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  1. I have a separate export preset for Alamy which uses a plugin called snapshot on export. http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/snapshot-on-export It automatically adds my AlamyExported keyword as well as setting a colour label whilst creating a snapshot... meaning i know what was sent and what state it was in when it was sent...
  2. I guess it depends on what sort of photographer you regard yourself as... Everything changes, do you want to document and record the changes or keep your head and images in the past? This is not meant as derogatory comment to anyone, although I did find some of the comments about the subject (as someone with “extreme colour” hair, piercings and tattoos) slightly derogatory/judgemental..
  3. That’s falling very much into regarding inked/pierced people as stereotypes and probably best a line of thought best avoided.
  4. All Just a heads up, I am doing a little talk at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke this weekend (18th August). If you are free why not pop down and say hello. There cream tea, a good selection on photos (not all mine) and (hopefully) an interesting talk. (plus the BPPA's assignments exhibition) Info and booking: http://www.stokemuseums.org.uk/pmag/whats-on/events/?event=EVENT598806 J
  5. As most will know - I have always advocated that shooting news is different to shooting stock. Many of the arguments I have read have centred on “weather” as soft news.. and whether it is news...... many subjects “can” be soft news... the thing is not always the subject... it can be how the subject is shot.... that is not to point the finger at anyone or any of the arguments... I am just saying news photographers tend to approach subjects, hard or soft, in a particular way.....
  6. Live news normally reject monochrome images in live news
  7. We will consider a version of this course for mobile users should demand be proved. (i spent yesterday editing and sending from iPads and phones with little issue)
  8. The British Press Photographers Association (BPPA) is offering members and non-members the chance to take part in a series of half day workshops which will be focused on making the most of Camera Bits software to select , caption and send your images out to the picture desks in a fast and efficient way using Photo Mechanic. If you shoot Live News this will be a very useful workshop (in London)... take a look at details and registration here...
  9. My last word on the subject.. i find this attitude and these comments about me being ageist really upsetting. The amount of help and information imparted by professional photographers (of which i am one) in this forum , helping beginners and amateurs alike, only for those we have helped to totally disregard pur point of view. no flounce just disappoinment....
  10. For the record - for those of you that took offence at my comments being agist ... that was very very very much NOT the aim !!! And i Am sorry if you thought that... i was just trying to hilight the various forms of second incomes and hilighting how it will affect professionals , those that rely 100% on their photography income and who are out gathering the news come rain or shine... and how people (and photographers )used to stick together....
  11. Absolutely - and then it WOULD impact the live news feed ... (as all the Pros that send in would go elsewhere)...
  12. Of course - and hopefully the exclusivity clause will still allow this and not include similars... otherwise its a whole different ballgame...
  13. I posted a day (and many pages ago) that I was disappointed with the sentiment "Im alright jack" A lot of what is being said at the moment is guesswork and until we see the final contract, we don't know BUT this will still affect a lot of hardworking freelance photographers (press togs especially). (Yes that includes Keith..) Depending on how the contract deals with similars it MAY mean 2 shots of the same subject taken on the same shoot within a timeframe are regarded as similar and not entitled to 50% .. ie. many of my, Keith's and other press images which, due to the state of the industry and placement in different markets NEED to to placed with multiple agencies. I (nor the others I mention ) will place a particular single image on multiple agencies but we will shoot different versions of a subject in different ways for different markets . This will still hit news photographers hard. It MAY affect the news feed (or may not we may have to accept the 40%) .. There will still be many images placed on the newsfeed from agencies (at their existing contract). Im guessing the people for who this is not a full time job, or retirees who do this as a hobby but enjoying the little income and who's images are only on Alamy are the ones most happy. For those in another job - imagine your wages being cut 20%.. would you be happy, would you accept it, or would you go elsewhere, or maybe you would not put as much hard work in... Or 2 hours added to your working day for no extra .. "oh that's ok i only live around the corner and waste my time watching telly in the evening, I don't care about bob on the next desk who drives an hour each way to work".... But remember - we still do not know the details.... until then.... It's a shame, especially at this time of year so few are able to think of the impact it has on others.... "Im all right Jack, pass me another mince pie" (prepared for LOTS of reds...)
  14. Reading this now "I'm alright Jack" seems to spring to mind.... and thats a shame, but explains an awful lot about the industry now (and no i am not pointing fingers at any individual)..
  15. If you include similars then you probably stop EVERY professional live news photographer subitting to live news
  16. The UK Press Gazette quoted The BPPA’s open letter to Alamy’s CEO in their piece about his video signalling his intention to reduce the photographers percentage of royalties to 40%. This morning the UKPG asked us to provide a response to James West’s latest video where he offers to keep the 50% split for exclusive content. You can read the reply here: https://thebppa.com/alamy-a-follow-up/
  17. I said this a long while back - the problem is people just take the default price.. especially if the default price is the cheapest. Yes it probably increases license count sold and maybe may would not if it were not that cheap to license, but at what cost? Having a default cost that was higher (ie, personal use needs to be selected) .. or a wizard type approach may bring more accurate license purchases but probably less of them.... (I am playing devils advocate with myself here) .. I would prefer personal use not to be the default....but for the lowest price to be displayed .. IE.. you CAN get it for this price (even though I am not happy with that price personally) BUT you will have to select it, actively making it a choice to purposely infringe (other than just a default purchase.)
  18. The BPPA (British Press Photographers Association) have now responded with an open letter.... A measured and well thought out response https://thebppa.com/an-open-letter-to-alamy-ceo-james-west/
  19. Yesterday ticked over with another 11 sales, tipping the balance making this year my best year ever for both income and license count ever with 2 months left ... (ok , I only started there in 2009, after the heady years). Yes the average license value is down but the annual income is up without me doing anything extra compared to previous years...
  20. Fine if you are happy with the DOF at F4 or the grain / noise.... some of those pics in the post were still at 4000ISO despite being at 1/125th F2 .... It IS a specialist lens, and I aproached the subject as such
  21. Out of intrest - I remembered this spec.. http://handbook.reuters.com/index.php?title=A_Brief_Guide_to_Standards%2C_Photoshop_and_Captions Photographers Downsize photos on their longest side to 3500 pixels, when necessary. Reuters spec for its photographers...
  22. Its not they cant cope with it... but have a think, they recive very many of thousands of images per day... when a 1MB image is more than high enough quality for thier needs, are they really going to thank you for sending in 5-6MB files?
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