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OK......this month's challenge is to show images that have been made within 100 metres of your home.


Not indoors desktop stuff, or in your house or garden, but everyday public activities, events, situations, occupations or objects in the street or road outside.


All the better if the images you put up have been zoomed or licenced.....


Like these -

[that's my front door on the right]
Two students people men moving furniture wheeling a wardrobe on a shopping trolley aberystwyth wales uk Stock Photo









Outside the house next door


Dyno Rod worker wearing orange overalls  head first down a drain inspection chamber manhole looking for a blockage Stock Photo







Just around the corner

Aberystwyth Wales UK, Sunday 10 September 2017 UK Weather: As the strong wnds continue, a rainbow appears briefly Stock Photo




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Redsnapper, you're 200% a townie. A house? Ha ha, I don't even have a country. And when I do have a house, I make sure it's out in the sticks. So 100m, I guess I could post a picture of the donkey in the field next door but I guess that's not what you expect LOL.


For what's it's worth, here's a picture of the neighbours' portaloo in the snow when they were having works done in their house in the UK. As a joke.



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Living in a rural area, there’s not much within my doorstep except weather....and farming. But there has been a lot of the former this year.


Beast from the East - I did sell a few images taken further down the road, but not this one




Leek harvest 



My ‘go-to’ trees for a Winter sunset silhouette 


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Wow... 100m is very close. Not much happens within 100m of my house given as I live in suburbia in Reading.




.. we have a church at the end of the road. A picture I took at the same time (landscape orientation) as this one was published by the London Evening Standard in their property section ... but I prefer this image as it has a bit more foreground interest:



We have weather.. (this one was used by The Sun). This one was taken stood at the end of my driveway.:



And we have potholes and muddy verges because people insist on parking on the verge:



.. and that's about as exciting as life gets 100m from my home!

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Nice one Keith, but I missed the 100m limit and that's very challenging when you live in a sleepy suburb!


Struggled to meet the criteria, but these three do fit! One has licensed.


Men digging up our street



Installing solar panels on our roof



Technician installing Internet connections at the end of our street



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My three




Moonrise sequence shot from my balcony when we lived in Gaspesie. Shot with a beer in one hand and the remote release in the other. 





Morning mist rising from the sea in a cold snap, it was around -30C or so. Shot again from the balcony when we lived in Maria in Gaspesie. The moonrise was shot about two frame widths to the left. No beer in hand this time. 





My lovely boy, jumping on his bike in the street outside our house. 

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Nice one Keith!


Here's my three:




The East Anglian Air Ambulance helicopter with pilot Prince William, lands in a field in Newmarket




Sign on the Gallops, Newmarket Heath




People relaxing reading the sunday  papers in our back garden, Newmarket



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When you check how far 100mtrs is from your front door is it comes as quite a shock, fortunately I have a few, unfortunately non of them have been licensed or zoomed.




Tanker laying tar during road surfacing. The house where I live is behind the tanker about 52mtrs.





Cleaning the village war memorial using a steam cleaner. I am facing the opposite direction to the first image and about 57mtrs from my front door.





Two gentlemen having a break outside of Milton Post office. The war memorial in the second picture is just to the right and I am about 75 mtrs from my front door.






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I like this topic. All three of these images were captured within spittin' distance of my front door. All three have licensed on Alamy for good prices.


Happy Halloween! (decoration in a neighbour's yard)





Watch your step! ( a crosswalk just around the corner from my house)





A thirsty tree  in a park just down the street ($$$ sale much to my surprise)




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Heading out towards the seafront and transport connections on the first morning of 'The Beast from the East' or 'a bit of snow' as we used to call it.




A stabbing in our corner shop




A fire damaged alarm, or is it...........




I've yet to sell anything within 100m, though plenty within a mile.

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Like a few others, I live way out in the back country, so not a lot of exciting stuff except pasture and cows. But I came up with a few.


Fence along my driveway on a foggy morning



Sister and brother in law having morning coffee with the cows



My driveway being plowed in one of the worst winters ever!






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Not much going on in my street in a suburb of an Aussie country town. We rarely even get anyone walking the street - there's no footpaths. Here's the best of a poor selection.


Fixing the road right outside our place. Licenced once, for a book.




Fixing the road outside the neighbour's place.a-worker-using-a-compacting-machine-to-flatten-roadfill-A74K9N.jpg




This one licenced once - for a newspaper


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13 hours ago, Avpics said:

A fire damaged alarm, or is it...........





SPOOKY.     I can see a mouth with what looks like upper teeth, a nose and an eye.






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26 minutes ago, Allan Bell said:



SPOOKY.     I can see a mouth with what looks like upper teeth, a nose and an eye.






A great illustration of how the human brain likes to make recognisable features out of something which is just random molten plastic and electrical components.

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