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  1. Sign in a butcher's shop window, Machynlleth, Wales One Planet Development, Ceredigion, Wales Past its prime
  2. This is the one: https://www.nhbs.com/the-butterflies-of-britain-ireland-book
  3. Different camera/lens but.... What I do for birds is work in aperture priority, set minimum shutter speed to 1000th in auto iso controls, cap iso at 3200 and just play with the aperture according to the shot. I have to watch the shutter speed dropping if light is poor, subject movement is as big a problem as camera shake once speeds drop. If opportunity allows and iso high I'll spend some time at lower iso and shutter speeds to try and improve noise levels. This is with Nikon D7200 with 300 f4 and tc 1.4. If f6.3 is your widest aperture it may not give the best qhuality. Stopping down ev
  4. Just weighing in to add to the consensus that these contract changes have been badly thought out and badly executed. Alamy, you need to look after your workforce, and I dont just mean the agencies and relatively high flyers. The bulk of us supply varied and interesting imagery, often of niche subjects which buyers will not find elsewhere. The way you have dropped this on us, a data dump of legalese and a financial kick in the teeth on top, its not surprising people are quitting and we will all lose out if Alamys collection loses that variety, interest and level of individual specialisation.
  5. No detailed analysis but Im sure a significant amount of my sales show up on Saturday mornings. I always feel theres an above average chance when I check on Saturdays, have done for quite a while, like years. Im more surprised when i get one mid week. They could of course appear late on a friday, later than 6ish. Ive wondered if im in some sort of streamed reporting system, by sale/client type, surname, whatever....
  6. On a tangent, the cover photo for this album has an interesting photographic story starting in 1881 and now connected to Alamy- https://dynamichrome.com/casestudies/resistanceisfutile I absolutely recommend listening to the whole album btw. Not only are "The Manics" truely excellent but this album explores grief and loss while (in my experience at least) being uplifting and empowering rather than depressing. Highly relevant for our times even though it came out early 2018... https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=resistance+is+futile+manic+street+preach
  7. Through the church keyhole. Blue. Alternative accomodation.
  8. Close up photography with a mobile phone, 2018. Aberystwyth university May Ball 2008. Vintage mobile phone photography!
  9. Had good results with Photobox, only used them twice as I had my own printer, but once for a colour profiled canvas print (incidentally the nasturtium in the "orange" thread) and recently for some mobile phone photo prints. Cheers, Keith
  10. Another Nasturtium, 'Empress of India' Interior ofJelly Ear fungus, Wales, UK. Cloudy orange deposits of insoluble ferric oxides and a fragmented oily sheen in a woodland pool produced by Iron reducing bacteria, Wales, UK
  11. Is one of the colour channels heavily clipped in the raw image? If so you will never recover the detail or smooth colour transitions. When shooting bright flowers expose to avoid clipping in all 3 channels regardless of how dark this makes the overall image. Dark tones can be recovered better from modern sensors whereas clipped channels are forever clipped. Its a bad idea to photograph flowers in full sunlight as an exposure correct for the saturated colours can mean too much recovery is needed for the image to be decent even after processing carefully. I supply a specialist plant library who
  12. Thanks for your help putting the image up. I'll work out the posting thing sometime.
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