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  1. Definitely a reptile, look at the splayed legs and only the saber-like teeth are modified, the rest are uniform. Scylacosaurus is a possibility but another is Inostrancevia Chris
  2. Wow, I do like Brad Goldpaint's and Matthew Turner's but nothing like a good nebula pic Chris
  3. My submissions: Thanks Christopher
  4. Here are my three: Haleakela National Park, on the island of Maui Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta Red Rock Canyon, Waterton National Park, Alberta Thanks Chris
  5. Hi It could be Lactarius rufus, although it likes to fruit under conifers. Chris
  6. Hello, three from me: Picture of the big dipper from may front yard (just above the spruce tree). Great grey owl in the neighbors tree (I took it from my side of the fence) A merlin in my front garden looking for the robin it killed (and dropped) the day before. Thanks Chris
  7. I know this thread is kind of old, but if anybody is interested in using Adobe Portfolio I have updated my website, and it gives a pretty good example of a photography portfolio site using this "free" service. I am happy with it and it is very easy to add new content especially if you use Lightroom as a lot of people do. I used the Lukas template which I think was designed with photographers in mind. By the way it took me less than 30 min to switch templates from the old one I was using and to make the new customisations. I also easily switched domain names and there is a very good tutorial for setting up Adobe Portfolio to use your own domain. Chris http://cjpricephotography.com
  8. Several Alamy sourced images in the AMA Insider magazine (Spring 2018) FV3723: Design Pics Inc. kids in convertible ENJ60B: RayArt Graphics. Smart phone. CRY69B: Mark Chivers. Locksmith drilling FC3DN8: Stuart Aylmer. Paper through a shredder. DTN9BK: Action Plus Sports Images. Olympic curling J6TMBY: ITAR-TASS News Agency. Ice hockey world championship final C44KHF: Daniel Dempster. 2011 Kentucky Derby JGNHAP: Frank Molter. Wimbledon CMM203: Frank Rocco. Marathon runners KH2MPD: Cal Sport Media. CFL semi-final football game H9FA8A: Ken Howard. National Finals Rodeo GJYM4B: Pixel Youth Movement. Tour group Venice Italy CX2J8B: Arterra Picture Library. Tourists at Tempel Fjord J4MG59: Andy Newman. Sunset Oia Santorini Greece C2BWCA: National Geographic Creative. Tourists Machu Picchu DDPE8M: D. Hurst. Three-toed sloth, Costa Rica F52BRC or F52746: Vladimir Sklyarov. Decorated camel A687D9: Sindre Ellingsen. Rusted ship, Tangalooma Resort CEAH2B: Redbrickstock.com. Fish, Great Barrier Reef CWBCD4: Yvette Cardozo. Squid, Richmond Night Market BF46J8: Richard Wong. Avalokitesvara Buddha statue, Richmond BC FATF42: Michael Wheatley. Memorial to Japanese fisherman, Richmond BC DTBPAG: Chris Rout. Woman doing yoga Chris
  9. Hi The one from 500pix. The other one I was using is called Image Release, but Releases was much easier to use at least for me. Chris
  10. Three sales for $203, including nice Education Sector sale. Hope that's not it for me for the year though. Chris
  11. HI I have a couple but the one I currently am using is called Releases. I think it was free and is very easy to use. Plus it does not require you to find a witness to complete the release as my other one does. Chris
  12. Thank you. I am hoping to go back there this spring to see how the area was affected by forest fires.
  13. A personal use sale. I think this area was burnt last summer, so it may be quite some time before an image like this can be taken again. Chris
  14. Hi Jill, I use Adobe Portfolio for my website and am very happy with it. It was relatively easy to setup and is at no extra cost because they can host it for you. I have my own domain name so I pay for that. The nice thing is that it encourages you to put your images together as projects, so what I have done is make a little narrative to go along with each project. The templates are easy to use but if you want to get more sophisticated they have that capability. There are plenty of examples and good tutorials to get you going. I am about to make mine more spiffier in the next week or two. Also another super feature is the websites are designed to work well on phones, tablets and bigger screens. Chris
  15. 1. I once took a circle Manhatten boat tour when I came to New York to attend a course at Cold Spring Harbour and really liked the look of the buildings with water tanks on them, so if I could get a good vantage that would be number one. 2. View back at NY from the Staten Island Ferry (Ferry included). 3. Time Square at night. I know there are tons of these, but it would be for myself! Chris
  16. Hi Jill, Its a bit difficult to see from the picture but the defining characteristic is if the parotid glands touch the cranial crest (ridge behind the eye). It kind of doesn't seem to so that would make it an American toad. Chris
  17. A trio of critters from me: A fledgling American crow. A turkey vulture chick Praying mantis giving me a "do you mind" look Thanks, Chris
  18. Here are some more from my AMA Insider Fall 2017 edition Credit: Roman Babakin Cropped, Credit Cliff Lesergent cropped, Credit Terrance Klassen Credit Marc Bruxelle Credit: Henk Meijer Credit: John Kellerman Credit: Imagebroker Cropped Credit, Kevin Foy Chris
  19. Many Alamy sourced images in my Fall 2017 AMA (Alberta Motor Association) Insider edition: Credit Justin Kase Zniniez Credit: Ed Rhodes Credit: Iriana Shiyan Cropped, Credit: Hero Images Inc Ball turned green, Credit: Geerati Nilkaew Credit: Cal Sport Media Cropped, Credit: Performance Image Cropped, Credit: My Lit'l Eye Chris
  20. A few beach moments from me: Black sand beach, Maui Fun for all at the beach And a sunset Thanks Chris
  21. Hi Alessandra, In the last year I purchased a new D7100 to use as a dedicated body for my long lens, replacing my trusty old D200 (which by the way is still working fine!). I wanted a larger sensor in case I wanted to crop in a little and still have a file big enough to submit to Alamy. For the most part it gives results very similar to those of my D200, including being somewhat noisy at ISO's over 400, which was kind of disappointing. The large monitor on the back is nice as well as the ability to take video. They can be bought for a bargain too, although there are some counterfeits out their. I actually spent a bit of time researching how to identify a counterfeit as I purchased mine from an Amazon seller (which I don't normally do for just this reason). Hope this helps, Chris
  22. Thanks for reporting, Chris. Much appreciated Cheers, Philippe My pleasure ! Chris
  23. And some more from AMA Insider (Summer 2017) Credit: Brian Harris for the CWGC Credit: Stephen French Credit David Coleman Crop of this, Credit: Vince Clements Probably this one, cropped: Credit Richard Wong Credit: Elizabeth Hak Chris
  24. My AMA Insider magazine (Summer 2017) has several Alamy sourced images, nice to see that they are using Alamy again! Credit: Cultura Creative Cropped version of this, Credit: John Elk III Crop of this, credit: Philipus Credit: Moodboard Credit: Reuters Credit Chris Lofty Credit: Peter Van Evert Vertical Crop, Credit: Arterra Picture Library Credit: Maurice Crooks Credit: Marshall Ikonography Chris
  25. Here are a few from me: Mythical/Spiritual transport (Spirit of Haida Gwaii, Jade Canoe by Haida artist Bill Reid) Canoeing in Elk Island National Park Where I spent New Years eve a couple of years ago Thanks Chris
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