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  1. Upload not working?

    Like Sally, me too. Here, on a good day, with the wind behind, the sail up and good head of steam, I get about 4mb down and 0.4mb up. But, I worked out a really good way to get round it: Get files ready for upload at 5.55pm Sign in to Alamy and start upload Go to pub for a couple of pints When I come back, they've uploaded. Works every time. Biggest batch I've uploaded though is only 10 pics, probably just as well as any more could result in me not being seen alive, or sober, for quite a while
  2. June challenge - national parks scenery (pure nature)

    My three, all taken at Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales National Park. Upper Falls Middle Falls Lower Falls
  3. Show your newest image

    High Force waterfall, Teesdale. Runner up in the BBC Countryfile's landmark of the year.
  4. No 'Save Image Location'

    This worked with drag and drop after opening the image in a new window (not a new tab) - Windows 7 x64 pro, Firefox v60.0.1
  5. Windows or Mac? If the former, I can suggest a methodology; this assumes you want the keywords in the 'Tags' section of the image file properties, and the Caption in the 'Subject' and/or 'Title' section, both as seen in Windows Explorer. I can't think of any way you could do the whole lot in a single batch though, you would need to do it file by file, but at least it wouldn't involve having to retype everything by hand.
  6. Plant Identification

    Thanks Alan and John and apologies for not responding before now. Yes it is a bit too dark, don't know how I missed that when putting it in the upload batch but there we are. CR tell me they will delete this on request when its replacement has gone through QC.
  7. Plant Identification

    Thanks John - your knowledge is encyclopedic. Perhaps Alamy will consider hosting an on-line version of Gardeners Question Time with you on the panel?
  8. Plant Identification

    I'm reliably informed that this is a Clematis Montana, but the exact variety escapes me. I think it's Elizabeth, but can anybody confirm that or correct me please?
  9. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    Chuckle. You've reminded me of a tale which used to do the rounds on various internet forums back in 1990s, when Windows 95 was the then latest version. The story goes that at a major IT conference, Bill Gates said of General Motors, "if you made cars like we make software, we would all be driving around in $50 cars". General Motors considered this, then responded: if we made cars like you make software, they would have the following characteristics: you could be driving along perfectly safely when for no reason the car would decide to crash at random intervals, the engine would cut out, and refuse to start again until you simultaneously grabbed hold of the door handle, wing mirror and radio aeriel (Ctrl+Alt+Del) purchase of the car includes the compulsory purchase of a complete set of Rand & Goodbody road maps. Any attempt to exclude these will seriously degrade the performance (an oblique reference to the tight integration of Internet Explorer into the operating system) and more like this, but they kept the best till last: to stop it, you press a button marked "Start"
  10. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

    Some dramatic light and sky over Upper Teesdale
  11. Debenture?

    In a previous life, I worked for that bank, and spent a fair amount of time dealing with corporate customers and their borrowing arrangements ("facilities"). The wording of the debenture document has changed since I was familiar with them, but in broad terms it is essentially the same thing. Joseph's interpretetion of the nature of it is right: All assets of the borrower are subject to the charge It provdes the bank with security for any and all liabilities of the borrower It is a continuing security, i.e. it is still good if the borrower subsequently negotiates new borrowing. Unlike a private individual who takes out a mortgage to buy a house, i.e. there is one loan and one asset secured against it, a corporate entity will have all sorts of assets, and these will change from time to time as part of normal business activity. A simple example is renewing the motor vehicle fleet. Similarly, a corporate borrower's facilities could very easily be more than just conventional loans and overdrafts, but whatever their nature, the debenture will include them. The fact that Alamy have given a debenture to their bankers should not in itself be regarded as onerous. Indeed, it could be argued that the bank must like them because if they didn't, they wouldn't lend, with or without security. Looking at the published accounts (latest are to 31 December 2016 with 2015's shown for comparison), there is a good profit record, and plenty of cash in hand/at the bank, so they are - as at that date anyway - profitable and liquid and therefore capable of making a good lending proposition. I also note that this debenture is the first time the company has given any charge since its incorporation on 15 July 1999, so until recently, they either had no need for borrowing facilities at their bank, or they did but it was unsecured, or they did and it was secured by third parties.
  12. Favourite images uploaded - April 2018

    Barningham, Teesdale
  13. tinted gradient filters

    Yes I also used to have a collection of Cokin filters, including one of those prisms with a hole in the middle to produce a kaleidoscope effect, plus several graduated ones, and a polarizer. I agree with other comments about digital and software (I use Lightroom's grad filters) allowing more subtle adjustment. A little while ago we had a discussion about polarizing filters, and I do occasionally still use one. Somebody in that thread referred to them producing a different quality of light in the right conditions. This one was taken on the 1st day of British Summertime this year, and was a rare outing for that filter:
  14. Printing photos at home or in the office

    I use an Epson Sylus Photo R2000 (8-colour inkjet, A3+ sheet size) which replaced an Epson R1800 a couple of years ago after it finally, and after long and faithful service, gave up the ghost. Genuine cartidges for this one are not quite as pricey as the equivalent became for the 1800, and hold slightly more ink. I don't do a lot of printing, but I use it to do 16x12 (ish) prints on an A3+ sheet, normally Epson premium semi-gloss. Occasionally I'll also do prints for a couple of artist friends from digital images of their paintings; this on Epson Archive Matte media. It produces really stunning results but its not a cheap printer to operate, so I don't do greetings cards, holiday snaps etc - loads of releatively cheap on-line places where these can be done. I send people to these places and tell them that if they've got something really special, and want a large top quality print, they can get one from me. This model will also print photo-coated CDs, will take a roll of media (panoramic prints) and also has a separate front-loading thick media slot for photo boards (up to 1.5mm thick) so its pretty versatile. I've found that - unlike the R1800 - when replacing a cartridge, the "charging" process doesn't seem to drain large amounts from the other existing cartridges. A tip - once a week, just switch the printer on and let it get to a ready state. This circulates the ink within the system and helps to prevent the nozzles clogging. It also worth doing a nozzle print check if the printer hasn't been printing for a while.
  15. Chuckle - no I don't need one! The only reason I remember that particular camera is seeing it on Wex's email newsletter and out of curiosity clicking the details. Long time ago I had a lovely medium format 6x6 roll film camera (Mamiya C220) which produced far better transparencies than my 35mm (a Canon A1) for all its sophistication.