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  1. Thanks John, huge help, really appreciate your expert knowledge
  2. Hi John, Thanks very much for the help on #2, I have uploaded a closer image to Flickr for your further perusal.
  3. Hi Folks, just wondering if I can call on your collective wisdom to help ID these two plants. Shots were taken at the Heide Museum in Melbourne, Australia in a kitchen garden. I doubt they are Australian natives. My researched guess for the blue flowered second image is a type of Salvia but i have no idea for the first one.
  4. Hi Folks - help needed - I sold this image of a mate of mine on his drought ravaged farm in August and have been doing Google searches to try and find where it has been used. unfortunately i have had no luck. Google seems to focus its search in my Region only and doesn't come up with anything. Do you have any suggestions on how to find where this image has been published? Alamy ID is T9JW1C thanks Stephen Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 21 August 2019Duration: Unlimited
  5. Hi Folks Thanks for all of the valuable advice, much appreciated. Stephen
  6. Hi Folks Just wondering whether/ how often you calibrate your monitors. What product recommendations you might have? My monitor is fairly new but a printing house says I need to calibrate. thanks Stephen
  7. Hi Alamy I'm keen for this as well. I use the portfolio to show potential clients and am adding new tabs but being able to move them around would be very helpful. thanks Stephen
  8. Shot of the now former Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten, taken at the Sydney Marriage Equality rally in Sydney last year.
  9. I agree with above comments, I went out and specifically shot a bridge early one morning based on the list; no views or sales since. not too concerned though as this is a long game and looking for instant sales is fraught. I would treat it as a list of potential targets if you are in the area.
  10. Hello Sheila I would like to have this option as well but at this stage i dont think its possible. Hopefully Alamy will come back with an answer or an updated release regards Stephen
  11. Hi Matt I dont know yet and unless Alamy provide us with some tracking I'm not going to know. I don't have my own web site (probably should) so this is my default place to show off more of my work. I think it will also be handy to share work with clients. In terms of categories I have selected simple ones that fit my photos so lets see how things go. BTW the Bus Stops category i put up is really just for fun. I doubt there is a huge global market for images of lonely Australian bus stops!
  12. Hi Pierre The short answer is no. Have a read of the Alamy post in this forum and it will help you "Modifying the image order within your Portfolio page will not influence where your images are placed within customer searches" There is other useful info there as well on setting up your portfolio. thanks Stephen
  13. Hello Helen Thank you, this is all helpful information that I'm learning along the way. I am "wordy" by nature so it will be hard for me to cut down but i will go back and try to de-Australianise my captions so that translations are easier.
  14. Hello Alamy Is there any intention to track and report on views and/or interactions with our portfolios? Im sure that for those of us who have put time and effort into setting them up it would be valuable to know if we are getting hits or not. I personally dont see the portfolio as a set and forget item. I have already put mine up on Linkedin and would love to see how many click throughs I might get. thanks Stephen
  15. Hello Helen Thank you for your comments, I am in the distribution scheme. I'm particularly interested in your point about captions because i have seen conflicting advice on them. I thought Alamy recommended we write sentences? They also state that only 15% of their revenue comes from Distributors so Im not sure which way to go here. Do you sell more through distribution?
  16. Hello Pierre You have an excellent collection of images that I'm sure will sell well. A couple of thoughts though: with nearly 4000 images you should be able to add some additional tabs or categories like say by Country or buildings, or people? you can then send links for these individual pages or tabs to key users within the tabs and even in your All Images tab you want to put your best foot forward so think about pushing your best work to the top of each page or tab. This also helps to show diversity in your portfolio These portfolios are a WIP for all of us so no one has all of the answers on this topic but hopefully you will find the above helpful. Stephen
  17. Thanks Gen, good pick up on the spelling.
  18. Hi folks would you mind please reviewing my work and my portfolio. No need to be gentle. thanks Stephen https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/112316.html
  19. Just simply enjoying himself. A participant at the Mardi Gras Fair Day in Sydney recently.
  20. Thank you Wim, I knew someone would have this.
  21. Hi All Just a general update on this one, David, Ilya and myself all found each other among the crowds on the day and spent a couple of very pleasant hours sharing stories and Alamy experiences. We even managed a quick model released shoot of some locals! The plan is to do it again at a TBA agreed location in a few months so please if you want to join us we will announce it here or you can find me on Whatsapp and i will add you to the group. Stephen
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