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November Challenge


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Hi all,


The topic for the November challenge is simply "The City" - can be any aspect of any city - we are not referring to London financial district - Normal rules - each contender can provide up to 3 images, all to be from Alamy; BUT; as I am away the end of November, the closing date for entries will be Midnight on Sunday 25th November.


Examples of images could include:



London cycling - A cyclist cycling in Trafalgar Square, Central London city centre, England UK Stock Photo



Two arab women walk along the Corniche at dusk, Abu Dhabi city, Abu Dhabi, UAE Stock Photo


The white rose symbol of the house of York, the city of York, and Yorkshire, UK - Stock Image



New York taxi, motion blur, fifth avenue, New York city, USA - Stock Image



Good luck!







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A tough one as there are so many aspects to a city.


First, the landmark that epitomizes the city of Toronto.  People doing the Edge Walk on the Top of the CN Tower.  Don't think I'd ever be brave enough.



Second:  Toronto Blue Jays baseball fans heading into the Rogers Centre (more commonly called The Dome) for a baseball game.



Third:  Interior of Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal.




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A challenge for me as I have so few. Anyway, I'll have a go.


Sydney during Vivid Festival



People leisurely watching a rugby match from their inflatable air couch on Cairns Esplanade, Queensland, Australia




Esplanade Lagoon, Cairns, Queensland, Australia



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This challenge kinda rings a bell, but cities always have something new to offer.


Laid-back city, Vancouver





Diverse city, Seattle





Well-heeled city, Vancouver




NOTE: Sorry about the edits, Kumar. I realized that I had submitted some of the original picks to other city-related challenges. Time for some fresh ones. Done now.


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3 from me




Sign for a cycle path in Montreal





Lovely Paris from on top of Notre Dame. A triumph of photographic technique as I was being jostled and bumped by, at a conservative estimate, a billion tourists all intent on wrecking my photo.






Busy streets in Hong Kong. There is something in the pose of this chap that tells us he is waiting for his girlfriend. 


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Hi there,


Here come my three photos:


Place des Jacobins in Lyon France:



Construction in the city:



And the Boab tree in Darwin City.

The Tree was planted in the late 1800s and mark the site of Darwin city first primary school:



And this is it for me this month.

Have a good day.


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Hmmm! Difficult one but here goes with a selection showing Cambridge city.



Grand Arcade and three people.





Three Icons of Cambridge city; Kings Chapel, Bicycle and Bollard.





Market Hill daily market. (Centre of Cambridge)









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Great idea for a challenge.  I love taking city images.


Here's the Vancouver skyline at night:






Nightlife in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver:




And a really tiny little city scene (at Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad): 



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Once a city boy, now a staunch city avoider, so hope Sidmouth (more town than city) will qualify...

Sidmouth, Devon, 25th Nov 17 Following a frosty start, the day continued cold and clear in Devon. As evening falls, Stock Photo






Back in my days working in Birmingham, Victorian brickwork in the jewellery quarter.

Colourful brickwork in Hockley, Birmingham. Stock Photo






And another from Birmingham, a worker at the roof of the Remembrance Hall.

Worker tends to the roof of Remembrance Hall, Birmingham, with the Wheel of Birmingham behind, Nov 2003 Stock Photo

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I will add my 3.
Arrested man being loaded into police transport in Salisbury
Coach drivers chatting while their tourist passengers "see the sites" in Bath
A woman and 2 girls enjoying ice cream on a bench outside Bath Abbey


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Not really my area but here's three from me.  All taken in the city of Plymouth in South Devon:


Gins and other spirits and mixers in the Refectory Cocktail Bar at the Plymouth Gin Distillery on the Barbican in Plymouth, Devon, UK




Evening shot of the Tamar road bridge linking Devon and Cornwall taken from the Plymouth side.




Tall ship, S.V.Kaskelot, moored alongside the Barbican in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, UK, April 2017




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The only city I've really visited 'photographically' is the one nearby, London, of which I have over 6000 images. Difficult to know where to start with a subject so vast.


Vibrant, exciting, dangerous.






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