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  1. Nearly $12,000 on just two images, I'm stunned (and a little jealous). What a dramatic change in less than 10 years. Somehow I doubt it's all the fault of contributors reporting low prices.
  2. Thanks Betty, I can't remember the last time I went a month without a zoom. Hopefully this will pass soon. Rick, I feel your pain!
  3. No sales and surprisingly no zooms -- nada, none, zero in over a month.
  4. Goodness gracious, I just went one month without a single zoom?? My CTR has been decent up until now but it's plummeting. I wonder if it's time to pack it in here.
  5. Ray, I've been shooting with both the A7ii and the A7Rii for nearly three years and I now have 4 Sony lenses: FE 28mm f2 prime FE 50mm f2.8 macro FE 85mm f1.8 prime FE 24-240mm zoom My first lens, the 24-240mm, is a good travel zoom but is a bit big and heavy and at f3.5 isn't super fast. It's relative sharp but a bit soft at the edges. The FE 24-105mm might be a more compact choice but at $1298 is $300 more and a bit slower. I know it's wider than the 35mm you like but I mostly shoot with my Sony 28mm prime. It's fast, compact, very sharp and focuse
  6. Buyers are probably just stuck in Captcha hell, endlessly selecting squares containing buses, bridges and street signs before they can make a purchase...just kidding.
  7. Yesterday it was a long, rainy, very windy and very boring day in Boca Raton, Florida as Irma passed by. Today, trees are down and no power for many so it's going to be hot. Oh well, it could have been worse and it will get better soon.
  8. I'm still using the same MacBook Pro with the same software (no updates), but starting 3 or 4 days ago I'm happy to report that I can again sign in using Safari. No changes whatsoever made on my part.
  9. Beginning two weeks ago I've also been unable to log in with Safari. I contacted Alamy who suggested clearing cookies and using Chrome. Keep in mind I've used the same Macbook computer for 2 1/2 years and I've always log into Alamy without trouble using Safari. The program autofills my user name and password, and I've never had to clear my cookies. Between Captcha and this new issue with Safari, I rarely bother signing into Alamy anymore.
  10. Congratulations Jennifer on passing your first QC and the new camera! Don't forget to go into the Alamy Image Manager and add your description, tags/keywords, attributes etc. and save. Until you do that the images won't go on sale.
  11. I just had to answer twice to log in and I haven't logged in in at least a week or so prior to this. Very annoying.
  12. Horse pulling carriage. Abandoned pickup on garage lift Cheerleaders riding ladder truck
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