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  1. January 2019 issue of UK magazine “Model Rail” - page 146, Backscene editors’ feature - includes news photo of model train display used in Sopranos “Blue Comet” episode. image: HAMDTD https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-o-gauge-model-train-layout-a-tv-prop-actually-used-in-the-blue-comet-127069053.html
  2. I really enjoyed seeing ALL the nominees, and am particularly drawn to the ones that convey emotion, relationships. Ann
  3. Critters - FCP4Y9 wildlife at bird feeders, a snowy winter on Long Island, New York - Ann, from Long Island
  4. Me too, which is why I gave up bacon+... years ago. But more on topic - After voting, I was surprised how many votes Two Pigs in Love got, considering the strong fellow contenders. I'd say it effectively speaks to a rather widespread empathy.
  5. Fun and Games: Clockwork Carnival - Measuring Time by Wendy Conklin - ebook & paperback, published June 2017 ISBN 9781480758698 3 Alamy Image credits listed in book: p. 18 Paul Wood/Alamy Stock Photo p. 20 Dennis MacDonald/Alamy Stock Photo p. 25 Ann E Parry/Alamy Stock Photo
  6. Do you agree it would be a good idea to include image-specific info on Alamy's watermarks? It would make it easier for potential clients to find that exact image when it's seen in the wild. Also, importantly, it would help defeat watermarks-removal algorithms: GOOGLE created an algorithm to remove watermarks from stock images and its success depends largely on many, many watermarks being CONSISTENT. It's not enough to change the position of the watermarks. Differences in SHAPE (opacity helps, too) are needed also. Having watermarks automatically populated
  7. I eventually narrowed my 5 favorite street art images down to 2 outstanding ones, both coincidentally of "foxes guarding the hen house." Wish I could have voted for both - the images, not the politicians. - Ann
  8. Thanks, Russell. (Briefly, I was capturing news photos at night in available light. Main subject made it clear the TV network would have to give permission before I could upload images to agency. Well, that took a couple of days - well past the 24 hour live news limit. I'll wait & see what happens....) - Ann UPDATE: As soon as I learned batch passed QC, I deleted FTP-glitch duplicates (as you mentioned above), so all's well that ends well.
  9. Topic: Street Art DD4AWM - PHETUS creating his graffiti street art on back of Huntington Arts Council building, Long Island, New York. USA DD4ATR - MasPaz creating his street art graffiti on back of Huntington Arts Council building, Long Island, NY, USA
  10. Am I correct that there's no way to delete submissions waiting for QC? Background: I tried FTP'ing the photos via photoshelter, and they went nowhere ( 0 bytes). For a LONG time, I kept getting "waiting for photoshelter" message. So I Canceled the uploads, in fact canceled each a few times. Then I tried with Cyberduck, which gave unclear/misleading indications of what it had/hadn't uploaded, so I canceled that. So I used Alamy's online Uploader, and it went fine. Later, I checked my submissions, and those files are all together in an upload I na
  11. When trying to log in to alamy FTP (through photoshelter), I repeatedly get "530 error." It's worked in past. If you experienced this problem, what did you do to resolve it? (If all else fails, I'll contact Member Services.) Thank you - Ann
  12. I've enjoyed seeing the wide variety of effective photos posted for transport. I had such trouble deciding between my two favorites, I asked my daughter for some input - and wouldn't you know it, her two favorites were the same as my two. Very very hard to pick just one to vote for. smiles - Ann
  13. Great Idea! However, I have just tried that and it only lists 3 of my 9 imges even though the last submissions have been accepted 2 days ago (and all are under the POTR Pseudonym). Not sure how long the delay is between upload and the servers actually registering new photographs. Equally, on my profile here it states I have only 3 images. Yes, Pixels on the Rocks, it takes a while for things to update. As of now, 8 of your photos show up in advance search of your contributer's name. If you create a link leading to results of a search on your Contributer's Name, use New or Relevan
  14. For a new software version released today, May 17, 2017 www.tradingdiarypro.com/trial/ alamy file: B5DAFT
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