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  1. Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 January 2020 End: 01 January 2025 Germany, Book, print and/or e-book, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Mid $$ River Tees betwen Low Force and High Force waterfall, from the Pennine Way long distance footpath
  2. I use HDR Merge occasionally on some of my landscape shots. Using a Canon EOS 70D, I usually set the bracketed exposures to -1.5, 0 and +1.5 A tripod is essential, and care over choice of subject and weather conditions is necessary. For example, if there are trees in leaf in the shot, the slightest breeze will move the leaves and the result of three images combined is that it looks completely out of focus. Where there is something which is moving anyway though, such as a waterfall, that doesn't matter so much. It worked well on this one of Summerhill Force and Gibson's Cave. I usually end up carrying out some final tweaks after the HDR merge.
  3. Coldberry Lead Mine, Teesdale Coldberry Lead Mine, Teesdale
  4. I know of one in the pipeline which should produce a decent commision shortly because it will probably be for the largest canvas possible from that source, and that one will cover this year's Flickr Pro subscription with change. I regard that as a bonus though and view an annual fee of US$50 as very reasonable for unlimited photos. Its certainly less than I pay for my own website (www.middletonphotos.co.uk). I don't find it particularly laborious and yes it does need to be done one at a time. I tend to upload in very small batches (say 6 at a time max) not least because of my broadband connection speed (about 6mb down, 0.75mb up). I'll upload to the POD site first so I have a unique URL for each image. Having done so, I use the following HTML Code snippet (opened in notepad) to paste in that URL over the top of the bold blue text , then copy and paste the whole thing into the description on Flickr: <a href="INSERT FULL URL TO IMAGE PHOTO4ME" target="_blank"><b>Prints Available</b></a>
  5. I'm one of them. I upgraded to Pro a year or so ago because such accounts allow you to advertise. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mpsimages Almost all the images on there (except those which are screenshots of pictures being used on BBC Look North) have a link to a POD site.
  6. Autumn at High Force Waterfall, Teesdale. I was lucky to get this, thinning high cloud produced diffused bright lighting rather than the usual harsh shadow across the waterfall.
  7. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 50,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 04 September 2019 End: 04 September 2024 Print run up to 39,000 Reasonable $$ Lingy Hill Farm, Harwood, Upper Teesdale. Funnily enough I'll be up there this weekend so if I see the farmer I'll tell him he's going to be in print. Can somebody give the the correct syntax for reverse image searching please? Love to buy a copy of the magazine if I knew which one to get
  8. Chuckle. There used to be loads of these do the rounds years ago, incl one of my favourites: Error: Keyboard Not Found press any key to continue
  9. Had a couple of very small sales in recent months, but today I see this River Tees panorama sold for $260. I've put a call in to my yacht broker in Bermuda telling him I want an upgrade 😀 Country: Texas Usage: Indoor display Media: Trade show/promotional display Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure Print run: 1 Image Size: up to 1/8 area Start: 25 May 2019 End: 25 May 2022
  10. Panoramic view (3 shots) of remains of 12th century Barnard Castle, in the town of the same name, Teesdale, UK
  11. One of my favourite spots in Teesdale - an unnamed waterfall on Ettersgill Beck
  12. Nice one Bryan. Never an easy subject this one as you're almost always shooting into the sun. Good amount of water coming down as well. One of mine taken in summer conditions:
  13. First sale! This actually showed up in a search a couple of weeks ago so I was pleasantly surprised to see a sale showing when I checked this morning. On the strength of this, and in anticiption of untold future riches which are undoubtedly heading my way, I have: opened negotiations with a yacht broker in the Bahamas warned Mark Carney of a possible need to adjust UK interest rates ditto Sterling/Dollar exchange rates well - dreaming can't hurt can it! Used in The Guardian online https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/nov/24/mortgage-deal-income-darlington-clydesdale
  14. Until this recently announced change, a free Flickr account came with an incredible amount (1tb!) of space and it seems from comments on their forum that a lot of pople were taking full advantage of it. Thats an awful lot of hi-res video or large tiff files! Can't say I blame them for wanting to prune that right back. To get unlimited space its now going to be US$50 per year for a "Pro" account which seems pretty cheap to me.
