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  1. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20181011-can-you-get-a-21k-pay-rise-by-moving-abroad MCPN3K Passengers boarding a Ryanair plane at Bristol Airport - Stephen Parker BRJN2Y Shanghai, China. Main concourse departure lounge with flight notice board, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai - David Lyons
  2. Sole entry from me ... Italian Frecce Tricolori pilot in flying kit getting ready for a display
  3. If they have a preference for either RF and RM, surely they would do a single search, unless maybe the subject is a rare one?
  4. Well done on this photo. It really grabs you. Echoes of dreadful history, and a reminder that history is not a closed chapter.
  5. John, in my case too the number of searches that specify RM or RF is very small - 39 out of 2000, or just under 2 per cent. I agree that this is the most important statistic.
  6. I recall a forum thread a while back in which (besides carrying on the eternal debate about the pros and cons of RM and RF), it was said that Alamy prefers RF because this is increasingly what clients want. This has stayed at the back of my mind, and I thought it should be possible to test how true this is by counting the number of searches in Alamy Measures that specify RM and RF. AM appears not to provide any information other than the search terms on all-of-Alamy searches, so I went to my own most important pseudonym and looked up searches from 1st January to 30th June this year. I stopped
  7. Two entries from me: 1. Aerobatics at dusk 2. Clifftop conversations
  8. You could have written this bit about me But the HX90V comes nowhere near a DSLR in image quality. To see the difference, compare images at full size and look at how well each camera renders fine detail.
  9. Lovely shots. I'm heading to Ireland tomorrow as it happens - to walk part of the Kerry Way. Won't be submitting any stock from this trip though - I don't carry an Alamy-compatible camera on walking holidays abroad.
  10. A study in sizes Sailing boat on a wide sea Powerboat taking a flying leap
  11. This one looks maybe a tad dark, but all the same it's a beautiful shot. Hope it sells.
  12. One of three sales that dropped in today, all for decent money by today's standards. This shot is the one that sold for the lowest amount, but it's my favourite of the three
  13. You have to read the small print, unfortunately. The key bit is this: The legal guarantee covers any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of two years. However, the crucial time period here is the six months following purchase: Any fault that appears within six months will be presumed to have existed at the time of delivery. The seller must then repair or replace your phone free of charge - or reimburse you if repairs or replacement are impossible. After six months, you can still hold the seller responsible
  14. Sold to a German language magazine for $34. An encouraging start to the new year.
  15. CTR is Alamy's incentive to photographers not to spam-tag images. Spamming brings up irrelevant images in searches, which will not get zoomed, so your CTR drops. CTR keeps down the number of irrelevant images that turn up in searches.
  16. Spend less time on stock and more time shooting for fun with my little Sony HX90V.
  17. I think the book would count as editorial even without the connection to the New Yorker.
  18. Perhaps you're not familiar with the expression Betty used. It simply means that there's no need to ask questions when good fortune comes your way. I'm constantly surprised at how helpful many people on this forum are and Betty is among the most helpful.
  19. If a politician had fallen on his face outside Downing Street they'd have been all over him in a flash ... what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, or so I'd have thought
  20. Seems to me, if antagonistic campaigns are allowed, then they cannot considered trademark infringements, otherwise the party that is being portrayed negatively in a campaign could sue the advertiser and stop the campaign. It would, but I don't think it's possible. The fine print sets out licensing terms equivalent to what we would call unreleased RM. It also gives Boeing the right to approve the end use work in which images are used, including photo layout, text, web page etc. Of course I don't know how long these conditions have been in place - for all I know they might
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