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  1. Hi all, well I've done my research and, being a newbie around the forums, I had no idea the competition had been running so long, I counted 53 previous themes. Consequently lots of excellent ideas have already been used. My first choice of theme, Shoot Local, had already gone, and not too long ago, so I didn't feel I could re-use that. However, there is one glaring omission from the previous subjects, as far as I could tell (I'll apologise now if I've missed it, it worries me its not there). Anyway the September challenge is..... Critters. I've used the phrase Critters to throw this open as wide as possible so it includes everything, tame or wild, outdoors or indoors, in the studio or as it happened. I'll post a list, in another message, of all the previous themes I found rather than waste the research. I've added a few of my efforts below just to get things rolling.... Steve Working Critters... A Critter in the studio... One unlucky Critter... My Mother in Law, oh hang on, that's a different kind of critter, LOL...