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Just now, John Mitchell said:

Now I feel better...


Sorry, I'm going to make you feel worse... :o


Mmm, why do I so often seem to go against the flow (actually, that's pretty general, not just here!)? :unsure::D


I have had five sales this month so far, v. good for the size of my port. - though three of them are for 'presentation' (which I predicted once I had opted out of PU), so the prices aren't 'all that'! I generally expect early November to mid-December to be pretty busy, before a slowdown for a full month/six weeks.


Zooms really poor, though.

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Four so far this month by the 6th, with two on that date with one for good money. It seems to happen so often that I start to think I've finally cracked it........and then nothing for a few weeks. My sales seem to be reported in lumps, first or second week of the month, and then the end of month panic.

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40 minutes ago, Phil Robinson said:

Very slow until today, which wasn't exactly great.

BUT - saw one of mine on Have I Got News For You tonight so I am expecting riches beyond my wildest dreams very soon.


Keep us posted (discreetly maybe).



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48 minutes ago, Phil Robinson said:

Well I hope they pay better than 'Pointless' (nothing to get excited about)


I once had an image on "Top of the Pops" (in the chart countdown). But, it was a direct sale to the band (Saxon) that included a few other images, and the money wasn't great, even 30 years ago. Granada TV local news (Granada Reports) used to commission me, and they paid well, about as much as the average Alamy fee, even in the mid-1980's.


Pointless would be good, it's my Key wording background show. But, HIGNFY is a real feather in the cap - well done. I hope it was Victoria Coren Mitchell, who introduced the image!


This month, one $$$ sale so far, and slower than usual for this year, which has broken all my records for sales and revenue.

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