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So, how was November?

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I was panicking until the last few days when a few sales (average for me) came through.


Overall, I'm satisfied having spent a great deal of effort revisiting key wording which has resulted in a significant increase in views, zooms and improved ctr.


Fingers crossed for the future.

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Reasonably good number but low prices indeed.

19 for $773 - average $41 despite one $250 sale.

All in all well below par.


My guess is that the singing stops at GMT18:00.




edit: the singing stopped way past midnight local (Amsterdam) time here.



makes 20 for $873 - average $43,65

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Well Date of Invoice listing gives me one extra sale over Sales History, so I suspect that's that.


Good for volume at 19, but no 3 figure sales, resulting in a gross total of 450 dollars.


Not complaining as this is well above average for me.

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  • 3 sales for $247 gross.
  • Highest monthly total of zooms in over a year.
  • Confirmed, but as yet unreported, license found - should come through next month.

After a drab and dreary 11 months, it looks like things may - at last - be on the up in my camp?

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No action for the past couple of weeks but November turned out to be above average with nine sales for $630 gross. I was happy to see a pair of decent non-distributor book sales ($150 and $200) since I was starting to wonder if they had become extinct.

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5 for 160.00, with this one for 2.15. Why wasn't it just given away?


Country: Italy

Usage: Editorial

Media: Editorial website

Industry sector: Media, design & publishing

Image Size: Any size

Start: 31 July 2015

End: 31 July 2020

Duration: 1 Year.

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Not too bad a month! Second best month this year in both volume (11) and revenue ($580).


Lowest $5.99, highest $299.72, with one distributor sale for $27.35 (all gross figures).


Onwards and upwards!!



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