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  1. These days OS updates for Mac are free so unless the hardware doesn't meet the minimum spec then its a good thing to get the choice of updates. Unfortunately laptops these days and to some extent PCs are being sold with very little user upgradeable parts, Macs especially. If people keeping buying them then manufacturers will keep going down that route. And if you don't spec it well enough to future proof it when you buy it then you're out of luck. It's one reason I bought (at the time) a 2nd hand 1 year old T430 as I can upgrade RAM and disks as well as battery, also I can have 2 x 2.5" drives and a smaller mSata in the future. All these I can upgrade with just one screwdriver. I looked at newer machines but they didn't offer those options.
  2. Wallskid.com

    I don't think there is an obligation for people to register correct contact details when they get a domain. If there are no contact details on the website a WhoIs search can sometimes bring up results. The WhoIsGuardProtected probably means that the info is hidden or acts as a middleman for communication. There are phone numbers and email addresses on that page.
  3. Wallskid.com

  4. Just to mention, you don't specifically need 1333 Mhz RAM, if faster is cheaper (eg 1600 Mhz) and compatible then you can use that, it will just run at the slower speed. Dual channel will give an increase in speed, so opt for 2 x 4GB over 1x 8GB etc depending on slots available.
  5. I don't use smart previews so I can't say how much space they use. I'm limited to a single machine I bought a few years ago, a Thinkpad T430. I primarily bought it as I could swap the DVD drive for another internal drive for storing images. I then have the OS and applications on a 256GB SSD. I put all my Lightroom catalogs, previews and cache on the SSD (which I limit to around 20GB within Lightroom). I edit D800 36mp and D3300 24mp files on it, which it does OK with for its age. My catalogs are primarily by year with subfolders based on date and location within that, I prefer that over lots of smaller catalogs. If you are an organised person then smaller working catalogs to start with could help you. Lightroom is not the most optimised program, it doesn't use all the CPU most of the time. It also eats up RAM so I often restart it to stop it bogging down. But having 16GB means I can edit in Lightroom and if needed in Photoshop at the same time (Nik filters and things). You can always change the Import settings to produce 1:1 which would help, it will take longer on imports though. I only use external drives as backups over USB3 so I can't give much opinion on Thunderbolt, maybe this will help: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/11/the-complete-guide-to-living-a-new-fangled-usb-c-and-thunderbolt-3-lifestyle/
  6. I would do it, Lightroom likes RAM. I doubt you will see a massive increase but it will help with multitasking. I have my catalogs on my laptop SSD and the photos on the secondary drive as it is 4tb, having catalogs and the cache on a faster drive is probably the best way to run Lightroom. I would advise finding the exact model you have (the A****) code, eg A1406 and searching Google for that code and RAM. Crucial have a useful site for picking RAM and its usually competitive prices.
  7. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    I don't want to jinx myself with a refund but this sold today, French editorial, inside 1 page, distributor bulk discount price but not bad. Two sales in 3 days after a dry spell in December.
  8. I started in February 2017 and managed to get 3000 images uploaded. A lot of work going back through catalogs, being annoyed with myself for not shooting more general shots as I was more into the landscape images etc. Not being in the UK I'm disadvantaged in some ways but I've made a challenge to try and shoot where I am with stock in mind. I'm also taking more video as that can be quite worth doing, sold some footage you wouldn't think people would buy. 10 sales last year but only 1 3 figure sale. 1 refund for $50. December was terrible.
  9. Fresh ideas for 2018..macro

  10. personal websites

    Well, if you aren't wanting to make print sales then I guess you want something to promote you as a photographer, which could easily be a simple website, you just need to showcase your work. If you dont want to spend money then Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are where you may want to put some effort in to.
  11. personal websites

    Facebook Pages is the free way to start, post up images on a relatively regular basis, cross post to groups, gain a following then point people to a website where you sell images, there are quite a few photographer centred ones. They may cost you around £100 a year to run if you provide a sales option through them but a few sales will cover it. Not sure I can name sites so I will leave it for you to search for. Edit: I would add that having a website is both nothing and everything as anyone can have one and for a relatively low cost, but it shows that you take it more seriously than just places like Facebook which are free. You could of course just self fulfil on Facebook but usually dealing with people and pricing can be a pain, a website with set prices for sizes and fulfilment through a 3rd party means its hands off for you, you'll get less people moaning "it's too expensive" etc.

    It's all I've been doing this week, researching types of eagles, the various nuanced differences in giraffes, and I'm still none the wiser on some of my vulture shots. But, I've had some searches crop up using latin names so it does help. I don't know where I read it (probably here) but it obviously makes sense to add them.

    Taking a quick look at your portfolio I notice you don't have Latin names for quite a few of your animal images, eg crocodiles eagles and kangaroos on pg 10.

    With todays surprising sale I'm at 3 sales for $180 in September which is my best month in volume and $$$, which considering I started in February I'm pleased with. I've put the effort in to upload over 2200 images since then and I think it's finally paying off. Not much compared to some but it's reassuring to see what I put up clients want.
  15. IQ sale for a decent price. From a zoom earlier in the month, I hope my other (minimal) zooms get used.