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November 2015 Challenge - Solitary.


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November 2015: Solitary

A simple one from me.
Post three images from your Alamy collection which define the word solitary.
Incidentally, my three examples didn't have solitary as a keyword.

Usual rules apply:


• maximum of 3 images per competitor
• pictures must be available on Alamy
• 8 images will be shortlisted
• the winner will start the December Challenge

Submissions close at midnight (UK time) Monday 30th November.

Below are some examples.










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My favorite time of the month!  Always fun digging thru my collection of odds and ends.


My Three



A solitary man with a solitary painting in a museum




A solitary boy looking for some mates at the football pitch




Solitary and blissful in a Caribbean hammock



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My three




My wife sitting in a sunbeam in the gorgeous Thirumalai palace in Madurai, South India. This was one of the times when a grab shot comes out well. The place was packed with Indian school groups and, being the only whites there, we were surrounded by curious kids and teachers constantly. I was taking pictures when I noticed that the Leader of the Opposition was not with me. I turned to see her sitting in this sunbeam and at the same time there was no-one blocking my view. I had time to shoot half a dozen shots before I was engulfed again. 






Getting away from it all, Filey Beach in Yorkshire.





A climber taking in the view in the French Alps.




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A woman carrying her sandals walks along East Beach in Santa Barbara, California at sunset. (Stockimo)



A sad teenage girl walks by an art mural with tears at the Funk Zone Arts District in Santa Barbara, California (Stockimo)


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My first two were both taken (in Cornwall) on the same day - obviously a day for solitariness. There's an added poignancy for me as it was (entirely coincidentally) the anniversary of the death of my father.


Solitary woman:



Solitary house:
You don't get much more solitary than this:

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