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I guess I can legitimately post here.


I've 75 sales so far this year, which may be rubbish to some, but I'm really happy with it.  It's a big increase on 39 sales last year and only 5 the year before (my first year at Alamy).

Revenue-wise, this year's income is 250% up on last year, which I think is quite good.  My first year isn't worth talking about lol. 

Let's hope next year shows the line still rising.

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$191 book sale popped in today, so they do still exist :)


Distributor sale however :( but that's still $57 (before tax) that I otherwise would not have had :rolleyes:

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A $100 magazine sale took me to the same number of sales as last year.

Only still $264 behind. Which means $0.84 less per image than last year. Not bad at all.

Both ## and $$ quite a bit behind 2016 though.



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2 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

Sold one for marketing excluding advertising.  $196.82. Not through a distributor. Best one in many months.


That's great news - worthy of opening a Good News in 2019 thread?

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