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  1. Zooms collapse

    https://www.inaturalist.org/ I've had a few insects and the like identified by the contributors of this site, plus you can also look through their ID catalogues for help. Reverse image search on Google and Bing (Bing is surprisingly good at times) can also help. However sometimes its just not possible to confidently identify species, I have spent more time than I would wish researching plants and wildlife in the last year but it can sometimes help for other things.
  2. Images sold in January

    One of two mid $$ sales to pop in today which kicks off 2019 for me, taken when I wasn't shooting the "Alamy" way and just wanted a different photo of all the people at the cliff. These days you're more likely to get sales for this type of shot than the actual view you went for (on Alamy at least). Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 04 January 2019 Duration: In perpetuity Sounds a lot like RF to me, even though it's RM.
  3. 2 Calendar sales to wake up to today, 1 twice the price of the other, but both being good $$ sales. This month is now BME since I started, hopefully the trend continues.
  4. Thanks, I will investigate, it may be what I need.
  5. November doldrums?

    Four for me too if I include the last minute one on 31st October, 3 in the last 24 hours which is nearly what I get in a usual month. I'm suspecting the elation will return back to the usual depression about not being able to retire in the Bahamas and live off my stock portfolio earnings.
  6. So I just stumbled across some of my images that I uploaded a while back which I haven't Supertagged. The problem with the current Discoverability is that it is basically an all or nothing deal. Once you get your images online (5 normal tags and a title) there is no difference between that and an image with super tags completed and the extra fields filled in until you get to the Optimised green stage. It would be useful to have an option to search and narrow down in AIM to the images which don't have a full set of Super tags and / or the additional fields completed. As it is now I am in the process of hunting down the images that I think were not Supertagged, which could be 1 or many images.
  7. Similar sale as yours, although mine is RF so it didn't have as much details. Happy though as there must be thousands of Cape buffalo images on Alamy, and I'm not fond of the foreground grass on this, too much to easily clone out. 15 MB 2813 x 1875 pixels 580KB compressed Rights include photo appearing as a thumbnail in Table of Contents or Glossary. Electronic, digital and PDF rights granted for the facsimile of the original publication. Promotional in-context rights granted
  8. Yes, you have to be more careful with them as they show every flaw you make, it will also show any slight mis-focusing too. Plus I don't have the luxury of VR in any of my lenses. It can be frustrating, but if you downscale the image it doesn't show. I'm very picky about getting images right so I often feel dejected with the D800! Still, I am even to this day, 5 years after buying the D800, very impressed with the image files you can get from it. All I would really want from it these days is 4K recording and slightly faster FPS, maybe faster focusing/tracking, but it's not a sports body. I've taken trips to Iceland, USA (East and West), Africa (safaris, dusty hot locations) and it has rarely let me down, if ever. If I was going to get a new body today I would look at the Sony A7 mk3 or a micro 4/3rds. I think many lenses can be used with adaptors on Sony etc so you can keep your existing kit, I usually have no problem lugging around 20kg of gear but it would be nice not to some days, plus often I want to shoot without being seen as using pro gear, less hassle.
  9. I have a D800 and D3300 and used a D7500, 36mp, 24mp and 21mp respectively. You can definitely notice a difference in import, 1:1 preview rendering and general editing, but I much prefer the files the D800 produces so I live with the extra time taken. You can really tell the difference in the images, I can pull back underexposed and nearly black shadows with nearly no noise with the D800, the other two look noisy or grainy even with correct exposure at anything over ISO 100 (in comparison). My friend uses Canon and from my research on 5D etc Nikon beats them in shadows, much more detail. I would assume the Sony would be similar as Nikon uses quite a few Sony sensors. I used it on a i7-4790k, 16GB ram SSD, a Lenovo T430 (i5-3320m, 16gb RAM, SSD) and my latest machine is an AMD Ryzen 2400g, 16gb RAM and NVME SSD. All machines seemed to run about the same, exports a bit faster on latest. 16GB+ RAM and a fast SSD for catalogs are a good idea. Anyway, Lightroom is badly optimised so anything you open with it will be slow. I live with it as its a good catalog manager and I've been using it since LR 1.x You should be able to find sample RAW files for any camera online.
  10. Upload rate per photographer?

    I started last February and have since uploaded around 4500 images in 18 months (250 per month but more at the start), which was a lot of time and effort. Keywording, titling, tagging are quite a tedious process, I would recommend if you use Lightroom to use that to add the keywords and titles to each image metadata, so you won't have to redo it if you upload elsewhere. We will see if it was worth the effort, I've made 40 sales in that time, some good, some not. At least my images are online and for sale so I have done the initial hard work. No real advice about what to shoot, but people doing things and the weather are a good start, plus places, shops, businesses. Try to have your camera with you, you never know when you will get something. I'm not a people photographer so I find it harder to include them but I give it a go.
  11. RF Personal use in Germany. wish I hadn't put this on microstock before I started on Alamy where it sold a few times, so now it's RF, although I am experimenting with RF for my safari shots. This juvenile cheetah was being allowed by his mother to hunt the gazelle, which had been abandoned in open savanna by its parents when they saw the cheetahs (good parenting I say). The cheetah wasn't doing a good job of hunting, just chasing the gazelle, which prolonged the inevitable. You feel quite sad for the gazelle but it's nature, and on the plus side it gave us quite a lot of time to take photos of the chases, which was handy as I only had my D3300 and 300mm lens as my D800 was being repaired.
  12. Kicking off a slow start to October with this for $$, Always worth taking your camera with you when walking the dog. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 10,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/2 pageStart: 15 October 2018End: 15 October 2023
  13. my pleasure, nice shot, reminded me of similar ones I've recently taken.
  14. on the large image click and drag to a new tab.
  15. Always nice to wake up and see a sale, low $$$ but my 2nd highest sale so far, shot with stock in mind, only cost me a bicycle ride so a good ROI. Usage: Direct mail and brochures Media: Promotional brochures/ leaflets/inserts Industry sector: General business services Print run: up to 1,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 3/4 page