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  1. Hi Jeff I wont offer an opinion on your shots but i'm curious when looking at your captions. Alamy say to write proper sentences but you seem to be loading yours with key words? I know that captions get high priority in searches so is this what you are aiming at. Does anyone else here do the same? thanks Stephen
  2. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Forster NSW, Australia, early morning Elephant Head, near Scotts Head in NSW, Australia
  3. Australian Bush Turkey in a tree in my backyard
  4. Google maps and location inputs

    I always add a location in tags as well as on the Google map. In recent times i have taken to using the "search and drop pin" method as some of my locations have been very small, take Way Way, NSW, Australia for instance. not a lot of people there. I understand that this map is not searchable but i cant see that i would take much for Alamy to switch this option on for buyers.
  5. Spelling Question

    Yes, i can just see the caption now " A colourful (colorful) zucchini (courgette) and its associate, a well known aubergine (eggplant) were found floating in Sydney harbour (harbor) today. A spokesperson (representative) (spin doctor) for the fruit and vegetable industry declined to comment"
  6. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    First one for March!
  7. Spelling Question

    Thanks Paulette, thought this was the case but it was worth checking
  8. Hi Folks, I have a question about spelling in tags, does the search engine discriminate between words like colour and color or harbour and harbor? do i need to add tags that include both spellings? I know it can cope with capitals so it doesnt matter if i spell a word like Sydney all in lower case but not sure about others. Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere.
  9. Property release named plant varieties

    This is good info folks, thanks.
  10. Helloooo, anyone home?

    Hi there, I have had images in "Processing" status since Sunday night (Australia time) and Its now Tuesday morning and nothing has changed. I have emailed them so will be patient and wait for a response.
  11. Extra Categories?

    Hello Can I start by saying thank you to all of the regular contributors to this forum, I have been sitting on the sidelines for a while and have learnt much from your posts. My question today is whether Alamy should expand its list of categories? I know its a well set list already but I'm wondering if some major global issues like Environment should be added. Im sure we have all had shots where we would like a category just for that special "cute Labrador" shot and I'm not suggesting that Alamy open the gates on this but i just feel that this one in particular could be helpful to buyers and contributors alike. Happy to hear everyone's thoughts. thanks Stephen