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  1. 6,000 photos in one year, I'm impressed. After you make your first sale it will become easier. One way to improve captions and keyboarding is try to find your own photos from Alamy's web site. Then fill in the blanks.
  2. Personally I am a consumer of travel guides, photography guides and hiking guides. The only problem with travel guides is that they become obsolete after a while, but also, how many times do we go to the same place in a space of ten years?
  3. Your botanical output clearly needs help. More specifically, watch out for over exposure. Highlight clipping. What needs to be in focus and is not? Colors such as red and pink and yellow tend to come out over saturated. Desaturate a little bit for more detail.
  4. the problem that I see is since I have never sold anything from Live News, only later as stock, i am unlikely to be selected, but that does not mean that tomorrow I won't be in a position to witness and photograph something of importance and be the only photographer there - their loss and mine too that I don't have a pass.
  5. I guess if photography is banned then there is at least this information posted. Most common events don't really have anything of anything about photography. A few other sites I contribute to have relaxed their rules about "ticketed events" lately but some performances that may happen within these events seem to require some kind of press credentials for editorial license. One recent case that happened to me was a small cowboy dressage competition within a horse show event not being accepted elsewhere because the inspectors in these sites believe that a press credential was needed. It's all confusing to me and oftentimes to the event organizers also. "You want what? To take pictures to post ... where? ... let me forward your message to someone who might know" and that goes on and on. Go figure.
  6. Ticketed events and shows inside these events, is there a general policy for submitting images? Submitting as RM or Live News and explaining it's a ticketed event or show would be enough? I have been trying to do more events lately but I find it hard to obtain information from the event's organizers; many don't have photography or press rules posted; when i ask usually e-mails get forwarded indefinitely and people don't know the answer. I'm talking about stuff like state fairs, horse shows, fall festivals etc. Any input? Thanks.
  7. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=2CA93503-FF8E-455B-BFE7-0996E9412253 Stock Photo - Cloesup on gourmet Mexican avocado toast garnished with cream cheese, lemon zest, pine nuts, and rosemary, on white plate and tablecloth https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-cloesup-on-gourmet-
  8. The images I have only on Alamy as RM rarely sell. Duplicate RF images sell more often. Sometimes for more. Sometimes for less.
  9. congratulations! The first sale makes the other sales easier. A.
  10. I think what determines the buyers preference for a site is the license. Lots of design companies have accounts on various sites and will evaluate what the license offers first, then price. I've sold here images that are also available in micro stock. But sales here are few and in-between, though most are worth it when they happen. Keep uploading try to do your best in keyboarding and categorizing.
  11. Just to let you know I got the camera, refurbished, and I am very satisfied with it. It will work for stock just fine and represents a great improvement over my D3100! I solved a bit of the problem with the buffer by disabling a number of jpeg automatic editing like noise reduction and sharpening, and by saving in raw + small jpg. Obviously I would love to get a full frame but its not going to be this year.
  12. I've most uploaded photos festivals, demonstrations (rallies) in California near where I live. Neversold. But it was fun go there, try to get the best shots, keyword, upload. My most recent was the Gold Rush re-enactment event in Sacramento. Nobody else in the world cares, I guess, but I've been uploading to LV for the last three years. Sometimes I wish I was somewhere people cared about. sigh.
  13. The farthest I will go for stock is the park 20 min from here. Seriously it does not pay off. Now if I go somewhere, on vacation, for fun, on a hike, then I take the camera and shoot.
  14. More pixels, more problems. Unless you aim to print a wall size picture, you don't need it. Remember that the lens has to be very good because every flaw will be magnified. Not for me.
  15. In the US at least, one cannot buy this camera new from anywhere, it is out of stock...
  16. Yes I though much about the D800 (it has been discontinued by Nikon) and will consider this in one year or so. The problem is, to make it worth the investment, I will need those wonderful FX lenses, and sales are not good enough right now to justify Then also I am small and weak, need to work out more to be able to carry the weight.
  17. Yes I know where that is quite well. Frustrating to miss that due to buffer!
  18. Well, I am not big on gear. I don't make enough money to justify fancy cameras, but try to get good lenses. Well, my Nikon D3100 is in the brinks of dying. I have cogitated a lot about what to buy next, and have decided to stay with Nikon cropped sensor camera for a while longer. Doing some research I arrived at the D7100, an older model that seems to have all I need. I wonder if others here have had experience with that camera since It's been in the market for a while, and would like to share pls.
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