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Hi all,

well I've done my research and, being a newbie around the forums, I had no idea the competition had been running so long, I counted 53 previous themes. Consequently lots of excellent ideas have already been used. My first choice of theme, Shoot Local, had already gone, and not too long ago, so I didn't feel I could re-use that.


However, there is one glaring omission from the previous subjects, as far as I could tell (I'll apologise now if I've missed it, it worries me its not there).

Anyway the September challenge is..... Critters.


I've used the phrase Critters to throw this open as wide as possible so it includes everything, tame or wild, outdoors or indoors, in the studio or as it happened.

I'll post a list, in another message, of all the previous themes I found rather than waste the research.


I've added a few of my efforts below just to get things rolling....




Working Critters...



A Critter in the studio...



One unlucky Critter...



My Mother in Law, oh hang on, that's a different kind of critter, LOL...



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A good subject.. already know I have no chance in this one. At least with Philippe being absent from the forums for now, the rest of us have a chance :-)


My poor entries...


People taking pictures of critters (Jellyfish) in Shanghai Aquarium:



A critter in the hand is worth two in the bush..



Baby critters:




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Three from me:


A crab spider, Misumena vatia, well camouflaged on the petals of Meconopsis cambrica, sinks its fangs into a small hoverfly:



Mating wheel of common blue damselflies, Enallagma cyathigerum




Table for two?  Male and female dance flies, Empis pennipes, feeding on Geranium robertianum



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Not easy to choose. I don't suppose anyone is going to vote for spiders, my favourite subject, so I selected other critters.


Cotton Harlequin Bug (Tectocoris diophtalmus) protecting its clutch of eggs, Queensland, Australia



Red-legged Stink Bugs (Edessa rutomarginata), Costa Rica



Praying Mantis (Stagmomantis theophila)




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4 minutes ago, GS-Images said:

This is right up my alley, and I have some nice animal photos I'm particularly proud of. I'm not doing the monthly competition for now though (personal reasons) but I wanted to say well done to Steve for winning last month, and it's a great subject for this month. Good luck everyone!  :)




If you were doing the competition which three cows would you show?





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13 minutes ago, GS-Images said:


I often wonder if I'd have cows as the subject or not if I was to ever win!  :)  I would love to post my top 3 here (I have new ones too that I haven't processed yet) but I don't want to mess the thread up with more of my cow photos.....I think some people might be sick of it.  :)

cows, please, cows! 

My wife loves them!

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This has been very, very hard. I have many favorites but here are three. The snow leopard has sold but for some reason in this incarnation of the search engine it is buried way down. I don't know why that happens. Most of my animals show up early on so I am usually fortunate.




C244XB  Snow leopard at the Los Angeles Zoo




FN9XPB  Grizzly bear cub playing in sedge grass, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska




F3K910  Jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil




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I decided on three underwater images of critters not often seen, either together, or doing activities not often seen.


1. This Tomato Grouper is having it's teeth cleaned by a small cleaner wrasse and a cleaner shrimp is working as the dental assistant - 3 different critters together.



2. This tiny Candy Crab (about 1/2 inch body size) lives in soft corals, and they sometimes adorn themselves with some of the coral as part of their camouflage. This one had chosen a rather nice coral "hairstyle". Once attached to the crab, the corals stay alive and continue to grow.



3. A Jawfish mouthbrooding eggs - the males get the job! I waited 37 years to find and photograph this activity. After a couple of shots, the fish retreated down his hole and did not come back out. I went back the next day to find an empty mouth - the eggs had hatched!



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Beautiful images above and fun topic, here's my three.


1. "Googies" - she was a great model, ample patience, seemed to always enjoy it and my mother's great love - sadly passed not long ago. 




2. "Athena" the Bengal cat as a youngster, dressed up as a leopard and have caught her toy mouse - back then she didn't mind dressing up...now I don't even dare to ask her. She's still an amazing hunter - no critter is safe from her.



3. "Googies" again - she just was such an amazing model. Animals are so damn tricky, but she made it easy and fun.


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13 hours ago, GS-Images said:

Oh ok ok ok, cows it is.  :lol:  These are my entries.....but I don't want to win (not that I expect to)!  :)


My wife send a big thank you :), she really liked them. 

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Three from me:

Holding a harmless jungle centipede in hands, Danum Valley Conservation, Borneo, Malaysia




Tiger leech attached to a leaf in rainforest jungle, Borneo, Malaysia




Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia



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London Zoo annual stock take. Keeper goes to great lengths to explain ZSL conservation efforts to assembled photogs. Mantis, bored, has other ideas and does an exploratory climb. 



2. Woman and her not so holy cow, trotting across a bridge in unison.Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajastan, India.



3. Deadlock at Dawn. Shot this on a freezing December morning. By the time these two finally got going, my fingers were almost too stiff to press the shutter. Should have brought that flask of mulled wine.


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