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  1. This wonderful critter is no longer with us, but even at 14 years old she had a magnificent smile and sparkling personality.
  2. Thank you for the whoops, dances and toasts! This thread is quite motivational. Have a lovely weekend. Onward and upward and looking fwd to my 2nd,3rd, 10th and 50th sale.
  3. Join me in a small celebration dance. My first sale posted today! $125
  4. Thanks Geoff, that clears up a lot. I definitely think the advanced search link should be included underneath the search bar as it was before, so I add my voice to that request. If a client is looking for a very specific image they'll need those tools to find them, same thing if they are trying to find work from a specific photographer. It's also extremely useful for contributors trying to find their own images on the go either to edit it or to share the link.
  5. Thanks Ian! I didn't know that IOS trick! Alas, it did not work for the Alamy site. It goes right back to the mobile version, but it's quite useful to know.
  6. Hello! Quick question. Is there a way to easily access advanced search from mobile devices? On the website I can usually click the search button with no keywords written in or use the drop down menu, but that doesn't work from the mobile version of Alamy. Also, is there a link to switch to the regular version of the site when we're on mobiles? Apologies if this has been asked before, but I could not find it. Many thanks.
  7. Great Challenge! Here are mine: Concept: Security Concept: Loyalty Concept: Safety
  8. An ornate ceiling in Manhattan. Friends... hand and paw.
  9. Old fishing boats and skyscrapers in Panama City, Panama.
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