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  1. Sales up 86% Revenue up 80% Av sell price $24.18 (boosted by a couple of $$$ sales Uploaded 2145 images this year. This is not my day job but it is my passion and the reason I pick up my camera. Being out shooting is my happy place and I get such a thrill when I land a sale. Happy NY to all and the the Alamy Crew. Hopefully the introduction of the vaccines will improve life globally for all. Stephen
  2. Keep going Sally, You will get the $'s as you upload more images. Everyone here will tell you its a numbers game. Stephen
  3. Parts of Sydney are off limits at the moment due to everyone's favourite virus so today I decided to head west. I drove with my wife to the historic town of Richmond and did a two hour self guided walk around photographing the historic buildings. The pleasant but "Twilight moment" (cue music now) though was when i came home and logged on, I found my first sale for 2021 was of a building in a street in Richmond, almost directly opposite where I had parked the car today.
  4. Thanks Michele, yes this is where I started but found detail on the Toyota site. I think Wim has nailed it but appreciate your help. Stephen
  5. From my recollection the people at Alamy use the categories we allocate to help them search for images on behalf of clients
  6. Hi Alamy This section is a potential win for both of us but its functionality is really limited. I use this to show images to prospective buyers (aka anyone) and its very handy but the site's options are strictly limited and as far as i recall, hasnt had any work since it was first launched. Simple things like being able to re-order the tabs or alter the position of photos on pages beyond the first page would be very handy. Each time someone looks at my portfolio they are alerted to the fact that Alamy exists so we both win. Kind regards Stephen
  7. Hi Folks, I think this is an early 1960's Toyota Dyna based on the info here https://www.toyota-global.com/company/history_of_toyota/75years/vehicle_lineage/car/id60016305/index.html but i cant be sure. Can someone help identify this truck's model and age. thanks in advance Stephen
  8. Thanks John, huge help, really appreciate your expert knowledge
  9. Hi John, Thanks very much for the help on #2, I have uploaded a closer image to Flickr for your further perusal.
  10. Hi Folks, just wondering if I can call on your collective wisdom to help ID these two plants. Shots were taken at the Heide Museum in Melbourne, Australia in a kitchen garden. I doubt they are Australian natives. My researched guess for the blue flowered second image is a type of Salvia but i have no idea for the first one.
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