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Images sold in August 2023

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4 minutes ago, Doc said:

How to set a Google Alert can be found here, ReeRay.




You set it for your pseudonym or pseudonym.Alamy. I just set it for my name, as my name is my pseudonym, and there are no other people called Kumar Sriskandan in the world that I know of. If your pseudonym is a common word or name it wont be very helpful!





Thanks for that Doc. Unfortunately my name is also that of a fair few famous people so seemingly not much use to me. Thanks anyway for response.



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Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial, For website, social media, worldwide usage, license lasts 5 years
Media: Website, app and social media
Start: 02 August 2023
End: 02 August 2028


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On 01/08/2023 at 21:33, Doc said:

Interestingly, Google Alert has found 4 of my images on 4 separate occasions in the past 5 weeks in "Aviation Week Network". Anyone else?


No sales registered yet!

My most recently reported AWN licence, on 21 June, was published 22 March. I have a couple of more recent uses that I've spotted which are outstanding.

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7 hours ago, Michael Ventura said:

U.S. TV use for high $$.  The National Rifle Association HQ in Virginia (Looks like Alamy took over the building for their HQ too!)



So THAT's where our last percentage cut went to! It's all starting to make sense now 🤨

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Low $$. Oddly specific licence details: Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial, All Fairfax Australia publications. Editorial use in magazine or newspaper, website, app, digital magazine, Facebook, Twitter and PDF versions, all in association with the original article. Single story use, online archive rights in perpetuity.
Media: Newspaper - national
Start: 04 August 2023
Duration: In perpetuity




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Just about sums up our summer so far..

Low $


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial, For Editorial use on customers website, app and social media platforms (excludes Advertising) 



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