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Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

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5 minutes ago, AlbertSnapper said:

After spending several months going over and re-keywording/editing/deleting/adding info etc. to all my images in the Alamy Image Manager, I've finally finished.


I can have my life back now !


No you can't - you've been neglecting all those jobs around the house. :P  ;) Now get on with it! :D

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Just now, LawrensonPhoto said:

Is it making a difference ?


I've absolutely no idea !


Deleted, or are up for deletion, about 200 or so images I think (but have deleted many more over time prior to re-doing it all).

Think it's good to be honest with oneself and get rid of stuff that is just a duplicate of other work that's out there (and better), and mine was a just bit pants.

No point in having views if the images are not up to scratch, and customers don't select them.


I had many irrelevant keywords from my earlier Alamy days.

Like a Christmas cake over time, my keywording skills have improved over time!


I'm hoping that just marking the 10 supertags makes a bit of difference, and puts images a bit higher up the search order.


Sales doing okay this year, on 105 at mo.








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6 hours ago, RSTPIERRE said:

With only 600 images I sure will not see sales in a near future. I better start shooting and uploading.

I have benefited from looking at the ‘images sold’ threads on this forum. It’s not just about the numbers.

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30 minutes ago, Craig Yates said:

Nottingham forest football ground

Norfolk coast

Blackpool pier.



Interesting, mine are both of the same Victorian coastal fortification. Maybe a coastal theme there. Not Forest though. Must be a different calendar.

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