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  1. Excellent point about fast lenses in low light. I used to have the 14-24mm which was a fabulous lens but I didn't use it all that much so sold it on, and yes it was a heavy piece of kit. If I was buying new now I would probably go for the F4 lenses but for now I'm happy with what I've got. Carol
  2. Second sale of this - PEAG2W $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.34 MB4256 x 2832 pixels 1 MB compressedStart: 28 July 2021End: 28 July 2026 Carol
  3. Sorry you didn't succeed on Ebay. You could try MPB they are very reputable indeed https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-digital-slr-cameras/used-nikon-digital-slr-cameras/nikon-d750/ Hope the link works........ Carol
  4. Hi, yes I have an Apple ID and iCloud ID which was confusing things, but I have sorted it now - hopefully😃 Normal service resumes...... Carol
  5. Well that's the login problem sorted out now, I no longer have to input my password every time😄 Now to sort out my confusion with my Apple and I Cloud ID's😄😁 Onwards and upwards..... Carol
  6. Ah Betty yes I've tried googling it and followed the instructions to the letter, they are relatively simple, well I thought they were😄. I will keep trying...... Carol
  7. OK so the update is done and that seems fine. However, it seems I still have to log in with my password after booting up in the morning which I find really annoying. I've gone into system preferences security/privacy clicked the lock to make changes - I can now do this. Then I've unchecked the box that says require password. Also gone into users/groups and clicked on my name. There is a box on r/hand side which says automatic login and then my name. A box also which says ... display login window as ....either list of users or name and password. I think firstly it was on name and passwor
  8. That's an excellent way of describing it Michael and will totally take that on board in all respects. As you say worst case scenario is having to do a clean install. Ok so I'm going to do the update now. When I booted up this morning however, it did ask me for my password which I have always had disabled, I checked in security and settings and this seems to be disabled there. However, I know once I do the update it will ask me for my password again, but at least I know it works now ! Carol
  9. My unreported sale got reported on the 23rd July exactly three months to the day as you folk advised it probably would be but I'm not too excited about the $ but that's life, onwards and upwards...... Carol
  10. Ah Betty I think you are right and yes MDM for President of course. He has two willing pupils for starters that's for sure, whether he wants them or not is another matter😃😄 Carol
  11. Yes pleased that part is sorted now and yes you are correct, it is definitely a confidence thing most definitely - I found your instructions also that I had printed out previously, it was more of a spur of the moment thing I got onto Apple support. The first time I was through to them on my Mac then thought probably not a good idea as I knew it would involve a restart and I would lose them, so then contacted them on the iPad using the same case number which did work although a different person - poor soul landing up with me😀 It was when the mouse and cursor froze, my mind just went blank, no
  12. OK - wow I can't believe it's sorted - well the password bit anyway, I haven't done the update yet, I will leave that until tomorrow. I was seriously on the verge of losing it🙃 Anyway we tried the recovery thing again and this time it seemed to work - we did it through I don't know what, I had to press option/command/R whilst restarting, that wasn't easy my fingers just about managed it with one hand whilst I pressed the power button with the other, then went into something called Terminal and reset password etc., etc. now it seems I can change things in security and settings if I want. I th
  13. Now 2.5 hours on chat on iPad with Apple trying to sort this, we tried a recovery then the flippin mouse and cursor froze, currently at my wits but not giving up just yet - she says !! Later...... Carol
  14. Hi thank you Michael, a good point - no I didn't manage to sort it out, it still won't let me change the password. I thought that maybe if I did the update it may sort things out but maybe not. 🙃 Carol
  15. Oh no here we go again, these things always stress me out. Anyone done this yet please ? Carol
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