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  1. You have to clear caches of your browser.
  2. SS was good for me one year ago. It"s no longer the case. I stopped to upload there. I now support Alamy with exclusive images only and still put some pict on AS . I was on all major MS (before coming to Alamy) , but it is a waste of time now. (Pond5 is a joke, Getty never reached IS, DT is dead, and so .... )
  3. Recent pict of NEOWISE Comet , taken on 7th July just before sunrise
  4. No bad since few months despite my small portfolio... Two days ago an exoplanet illustration
  5. Any news about Alamy measures issues ? And about our portfolio name ? Mine is Serge\\u0026#43;VILLA and may be is it the problem : the link between measures and names.
  6. I didn't remember if it was the case before this problem, but our names displayed in the portfolio are in a very strange format...
  7. You are lucky Betty ... I started to upload on Alamy 10 months ago , got 22 zooms and only one sale... Probably my photos are not suitable for Alamy. I'm on some microstocks too and luckily I have regular sales. Most of my photos here are specific to Alamy, I have very few images that are shared.
  8. Nice places but full of tourists, especially in summer. But I believe this is the same for you in Italy. I was probably a shaolin monk in another life, now I have to become a image factory. Thanks Brasilnut.
  9. I slept for 3 years and just started uploading in September, so I hope now to be able to add 2000 photos/year. I also vary the subjects and fortunately it is not difficult in paca. Thank you for your comment ! Wait and see.
  10. Just curious how you feel now that you have nearly 5000 pictures here ? Is it not more difficult for a European than for native to sell something on Alamy ?
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