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November Challenge :: Iconic

Steve Hyde

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Well here we are. Novembers challenge is 'Iconic'


Having looked up the full definition you can post anything that's famous, popular or anything that represents a particular opinion or particular time :)


I did search through the Topic and couldn't see that this had been used before. Apologies if it has and I've missed it.


Please post up to three of your images. Closing date is midnight UK time on the 30th November.


Here's a few images to start the whole thing off:



An 'Iconic' British 'Bobby' in traditional uniform....




One 'Iconic' building....





An 'Iconic' British Telephone Box....



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Well outside my usual field but one I can at least try:




Railed steps leading up to the Round House (Prisoner 6 cottage in the iconic 60s TV series) at the Portmeirion Italianate village in North Wales




Ammonite inspired street lights at Lyme Regis, on the UNESCO World heritage Jurassic coast of Dorset, UK




Dartmoor prison, one of the iconic buildings of the Dartmoor landscape

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The immortal Spitfire. They don't come any more iconic than this, in my humble opinion :)





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Edited to add the aircraft type ... because it occurred to me rather late in the day that not everyone is aviation-obsessed like me :)
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Great idea, here are my three



 The Taj Mahal. So lovely, even though its well known from all the pictures we see of it, its still fantastic when you get there. Just like Stonehenge (not).





The entirely underwhelming Mona Lisa. Proof that iconic doesn't necessarily mean excellent.





And lastly the Eiffel Tower, which is excellent. 

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The iconic Charkha (spinning wheel) - the main symbol of the 'swadeshi movement' on display at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum (Mani Bhawan), Mumbai, India



Paris hotel & Casino Las Vegas Strip in Paradise by night, Nevada, USA. Iconic Bally's (formerly MGM Grand Hotel and Casino), owned & operated by Caesars Entertainment Corporation, also looms from behind.  



Old mining wagon, Borax Museum, Death Valley National Park, USA

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The Iconic flagship of Her Majesties Navy, HMS Victory



Philip Jackson's Iconic "Yomper" sculpture at the Old Royal Marines barracks in Eastney, Portsmouth



The Iconic statues of Ramses II guarding the entrance to the main temple at Abu Simbel


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Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University


Oxford University students celebrate the end of academic year


Headington Shark sculpture, Oxford

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Some iconic river views:

1. The London Eye and County Hall from the River Thames



St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge from the River Thames



3.The Taj from the other side of the Yamuna river. Getting the shot may or may not have involved barbed wire, being chased by security guards and a lot of mud (it's a good few years ago)


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Nice one, but what is iconic to some might not be to others, leaves me with a bit of a dilemma!


Angel of the North





British icon, Flying Scotsman, the first steam loco officially recorded at 100 mph, seen trundling through Stocksfield station in Northumberland. Note all of those inexperienced shooters on the wrong side of the track!





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There are some lovely shots in this thread - well done folks.


Since we can make three entries, here's my third. This is Fort St Angelo in Malta. It was at the heart of the defence in two sieges almost four centuries apart (1565 and 1941-42), both of which influenced the course of European history. 



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Cordoba Cathedral and Mezquita with Roman Bridge
Amsterdam frozen canal in winter.


Washington DC skyline in winter.
It seems the original proportions are not locked and it's not just my images. If you want to see the right dimensions, you must click on an image.
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