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  1. He deserves it. He is not only an extraordinary photographer, but he is also involved in important green initiatives. Many people do not know that he and his wife are responsible for a major reforestation project in his native state in Brazil (https://institutoterra.org/) that is proof that a completed devastated area can be changed in a relatively short time to sustain a wide variety of wildlife.
  2. All my images have just been approved by QC. I hope yours will go through.
  3. Exactly what happened to me. Remembrance Day images uploaded as news feed the same day (Nov/11th). They all appeared in the news feed and on sale on Saturday. Then Sunday they appeared in AIM, and are still waiting for QC. Here is Alamy's reply to the e-mail I sent them: Thanks for the mail – unfortunately the weekend shifters are no longer on desk & having had a quick look in your account dashboard your most recent uploads are appearing as ‘stock’ – if the picture desk editor had removed them they should have advised you (but it is very dependent on workload!) Apol
  4. LR6 (desktop version - perpetual license) support/updates will eventually cease. There will be no Lightroom 7. I'm not prepared to keep paying Adobe a monthly subscription fee, specially with the potential for increases in the future. Regarding image processing, it is just the way the RAW processor converts the images. There is something in the algorithm that renders foliage and finer details with a "mushy" look. There is also an issue with the sharpening. You cannot approach sharpening the same way you'd do with a Canon or Nikon shot. I find that I get better sharpening results (c
  5. Well, this direction being taken by Adobe is leading me to test Capture One, specially because I'm not really happy with how LR handles Fuji files. I have a trip coming up next week. When I come back I'll download the trial and give it a try.
  6. I've been considering Photoshelter and Photodeck for my site. Based on what has been said here, it appears that Photoshelter is going in the wrong direction. I'd be interested in knowing what others have to say about this and if anybody has any experience (negative or positive) with Photodeck.
  7. You can configure your keyboard for "English-International Keyboard". That way, you only have to type: ' + c = ç ' + e = é ` + e = è ' + a = á ~ + a = ã ^ + e = ê and so on...
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