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  1. You don't have to use a long exposure time to shoot the moon . Here 2 shoots at 200 ISO
  2. @Ilya and @Colin : stuning images ! Good job. I dream of a dark sky in my place... I can find it in the open sea, but to do a long exposure it will be a little difficult .... Colin, almost all my lens are Tamron f2.8 (17-50mm, 70-200mm, 90mm macro)
  3. Unless it is the dark energy that causes the expansion of its sensor...
  4. All APN are not suitable for astrophotography, but your exposure time is too big. Light pollution can produce the noise you see on your photo but for long exposure you need systems cooling your sensor (like this one for a SONY A7); Try an exposure time between 15 and 30s and stack at least 10 images to optimise you signal to noise ratio.
  5. what type of photo might sell in 2018

    Nice places but full of tourists, especially in summer. But I believe this is the same for you in Italy. I was probably a shaolin monk in another life, now I have to become a image factory. Thanks Brasilnut.
  6. what type of photo might sell in 2018

    I slept for 3 years and just started uploading in September, so I hope now to be able to add 2000 photos/year. I also vary the subjects and fortunately it is not difficult in paca. Thank you for your comment ! Wait and see.
  7. what type of photo might sell in 2018

    Just curious how you feel now that you have nearly 5000 pictures here ? Is it not more difficult for a European than for native to sell something on Alamy ?
  8. Year Images Sales 2014 0 0 2015 0 0 2016 0 0 2017 1001 0 2018 6 0 There is a column showing no change.
  9. Holiday

    Happy Christmas to all (Alamy team and forum members). Joyeux Noël !
  10. Congratulations, nice image ! Merry Christmas to everybody and more : "Joyeux Noël" !!! Santa did not come for me, I was not wise
  11. Weather

    Fairly cold... so I think +14°C is fairly hot ? today the weather was cloudy until 2 PM but it was standard last weekend for a december day.
  12. Second sale on Alamy!

    Exactly the same path for me too. I joined Alamy in 2014 without uploading images . Then decided to try to pass QC this summer but failed my 2 first submissions : one because there was a problem with upload : only 2 files of 3 where uploaded, and the second because of 'no meta data' reason for one file (in fact there was metadata in all 3 files so I did not understand). Finally I passed QC in september. My target is to reach 1000 images before the end of year; and mainly exclusive images... I think I'll make it happen but I am still waiting for my first sale. Wait (work) and see...
  13. Last 2017 supermoon (357 495 km)
  14. fifty/fifty ? And in addition I offer a coffee after the (your) shower . About Raw files, I am currently testing DxO PhotoLab (the demo version can be fully used during 30 days) and I am impressed by the speed, the quality and the lens corrections .I feel like I changed my lens. I think I am going to invest in this software.
  15. What a pity, I would certainly make a nice picture of you running under the fountain ! Certainly a top seller . Glad that you had a nice weather for your short trip.