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April 2023 Challenge - Upward


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Thank you to those that voted for my downward image and to all who took part. The obvious follow-on to the downward subject of March would be to turn it on its head, and a word equally open to interpretation. 


Standard Ts & Cs: Three photos per entry and the photos must be on Alamy. Submissions close April 30th at 11.59pm. GMT.


Some ideas from my portfolio:


















Good luck.

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Congrats on your win Avpics. I guess the next challenge will be 'sideways'? And why not.



Kitesurfing in Polynesia




Walking up a sand dune




Purnululu, Western Australia


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Well done Avpics.


Tree surgeon looking up.






Looking up Fore Hill Ely Cambridgeshire.






Looking up at Earl of Pembroke sailing ship moored at Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England







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Tad tricky this one, but revealing a gap in my collection.


Looking up at an electricity pylon



Looking up  through bare trees in Gipton Woods, Leeds



Looking up at kites flying


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Things are looking up! Here are my three...


Red Cedar trees reaching for the light


Fisheye lens view of towering western red cedar trees Thuja plicata  in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada Stock Photo
Buildings in downtown Vancouver, Canada
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and office towers on Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada Stock Photo
Inuit Birdman sculptures, Montreal, Quebec
Wooden winged birdman sculptures or Tingmiluks by Canadian Inuit artist David Ruben Paulatuck in Les Cours Mont Royal fashion mall, Montreal, Quebec, Stock Photo
Edited by John Mitchell
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13 hours ago, Colin Woods said:



Looking up at the RBC building on Toronto




Looking up at 1 Queen Street in Toronto




The Renzo Piano building at Potsdamerplatz in Berlin

Last time I was there Potsdamer Platz looked like this...................


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Man up a ladder working on his second house in the north central mountains of Nicaragua. 




Tropical land snail turning to go upward.




Building upward.  This project turned into a two store house for a married pair of doctors with two car.  The ground floor is their garage.   They have living quarters on the second floor and a glassed walled roof space for plants and drying clothes. 

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Interior of the Pink Mosque in Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya.



Satellite dishes of the Very Large Array near Socorro NM.



Cherry blossom trees in full peak bloom overhead in DC.
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30 minutes ago, wiskerke said:


Satellite dishes of the Very Large Array near Socorro NM.


The VLA is something I've long wanted to see and photograph, but I think there is very little chance of it happening now.

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