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December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

Michael Ventura

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Hi all, as the holiday season is quickly upon us, it is also the season of food and drink.  I want to see your creative and sumptuous  photos of anything related to TASTE, does not have to be holiday related (food and drink).  Could be photos from markets to cooking to finished and plated meals.   As usual, you may submit up to three photos that are on Alamy and must be taken by you.  I will close the submissions on the last day of the year at midnight New York time!


Here are a few of mine to get your mouths watering and brains cooking!!  









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I didn't think I had much in the way of food in my collection until I did a search. Photographing my husband's wonderful cooking has added quite a few!


Spanish stew



My husband, the chef



Lebanese salad


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There is a Japanese theme to my three this month:


Miso soup for breakfast served in a black lacquer bowl on a red/orange tray.



Ramen noodles with roast pork for lunch



Okonomyaki (kind of a cross between pancake and omelet with shredded cabbage and meat) for evening meal topped with mayonnaise and "okonomyaki" sauce cooked on a tepanyaki hot plate.



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23 minutes ago, funkyworm said:

Finally a pet peeve, and its getting worse especially in the UK as I saw on my recent cycle trip. And whilst we can blame the likes of McD or Bunzl for making the packaging, it is still odd that people will take their drinks for large distances without spilling them, but when it comes to disposing of the packaging are too lazy to walk to a bin or take it home.



One of my pet peeves as well. There used to be a McD down the street from me, and I was continually having to pick up carelessly discarded packaging, etc. 


But, hey, they did it all for us. :P

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