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Well, it looks as if the full-figured female person has finally sung.


It appears that, with 119 sales, 2016 will be my second best year on Alamy volume-wise. Happy about that.


However, 2016 ends up being my fourth best year income-wise. Not quite so happy about that.


Happy New Year to everyone / Bonne année à tous

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I think I (luckily) bucked the trend of falling average price. Helped by a couple of good sales.


number of sales 2016 = 56        (2015 = 44)

gross sales amount    = $4679  (2015 = $2424)


average price 2016 $83.55       (2015 = $55.10)


sale prices 2016


>$500  = 2

>$200  = 3

>$100  = 8 

>$50    = 17

<$50    = 26


I only added 139 images during the year.

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Gross Sales :  Highest Ever, up by about 15%


Net Sales :     2nd Highest Ever, down by about 10%


(Both figures compared to their respective best years).


License count: Best ever - about 170% of last year.


Average price... dropping rapidly and whilst i used to be able to see different values attached to my different kinds of works (psydos), they are now all converging to a similar low price...

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2016 showed an uptick for me after three years of flat results.  My best year was still 2012:


2012: 229 sales for $13,976

2013-2015: 122-125 sales per year for $8,377- $9,577

2016: 174 sales for $10,222.


I add 1000 images a year, so I'm still treading water and not making much headway.

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We are allowed 5 supertags. Multiple word phrases only count as one supertag.



10 supertags


40 ordinary tags

tags can have up to 4 words




Will it be necessary to also add the single words within a phrase or will the search engine also recognize them as single tags?



Interested in that answer.
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Despite a disappointing December which does not bode well for the future, 2016 has been my best year yet with Alamy. Sales were up 161% over my previous best whilst revenue was up 19% over my previous best. If the downturn of views and zooms during December is anything to go by, then these results are not likely to be maintained during 2017. Glad this is only part of my business.


Jim. ;)  

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Addendum: about 1750 added but only 2 sales in '16 of images taken in '16. Less that 5% of my images sell in the year they were taken.

I had 21 sales in '16 taken in '16. Shows I am on the right track, so I'll stay behind the plough. (Also Plow in the US) :)

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Image sales 2016: 135 (Image sales 2015:  98)

Increase in image sales: 37, or 38%


Gross Income 2016:  $3259 (Gross Income 2015:  $4821)

Decrease in Gross income: -$1562, or -32%


Average RPI 2016: $24 (Average RPI 2015: $49)

Decrease in RPI -$25 or -51%


Images added during the year: 1,189 (19% increase)


Image numbers now on sale: 7462



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This seems a more positive thread than last year's, if memory serves - so hopefully there's cause for optimism!


However, things were not so good for me personally. I didn't add any images,so it might be a good comparison. 'Gross' revenue down by roughly a third compared to 2015 (haven't calculated what really counts, 'net', yet). Sales volume down 18%. No $100+ sales. 


Some historical comparisons: 

- My first two sales on Alamy went for more than *all* my sales from Jan to Nov 2016. 

- 2016 'gross' was two fifths my revenue for 2014, with quite a lot fewer images then. 

- 2016 'gross' was my second worst out of nine years on Alamy - yes, I've had seven years better than 2016! 


So, for me, hopefully the only way forward from 2016 is up!! :-) 

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One less sale than 2015, with gross revenue down by $120 from images licensed, however, when I add in the $$ collected by Alamy for infringements, etc., then revenue is nearly dead even. I only added about 200 images this year and deleted about 70-100, and may well delete about 50 or so of last year's News images I added as I don't see them working for secondary sales now that the US presidential election is over. 

Average license: $68.05  

>25% of my sales were $100 or over, and only one was under $19.99. 


Already have 2 sales this month and some infringement forms to fill out for Alamy to go after, as well as a large backlog of images to process and upload, so hopeful that 2017 will be better. 

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2016 gave me a big jump in sales, about 2 and half times the number from 2015 (yay!).  The average net sale price per image, however, dropped to a bit more than half of what it was in 2015 (boo!).



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2016: Gross sale revenue almost the same as 2015. Sales by volume up 50% from 2015


One factor in this though is the percentage of Live News sales. A handful of those in a printed newspaper can make a large difference to the revenue figure, and that was an important contributor for me in 2015. So, while my average revenue per sale has gone down in 2016, it's perhaps not as significant as the raw data might suggest.

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2016 was my first year on Alamy and I sold two pictures for 48$ and 70$.


I have spent a lot of time getting used to the website and I have spent some time uploading images. I just got my first payment now in January and I'm hoping for more sales in 2017. During 2016 I was lucky if I got a zoom a month, and so far in January I've gotten 3 zooms so I am positive about this year. I also have 225 pictures waiting to be keyworded and more time to photograph this year so I'm going to upload a lot more during this year.


Best wishes and lots of sales for 2017 :D

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I've been with Alamy eight and a half years. My average sale price for 2016 was less than half of my previous lowest annual average (in 2012). The words 'edge' and 'cliff' spring to mind.




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