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  1. This latest upgrade is the buggiest I've ever experienced. And the Spring Update should be out in April. Here we go again! 🙂
  2. Since it's free, why not download it and try it? I'm a Lightroom / Photoshop / Photomatix user, so I have no desire to learn yet another piece of software.
  3. Of course they are. There's no mark-up on free advise. :-)
  4. Same here. Uploaded a couple on Saturday, and then another on Sunday. Also still waiting. Was afraid I'd missed a dust bunny in post or something. :-)
  5. I just had my first sale for "Personal Use" sale come in. From other forum posts it seems like Personal Use often equals Refund. What do you think the chances are that first Personal Use will also be my first Refund? :-)
  6. A sale with only 170 images is very good! I think I was up to about ~500 before I had my first sale!! Good luck and keep shooting!!
  7. I remember my first sale... I almost had a stroke! I think I was a member for about a year before I got up enough nerve to upload my first batch of images. And about another couple years before my first sale. I've had 3 sales this year (4 last year) so I'm just getting started as well... don't give up! Keep shooting and keep uploading!!
  8. One sale for $3. I'm out on the street corner with a cardboard sign now. "God bless."
  9. How can you tell how many stars you have? Are they just there, or do they "light up." (I'm either three stars... because I see three there... or I'm a "no star" because non are "colored in"?) Signed, #StarStruck :-)
  10. Wow. Very in-depth and informative. Thank you!! I just learned a lot about something I've always wanted to try. Now I think I will. :-)
  11. The idea that more keywords is better has been my main problem with the new system. I liked the old 'image not ready' so I could easily see which recently-uploaded images needed work, and then mark them as finished, even if they didn't have huge numbers of keywords. That is much harder to do now. You can work on batches of similar images by using the 'search' option rather than the 'filters' tab. Yep... the "more keywords is better" seems like it would encourage keyword spamming, both intentional and unintentional, trying to make that bar turn green.
  12. I'm just getting to where I'm starting to see sales in the last 5 months or so. Had my very first sale in August, and have been averaging about one-a-month since then. I've been a member of Alamy for a while, but only recently started really uploading. I was initially intimidated by the QC process, and also by the talent.
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