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  1. These youngsters just raced around the garden seemingly having fun. Mum was with them but didn't join in the races. UK Magazine, Print digital and electronic, Print run up to 500,000, Placement inside, Size 1 page, 1.3.21 to 1.3.26. Low $xx Pine martens, Scotland. 2ARC923.
  2. This is a throw my flat cap up in the air day. First underwater pic sale since 2016. I captured this critter on slide film in 1998, in a previous life. Worldwide editorial magazine, print or web, multiple use for 2 years. $xx, above my average (2.5 pints of beer in my favourite watering hole). Velvet swimming crab, Scotland. 2E4KMBH.
  3. First license this year. Didn't have to travel far for this one. Photo from my bedroom window. Editorial Website $x won't even buy me a pint at my favourite watering hole. All welcome though. Found usage in UK online newspaper theguardian.com 16.1.21 - 'Heavey snow expected to bring weekend disruption to parts of UK.' Image fully credited which makes a nice change. Blue tit, UK. 2D9X074
  4. I thought it wasn't going to happen this month. The bottom has dropped out of my CTR, but now theses 2 have saved my month. Badger for a UK national newspaper. Below my average $xx but it will buy me a couple of pints at my favourite watering hole, when I'm allowed to go again. Beaver (its second outing) for an editorial website. This buys me 1 pint. Still chuffed with the sales though. Badger, Scotland. (2D6K7MN) Beaver, Scotland. (RJF38F)
  5. Great to see Bryan. I don't remember any steam locos on this thread in the few months I've been visiting.
  6. Nice to get one appear on a Saturday. It's just about been given away though. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Editorial. Media: Editorial Website. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing. Image size: Any size. Start: 10 October 2020 End: 10.10.2025. One use in a single editorial article. $x about a 1/4 of my average. Sparrowhawk, Scotland. Wow, me thinks it's too big!
  7. I used to have a whale of a time at this spot. When conditions were right large numbers of salmon and sea trout would leap trying to get over the weir. Some would get washed out of the flow and end up flapping around my chair. All good things come to an end though. They put some turbines in, and at the same time built a mesh enclosed salmon ladder. Now all the fish take the easy route up the ladder. 2 sales of same image, exact same details except different dates. Country: UK. Usage: Editorial. Media: Newspaper - national. (Mail on Sunday 4.10.20, only credit
  8. Enter stage right, probably the most famous polar bear in the world.
  9. Thanks a lot Phil. It was good to be able to watch how the family behaved, as well as get some good images.
  10. Thanks Kumar. I hope you're right I would like one of those! Roy
  11. Thanks Paulette. There were 3 nestlings, a fledgeling and an adult. It was really nice just to be able to watch them all interacting. Roy
  12. Good to get one in the first half of the month. These little critters knew exactly what I wanted and all lined up at the entrance to the nest chamber. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use over 2 years. Industry sector: Media, design & pblishing. Start: 11.11.20 End:11.11.22 $xx above my average. Barn owls where they are meant to be, in a barn.
  13. A welcome sale as they all are but very low $. It won't buy me a pint in my favourite watering hole. Country: UK. Usage: Editorial. Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic. Print run: up to 500,000. Placement: Inside. Image size: 1 page. Start: 1.9.20 End: 1.9.25. $x Puffins, Farne Islands, UK.
  14. First hurray this month. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Editorial Magazine, print and or web. Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing. Start: 16.10.20 End: 16.10.25 $xx above my average. Early morning avian traffic (pink-footed geese) at Aberlady Bay near Edinburgh.
  15. It's throw my flat cap in the air time. 2 more sales on the last day of the month brings my total to 5, a new monthly record for me. I know that's no big deal in the grand scheme of things but heck I'm having a pint to celebrate. Both sales have identical sales details. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web. Multiple use over 5 years. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing. Start 30.9.20 End 30.9.25. $xx above average for me.
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