  15. Thanks very much Bryan. I quite agree with you, IMO its a much more attractive setting albeit not as dramatic as its bigger sister further upstream. I'm particularly pleased with this one because its actually 3 shots (hand held at that!) on an 18-135 zoom at 18mm, with the camera in the vertical position, merged in Lightroom to create a panorama then post-processed to produce this final result.
  16. Low Force waterfall from the Pennine Way. Bowlees, Teesdale, North Pennines AONB
  17. Cotter Force waterfall, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales National Park Muker, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales National Park Pennine Way track leading to Great Shunner Fell from Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales National Park
  18. We're also always going to have to accept the vaguaries of how people actually use the search tools. For example a search for North Pennines AONB (my colouring for emphasis) produces 928 results, and that search term is an all of the words search. Changing the order of those 3 words (I used AONB Pennines North) produced exactly the same result, i.e. 928 pictures However, put it into quotes "North Pennines AONB" (i.e. exact phrase search) and the number comes down to 467. I also notice that clicking on the options of New, Creative and Relevant changes the search results as well. Using that exact phrase search term and clicking on New, presents the results in date of upload order. However, clicking on Creative or Relevant changes the display order of the search results. I would be interested to learn how the decision as to the order of "creativity" is made, and what is the definition of "creative" anyway? Clicking on Relevant seems to make no difference as to the order of displayed results either.
  19. The dramatic Cronkley Scar (left of pic) and remote Widdybank Farm lit by a burst of strong autumn sunshine, on the Pennine Way long distance footpath, Upper Teesdale, UK
  20. Pennine Way panorama, Tan Hill to Sleighthome, County Durham Flowering heather, Bowes Moor Oilseed rape harvest
  21. I think that from your requirements spec, you should maybe be looking at a good quality digital print firm so you can have complete control over the finished product, rather then one of the many web based "send us your picture and choose from the following options" companies. I use this firm and have always found them very good: https://www.imprintservices.co.uk/ They're based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. A few points to ponder when considering what you might want to have printed: Size of finished card. If you stick to a standard size for which envelopes and cello bags are widely available, you can buy those quite cheaply from numerous internet based sources, and with envelopes there is a wide choice of colour and quality, with prices to match, available. In practice that probably means a finished (folded size) of A6, A5, DL and so on. Your images may not exactly match those proportions and might need to be cropped. If so, better you do it. If you want complete control over the text on the back, font, size, positioning, text colour etc, consider doing the layout yourself with a dektop publisher and submitting a file ready for printing. If you decide to go that route, the most important thing is your print file needs to be at a high resolution (300dpi) and use the CMYK colour model. I use Page Plus X3 to set mine out and export the finished result as a PDF to those requirements. If you do decide to do your own publishing, and you want a borderless image on the card face, you will need to lay out your artwork at its finished size, plus a bleed area. This is typically +3mm all round, so an A6 landscape layout would need to have a page size of 303mm wide x 111mm high. If you would like to contact me with your postal address, I'll send you one of mine to have a look at (same offer to you Matt).
  22. English Heritage have the same policy, displayed on notice boards at the entrance to their properties
  23. Like Sally, me too. Here, on a good day, with the wind behind, the sail up and good head of steam, I get about 4mb down and 0.4mb up. But, I worked out a really good way to get round it: Get files ready for upload at 5.55pm Sign in to Alamy and start upload Go to pub for a couple of pints When I come back, they've uploaded. Works every time. Biggest batch I've uploaded though is only 10 pics, probably just as well as any more could result in me not being seen alive, or sober, for quite a while
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