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  1. I have received a email from Alamy headed Exxon mobile images.... But sadly it won't open so I have no idea what it's about.
  2. As I thought... I think the image belongs to Simon Dack who frequents the forum pages.... If I could have found him I would have sent him a PM... He has a site with a contact mail form, if he is the one. I have sent a PM to you. But easily found. Thanks Niels, have sent him a message.
  3. As I thought... I think the image belongs to Simon Dack who frequents the forum pages.... If I could have found him I would have sent him a PM...
  4. hello I have just been on a forum that i sometimes frequent ( not photography.. cycling ) when i came across a image large and a large picture as well complete with alamy watermark.. now its not one of mine, but i do get annoyed when people lift my images and feel the need to stick up for other photographers when the same is happening to them. so i let the poster know that if they were not the photographer is was probably copyright infringement... i was told that the person in question is not doing any wrong.. but it is not a link from alamy but the image itself, when clicking on it it does n
  5. I have just had one of my stockimo images sell for the 8th time, prices are getting lower now though than when it first got sold. Mind you a sale is a sale..
  6. DD had more than 1 red arrow.. As I gave him a green and got rid of one of them and it looks like you got rid of the other.... Take them of the forum I don't know why people use them..
  7. Posted in error, that's what happens when you are eating your dinner and looking at the forum on one iPad and searching something on google on another iPad....must learn not to look at iPad at the dinner table...
  8. Just had another Stockimo sale drop in.... Same image six times now....if only my main collection would sell as frequently ( can't complain really they ) Thank you Stockimo.....
  9. Thank you Stockimo......... I have just had another stockimo sale which is a repeat sale ( 5 times now ) not to bad for a phone image..
  10. Three from me. Master of disguise Alone on the beach. Summer work.
  11. Another one here for transmit when I am using the Mac and use cute FTP on my PC, sadly both have to be paid for but they do seem to work well.
  12. I had one exactly the same as yours apart from 15th September 2015 to 15 th September. 2020.. Mine was a news photo 3 days after it was uploaded... ( I thought it might have been licensed by one of the people in the image)
  13. I have been wearing varifocals for over ten years now and get on with them ok when looking at through camera viewfinder, the camera back, iPads and even my laptop but when using my main computer with two displays I use a pair of intermediate vision glasses made specially for as suggested by my optician ( cheap and with big frames. They don't look very good ... but they are spot on for computer work ) the bonus with the varifocals was that after getting them I could once again see my speedo and the road ahead when riding my motorbike.
  14. Which specification of Mac Book did you go with in the end?as the most important thing for me was portability and the fact that I will be getting a Mac desktop in the future I went for a 13 inch 2.9 GHz i5 model with 8 meg of ram and 512 gig flash storage. This was always going to be used as a portable for me and as I have said I will get a desktop Mac in the future. I have been using it for the last week with Lightroom and pscc and it has performed fine.. If it was going to be my only Mac I would have probably done as Duncan suggested earlier in this thread and gone for the 15 inch i7 with 1
  15. Well done Doc, they don't always only make 3 Dollars some make reasonable money
  16. I just had my first repeat sale on stockimo, both inside a week...another stockimo sale to add to the list, very pleased and certainly worth it.
  17. Well after a ten year break from macs and now having owned my MacBook Pro for a week I can now say I am happy to be back, it seems to plug in to my dell ips monitor via HDMI and works well.. I also have purchased a rain desk stand which brings it up higher from my desk so as it is centred with the dell monitor, a apple wireless keyboard and a apple Magic Mouse.. It works perfect with my graphics tablet and no problems with running Lightroom and pscc, all that and plugged into my Bose speakers and listening to all my floyd and Hendrix tracks on iTunes whilst editing ...all in all a result..
  18. +1.... no change for me in terms of the display!I am beginning to wonder if the firmware was corrupt when I installed it and are wondering if I can re download it and re install it .. Or just wait to see what Fuji has to say on the matter...bye the way Duncan I went out and purchased a 13 inch MacBook Pro with 8 gig ram 2.8 I5 turbo boost up to 3.3 GHz 512 flash drive. I chose the 13 inch as I wanted something smaller than my existing 15 inch windows Lappy for ease of carrying about... Really pleased with, it handles Lightroom and pscc no problem and starts up with the blink of an eye.. ( my
  19. cheers phil, i have just sent them an email about the problem
  20. Thanks martin, perhaps it will be a case of dropping fuji a line.
  21. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the following, is it a problem or am i going mad and just haven't noticed it before. I think the problem wasn't there before i upgraded the firmware to 4.00 on the day that it came out, anyway when I look through the viewfinder in portrait mode can see the following at the finder shutter speed, aperture iso and battery level but when i use the camera in landscape mode most of the writing at the bottom of the viewfinder is covered by something black and i can barley see the top of it which is a pain if you are using a 55-200 or something that doesn
  22. Thanks for the reply, i think either the 13 or 15 inch would make a good laptop for travelling and hooked up to one of my dell 24 inch IPC screens would make a good machine for editing... i too love using notes or diary on my phone and find them updated on my ipads seamlessly .. brilliant.
  23. Thanks for your input Duncan, this is getting more and more interesting.
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