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  1. Steve I bought the Mk 1 about 18 months ago after recommendations on here, after selling a few images on here taken with it I reckon it's paid for itself. Still have the original battery in it and it seems fine. Very handy just to keep in my bag or for when I don't want to lug anything heavy around. Hope you are well. Carol
  2. Small sale today $ 6 MB1242 x 1596 pixels Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Carol
  3. Seen quite a few of them at Regents Park London previously.. Carol
  4. Yes I second that Egyptian Geese.... Carol
  5. Zooms up slightly - if only they would turn into sales I would be very happy indeed especially as embarking on some necessary but expensive dental work😔 Carol
  6. Brexit day - impromptu trip up to London Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use126 MB5504 x 8021 pixels 6 MB compressedStart: 12 February 2020End: 12 February 2025 $$ - paid for the train fare and I had a very enjoyable few hours ...... Carol
  7. Excellent blog Edo and I really like your food photography Carol
  8. Anyone else having the same thing ? I keyword several images yesterday but they don't appear to be showing today ? Normally they show straight away next morning.... Carol
  9. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.43 MB4665 x 3208 pixels 1 MB compressedStart: 04 February 2020End: 04 February 2025 low $$ but double figures just Carol
  10. Uploaded some last night and a few more about an hour ago. Just had email both sets passed, alas I am still a lowly 3 star but I can't complain I guess😉 Carol
  11. Hi ok that seems to have done the trick many thanks. Strange we both had the same thing happen this morning....😄 Carol
  12. Oh very strange, also when I click on the blue numbers on the left here, nothing happens....😥 I've not changed any settings on my Mac or my phone Carol
  13. Hi can't seem to get this to work this morning i.e., going on the homepage and putting in a search just shows up an error, also my bookmark does the same. This is on my iMac/Safari. Strangley enough I just tried on my iPhone and it works, well the search box does but not my bookmark -ho hummm....just wondered if anyone else has this problem ? Regards Carol
  14. Many thanks Michael - well so far I've managed to find several quick release plates together with a Manfrotto 322 RC2 - can't remember the last time I used this but from what I remember the quick release plates never lasted very long, probably the reason why I've found several 😲 Carol
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