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  1. No bad since few months despite my small portfolio... Two days ago an exoplanet illustration
  2. Any news about Alamy measures issues ? And about our portfolio name ? Mine is Serge\\u0026#43;VILLA and may be is it the problem : the link between measures and names.
  3. I didn't remember if it was the case before this problem, but our names displayed in the portfolio are in a very strange format...
  4. You are lucky Betty ... I started to upload on Alamy 10 months ago , got 22 zooms and only one sale... Probably my photos are not suitable for Alamy. I'm on some microstocks too and luckily I have regular sales. Most of my photos here are specific to Alamy, I have very few images that are shared.
  5. Nice places but full of tourists, especially in summer. But I believe this is the same for you in Italy. I was probably a shaolin monk in another life, now I have to become a image factory. Thanks Brasilnut.
  6. I slept for 3 years and just started uploading in September, so I hope now to be able to add 2000 photos/year. I also vary the subjects and fortunately it is not difficult in paca. Thank you for your comment ! Wait and see.
  7. Just curious how you feel now that you have nearly 5000 pictures here ? Is it not more difficult for a European than for native to sell something on Alamy ?
  8. Happy Christmas to all (Alamy team and forum members). Joyeux Noël !
  9. Congratulations, nice image ! Merry Christmas to everybody and more : "Joyeux Noël" !!! Santa did not come for me, I was not wise
  10. Fairly cold... so I think +14°C is fairly hot ? today the weather was cloudy until 2 PM but it was standard last weekend for a december day.
  11. Exactly the same path for me too. I joined Alamy in 2014 without uploading images . Then decided to try to pass QC this summer but failed my 2 first submissions : one because there was a problem with upload : only 2 files of 3 where uploaded, and the second because of 'no meta data' reason for one file (in fact there was metadata in all 3 files so I did not understand). Finally I passed QC in september. My target is to reach 1000 images before the end of year; and mainly exclusive images... I think I'll make it happen but I am still waiting for my first sale. Wait (work) and see...
  12. fifty/fifty ? And in addition I offer a coffee after the (your) shower . About Raw files, I am currently testing DxO PhotoLab (the demo version can be fully used during 30 days) and I am impressed by the speed, the quality and the lens corrections .I feel like I changed my lens. I think I am going to invest in this software.
  13. What a pity, I would certainly make a nice picture of you running under the fountain ! Certainly a top seller . Glad that you had a nice weather for your short trip.
  14. Thank you John, but it was humor. I do not expect sales now, because it was just 3 months since I started uploading. However, I would not be against one zoom from time to time...
  15. Same observation, Zooms and CTR are down but sales were not affected, they stay to 0.
  16. Just to add a tips about calibration. For MacOSX users, in the last versions of the system the 'Expert Mode' is hidden when you want to calibrate your monitor. When you open the Monitor setup window, hold on the OPTION Key when you click on 'Calibrate...'. You will enter in 'Expert Mode' to setup you monitor calibration.
  17. Lol . Maybe it's better to repeat . I send you a green arrow, in case of...
  18. Can you upload your rejected photo on dropbox ? What ISO do you use to take your shoot ?
  19. Glad that you could take pictures. I hope you did not arrive Friday or Saturday because the weather was really bad ! I read that it was the coldest temperatures for a month of November since 1963. I am waiting to see the pictures of the Ferris wheel and the surrounding villages ! I just have one of the Ferris wheel/fountains years ago :
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