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  1. Ed,don't wish to reopen a discussion on homelessness so no need to respond, but.... I don't know Liverpool but I do know housing insecurity. The problem is acute in the uk at the moment. I pay attention to the news on this subject and have seen reports on regeneration projects inthe Toxteth area which centre around affordable housing. It might be worth visiting the area on foot and talking to people. A google search for flat to rent toxteth and clicking the link to rightmove showed ( not necessarily in Toxteth) on page 1 of 6 several 1 bed flats or small houses for under 500 a month, some under 400, cheaper than round here (Aberystwyth). Remember you are a working professional and a desireable tenant between houses, not a homeless person or a problem. Good luck.
  2. Recommend black rapid attached to lens tripod bush hanging behind you at a comfortable height relative to your butt/arm length. Rotate the lens in the collar to find a position where your hand naturally finds the camera grip and shutter release when you reach down. Having it behind you stops it swinging when walking. If stalking you'll have it up front with both hands anyway. This works well with d800 with 300 f4 afs and battery grip. Balance more important than weight, adding a tc to this setup makes it feel disproportionately heavier as it throws the balance off. A heavier lens would be fine if it balances well off the collar bush. Cheers, Keith
  3. Similars are pictures with only small differences, expressions, composition around main subject, angle of view etc. Sisters are pictures from the same shooting session and may be more fundamentally different, yet still connected to the original shot - same model, different background or vice versa. Its hard to be precise. Both will be prohibited from sale elsewhere if one of a set is marked exclusive to alamy. Derivative images with different exposure, processing etc would definitely be sisters if not similars i believe. If in doubt, dont submit elsewhereor mark as exclusive. I have a sizeable folder of similars and sisters which are unwanted by an edited agency i supply but i cant supply them to anywhere else as i have always been under exclusive contract with that agency.
  4. It's a winch, surely? A hand winch/ handwinch. Like a Tirfor but i think its a different make. A handle is attached to one of the 2 levers and moved back and forth - one tightens, one lets the cable out.
  5. Only been a problem for me since win10. As i understand it there won't be a win11 its all incremental updates from now on. So even if you wete able to turn off auto updates it wouldn't really be a good idea, you'd have to catch up at some point. The drivers/update issues could be partly connected to using 10 on older machines?? On the plus side, i did find a way to throttle the bandwidth used by update so it doesn't take 3 hours to upload 10 pics to Alamy while the update hogs the internet.
  6. Could be update related. I had total loss of keyboard function following an update and a more serious issue affecting the computer turning on at all. The former was solved with a manual driver update, the latter by allowing windows update to "fix a problem" after which a mass update series occurred. All now pretty much working fine now bar one issue where my colour management profile gets ditched at random moments. My root problem could be the laptop was originally win8... Also hibernate option disappeared from all menus and was a pain to reactivate. Win8 or not i link all the above issues to update events.
  7. Been trying to find a keywording app for android for ages. Another thread on here recently led me to f stop media gallery. You need the £3.59 pro version to save metadata but it seems worth it. The keywords entered show up in the usual way in the program i use for keywording on pc (nikon viewnx). Haven't uploaded yet but dont anticipate problems. Works fine on experia z tablet and phone. Seems the best browser app ive seen for android too. I use aim with no problems through firefox browser on the tablet but it doesnt function at all on the small phone screen. Cheers, Keith
  8. Blue spires are vipers bugloss, left of second image. Cheers, Keith
  9. No problem. I'd recommend this to anyone doing much with dragonflies and damselflies in the uk and Ireland. Species can be very similar with overlapping variations and the differences are often literally minute. Often good to get poor or distant shots from good ID angles as well as The shot. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dragonflies-Great-Britain-Ireland-Hammond/dp/0946589003 Cheers, Keith
  10. Think its libellula quadrimaculata, four spotted chaser. Easier to tell from above but check wing spots and abdomen width Cheers, Keith
  11. Used prices will drop though... Then sell it when you're done.
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