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Images Licenced Feb 2024

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19 hours ago, gvallee said:


Isn't it the burger Sally and I were going to buy you? 


Ha ha, no it’s not although that one did end up in my tummy 😋. The challenge is still on 🤨




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9 hours ago, NYCat said:


Beautiful, weird and creepy all at the same time. I love your images of spiders but not the creatures themselves in real life. Something about the way they move. I am the same about cute little mice who make me want to jump on a chair when they start to run.



Thanks Paulette, even better to see "sea spiders" underwater as ths one is, and they move so very differently to "land" spiders.

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1 hour ago, Stan Pritchard said:


Will do Phil. Although, I've had 31 sales now, of similar images (packs of medication) and so far only 11 have been refunded, so there is hope!.

I've had quite a few similar ones too - it's the 'personal use' ones that tend to get refunded.
I wonder if people who buy a pic of a Ferrari for personal use think they are getting a Ferrari.

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Lincoln University student accommodation blocks Campus Way Student Village Lincoln August 2020 



Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial, For editorial use on the customers Ireland based websites and social media (excludes advertising)
Media: Website, app and social media
Start: 02 February 2024
Duration: Unlimited






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38 minutes ago, Phil Robinson said:

Why get up before dawn and wait in a hide for 5 hours when you can sit in a comfy armchair with a coffee and shoot through double-glazing? (Guardian)




I remember that one from twitter!

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5 hours ago, wiskerke said:


UK more than 25 Use in syndicated editorial news features.

Cents. Low cents.

Have mercy.



Shameful for such a great iconic image to be sold for spit. Makes me angry.

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Two appeared in Sales History today, including one with today as the date purchased. Until now I've only ever seen them appear in Sales History the day after the date purchased.



Use in a single magazine or book (print and/or digital) inside use, 2,500 circulation, worldwide (excluding advertising). $$ Mid.


Common mussel, Scotland.



Editorial website. Stand alone digital use. $$ Low 


Mink, Scotland. 

Edited by Roy Waller
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Website, app and social media - $$


This is one of the areas of Far North Queensland near Cairns that has been devastated big time by tropical cyclone Jasper. The owner had just bought the holiday park and the restaurant across the road. He had poured millions into renovating and improving both places. A torrent of water went through the restaurant onto the sea, cutting off the road in between.  Lots of damage to the campsite too.







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