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  1. First hurray this month. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Editorial Magazine, print and or web. Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing. Start: 16.10.20 End: 16.10.25 $xx above my average. Early morning avian traffic (pink-footed geese) at Aberlady Bay near Edinburgh.
  2. It's throw my flat cap in the air time. 2 more sales on the last day of the month brings my total to 5, a new monthly record for me. I know that's no big deal in the grand scheme of things but heck I'm having a pint to celebrate. Both sales have identical sales details. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web. Multiple use over 5 years. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing. Start 30.9.20 End 30.9.25. $xx above average for me.
  3. 3rd sale of month, equals my monthly record, hurray. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Presentation or newsletter. Start 24/9/20 - End 24/9/25 $x really low. Beaver with tracking device, part of the now completed Scottish Beaver Trial.
  4. I always enjoy your polar bears. Great memories you have. It's depressing to think in perhaps 3 generations time we may only have photos or film of them in the wild. I find documentaries about their plight a hard watch. Roy
  5. Second sale this month. This is really rolling for me. Only a PU but they all count. Second outing for this pine marten in the garden of a very nice holiday cottage I rented in Scotland. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Personal use. Media: Non-Commercial, one time, personal/home use. Start: 22/9/2020 - End: 22/9/2025. $xx below my average.
  6. No zooms this month but a sale!? Hurray, for the first time I've reached the dizzy heights of an average of 1 sale per month over a full 12 month period. I know "that's nowt" as people in my neck of the woods might say, but it's a welcome milestone for me Country: UK Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital & electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Size: 1/2 page $xx above average for me.
  7. First license since June so I'm well pleased. I didn't know whether to upload this one or not. Then I thought it might be useful to someone who wanted to show the difference in size between a Little Gull and one of the more common gulls. It's paid off now, and at above average $ for me, so that's 3 reasons to be pleased. Worldwide Editorial Magazine, print or web, multiple uses over 5 years. Industry sector: media, design & publishing. Exclusive.
  8. Just scraping in near the end of the month again, hurray. Worldwide, Editorial website. Low $, which seems to have become the norm for me. Good to be on the scoresheet though!
  9. First sale this month. Thought it wasn't going to happen. Editorial Website, worldwide. Low $, but still chuffed.
  10. Thanks John. I hope you're right. I've taken a few nice wildlife pics at Arglam Grange Farm, Holme upon Spalding Moor. Not far from you I think. They have one or two hides. Not that any of us are allowed to travel there at the moment!
  11. Hurray, it's not often I get to post on this thread. First sale since 3.2.20 and now 2 sales. Same image, same time, presumably same people. 1. Newspaper UK, print run up to 2 million. 2. Editorial Website Worldwide. Both low $. Still chuffed though.
  12. European Beaver swimming in a lochan, Knapdale forest, Argyll, Scotland. I've not reached the dizzy heights of 1 sale per month yet, but I was pleased with this one.
  13. Thanks for the replies all, and the smiles sooth. They are now on sale. It took over 4 days. I was beginning to think they were trapped in some kind of electronic eddy never to appear. Cheers Roy
  14. Hi Everyone, I've been a contributor for a couple of years but not been on the forum before. My passion is for UK wildlife photography. I've a few hundred images on sale and I've had a few sales. I'm happy with my progress on Alamy. The last submission I uploaded passed QC and I captioned and tagged them in 3 separate batches on 3 different days. The first 2 batches were picked up by the Alamy search engine and appeared on sale as normal. The 3rd batch I captioned and tagged on 13/2/20, AIM showed them as on sale, but they have not appeared on the public screens yet. I can't find them by Key Word search, or Image ID search & neither have they appeared on my portfolio pages. It seems they have simply not been picked up and put on sale by the search engine. Has anyone else had or is having the same problem? Should I just go strait to Alamy and ask them to look into it? Thanks a lot.
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