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  1. Lagan Weir in Belfast at night Construction skyline, Dubai: Tourists looking at a map with a view of London Eye from Westminster Bridge:
  2. I'm on track to get the same number of sales but revenue is only about 80% of where is should be to match last year. I had some good 3 figure sales last year which boosted revenue.
  3. Best year ever and last year was the previous BYE. One more sale compared to 2016 but gross revenue close to double thanks to a a good number of 3 figure sales.
  4. I use it, very happy with it but then I've never used LR. I think if I had already been a LR user I probably would have found the different interface frustrating as I never made the switch from Photoshop to Gimp despite trying.
  5. There is a Japanese theme to my three this month: Miso soup for breakfast served in a black lacquer bowl on a red/orange tray. Ramen noodles with roast pork for lunch Okonomyaki (kind of a cross between pancake and omelet with shredded cabbage and meat) for evening meal topped with mayonnaise and "okonomyaki" sauce cooked on a tepanyaki hot plate.
  6. Chuffed to have made the final cut for the first time. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, I have tried to be very critical of what I upload and aim for variety rather than quantity.
  8. Close to 38000 donut photos and over 7000 on white.
  9. An iconic car from an iconic film. Classic toy.
  10. Two $125 sales yesterday. Sales this month are up to 60% of the whole of last year. I'm hoping this is an ongoing trend.
  11. My last PU sale was of Jason Bradbury presenting at The Gadget Show Live. I thought it was an odd subject for personal use until I later found out it was bought by .... Jason Bradbury to put on his Twitter feed.
  12. "horse" is pretty generic. If you have images of a specific breed of horse, or a famous rider on a horse, or a horse in an unusual place, etc. it may still be worth adding.
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