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12 hours ago, TeeCee said:


Is it just me, or does the squirrel look utterly terrified of the hawfinch?


Mind you, looks like a pretty aggressive hawfinch ...



The Hawfinches were actually quite agressive towards each other.

That said I think the squirrels were the boss at this place.

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Domestic and Toulouse geese (anser anser domesticus) crossing the road, Bergues, Hautes de France (or Nord- Pas- de- Calais for the old-fashioned).


Cattle being driven to milking, Bowness- on- Solway



Braunvieh licking a salt block, Schwangau, Bayern



There you go Geoff. Sorry about the geese but it's an irresistible scene.

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Here we are, the last day of the ‘Sepember Challenge’. You have until midnight for any last submissions.


It’s going to be quite tough trying to choose a Top Ten from the excellent entry’s submitted so far. There’s a wide variety of shots with Critters, big and small, getting up to all sort of things, in all sorts of different places!


Thanks for all the submissions so far, lets see if we can get the topic to roll over onto four pages before tomorrow :) 




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