I hope it does I love taking snow pictures, fingers crossed. Other half had his jab yesterday at Batchwood Hall, St. Albans it was superb organisation and although he was only there for a few minutes I did manage a few shots with the RX100 nobody seemed to mind. I think it will be a while before I get my jab😉 Here's to snow tomorrow 😁 Carol
  8. Given me inspiration also I made blueberry pancakes this afternoon and took a few shots on the RX100 before eating. They were yummy what the images will be like I have no idea😁 Carol
  9. That's brilliant I keep thinking to do more food photography but by the time I think of it, I've eaten it😄 I must try harder ! Hope you are making a good recovery and the rock cakes look amazing. Carol
  10. I'm not a Fuji user but I hope you enjoy using your new camera.....😁 Carol
  11. You did have me wondering when I read that😄 My knife set is by Joseph whoever he is - 6 knives including guards for each one😁 Carol
  12. Hiya, yes I use a spud peeler for the celeriac and swede, it was the actual cutting that was the problem😁maybe I was just unlucky and mine were extra hard. Looking forward - I think to trying out my new knife set😄 Carol
  13. That sounds good. I have just bought a brand new sharp knife set in Costco, what could possibly go wrong😁 I will wear some thick gloves also when using the new knives😁. found the celeriac difficult to cut, but the swede was on another level entirely😁 Carol
  14. I agree with starting them off in cold water and bringing to the boil. What I'm struggling with it cutting a swede and celeriac without chopping my fingers off, wondering if an electric knife would help😁 Since I've discovered celeriac chips and swede mash I just need to learn how to cut them without damaging myself😁 Carol
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