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  1. The remove images part of the contract means it is almost impossible to cancel Alamy selling images. The payment part of the contract means it is not worthwhile uploading new (newsworthy) images here. My alamy archive has just become just that - a static archive that brings in a monthly income...
  2. Me too... 30/4/2021 30/4/2021 Other fees 0.00 -16.90 -16.90
  3. I have upgraded. Still trying to work out all of the benefits. I quite like the new tools selection/painting tools in Photoshop and the issues I had exporting and editing multiple files in a batch from Lightroom are also solved. I have yet to conquer the ability to re-open and re-adjust edits which is an advertised new feature. The Filters in the new perspective tool work quite well if you like that kind of thing. The upgrade process and installation was straightforward for me.
  4. if you are using Lightroom then this plugin will do the job for you: https://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/jbeardsworth/findreplace/index.php?sec=transfer
  5. I should add that in all cases - the photographer is able to mis-lead using any type of lens by choosing his view point and selection of view..
  6. It is NOT the actual lens that leads to the compression - that is the misconception! It is actually the view point. (yes the lens enables a more distant viewpoint but it is not the physics of the lens that does the compression). I.e. Shoot with a 50mm and a 300mm from the same viewpoint and crop the 50mm image to match and the perspective will be exactly the same . There are plenty of articles that explain this. Photography 103 (there are a few things to learn first so its not a 101 😉)
  7. Worth a read... (and share ) https://thebppa.com/a-statement-from-the-bppa-on-the-role-of-press-photographers-during-crisis/
  8. Hi Paul Saw that comp elsewhere, nice work. Good to see you last week. See you at Cannes where I can feature in the background of more of your images
  9. Here Here.... Whilst there are very very many good stock photographers here, there are also quite a few with a very limited view of what editorial, press or photojournalism can and should be .
  10. For the record.... (and this is quoting someone who was working as a press photographer at the time...) The press scooters were quite some way behind the car when it crashed (reports say over 5-10 minutes ). Not defending the chasing, but Di's security team were used to dealing with it day in , day out (and here again, there were tip-offs on where she would be)... What her security team did not ever do is drink and drive ... You seem to forget her drunk driver who was driving in excess of 120mph, the lack of seatbelts. The scooters where travelling at 50mph max. They knew where
  11. "Most" celebrity person goes shopping in "xyzzy" are tip-offs or pre-arranged, either by said celebrities pr or by the shop... Do you really think photographers have enough time to risk hanging about in shopping centres on the off chance?
  12. Actually - A lot less than you think they do or are portrayed they do (unless there is a proper "relevant" news story). As is mentioned above - there are many cases where study of the image plus image metadata can show/prove that the subject I as complicit in the image as the photographer. I am personally of the opinion that there is a recent case like this. This is not me defending all press photographers (in fact - I should clarify "so-called") . Some ARE unscrupulous but they are in the minority, no matter how it is portrayed elsewhere. A huge %age of the profession
  13. 3rd post in the series of the Mobile Workflow. This post details editing metadata in ShutterSnitch, starting with a Photomechanic template if needed, using variables, quick select strings & Shortcodes.... https://julieedwards-x.blog/2020/01/19/shuttersnitch-metadata-editor-a-quick-look/
  14. Must admit - I find this a little insulting. Why not ask me what I am doing or using as opposed to someone else. It is quite obviously written by me and posted on this forum by me... ( Sorry - not trying to cause trouble but there is a reason that things like this hit a raw nerve).
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