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  1. accreditation for event

    I would recommend passing QC and having some images accepted before asking for credentials.
  2. Contributors playing the Live News system?

    I uploaded two separate Live News submissions yesterday from the same event.Different uploads, different headlines. The first batch was a celebrity who is running for governor. The second batch was the event itself. I post-processed the celebrity photos first because I thought there might be more interest. I wouldn't call this "playing the system." I was just trying to make it easier for anyone looking for one aspect or another. I did notice two stray images with, apparently, no headline and no captions. I presume this was a mistake on the photographer's part and they seem to have been removed today.
  3. Alamy survey

    If I had received it I'd say work out all the little bugs. Resolve the login issues and figure out why we get logged out and back into the forum. Interact with contributors more often on the forums. Give us a bit more feedback on subjects that confuse people. Use stickies on the forum for most often asked questions or add a FAQ for new contributors. EDIT: Last but not least, figure out why some of us don't receive these surveys or various updates.
  4. April up or down?

    Above average. 17 direct sales 0 distributor sales Thanks Alamy
  5. Alamy survey

    I checked my Junk Mail box but it's not there either. I did get a Payment Notice from Alamy this morning so at least that's coming through. This isn't the first time I've missed a survey from Alamy. Maybe it was only sent to people who've contacted CS in the past few months?
  6. Alamy survey

    Nope. DIdn't get it.
  7. A Spring Update on Ed Rooney's Fire Crisis

    Doesn't every New Yorker speak at least few words of Spanish just from riding the subway? "no se apoye contra la puerta"
  8. It shouldn't matter, Essentially it's a RM License because you're charging for the image to be used on a single item, presumably sold to individuals, and you're paid for each use.
  9. A Spring Update on Ed Rooney's Fire Crisis

    So happy to read this Ed. You certainly seem to be making the best of a bad situation.
  10. Negative Scanner

    I have a Nikon LS 5000ED that I picked for about $1000 US just before Nikon discontinued them. They're available on Amazon and eBay at various prices up to $2500 or so. At 4000 ppi it will give you approximately a 55mb 8 bit tiff. If you decide to buy one used, you should ask about the last time it's been cleaned and maybe ask for a sample scan. Last time I checked Nikon charged $250 for cleaning, plus shipping and insurance - Or you can find cleaning instructions on the internet. I cover mine with a plastic bag and clean it every two years or so. I'm currently using VueScan on a Mac. I find it less than ideal but it does what I need it to do. Then I just clean it up in PhotoShop CS6.
  11. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    Instagram Style = St*****o
  12. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    Funny, most of the photographers I follow on Instagram do relatively "straight" photography, shot with DSLRs and other more traditional cameras. I would think "Instagram Style " could mean photos with over processed color, either bold high contrast color, low contrast unsaturated color, or even tinted. There are a number of Instagram Pre-Sets available for Lightroom, on the Adobe site or elsewhere on the web. Try a Google search.
  13. What about offering clients RAW files?

    Jpgs are universal. RAW files are often proprietary and not all clients have the latest software to support them. Raw files may have dust and other defects that QC checks for. Jpgs are also smaller and faster to download.
  14. Live News forum

    I've seen plenty of Alamy photos in US publications but I don't remember ever seeing Live News photos in the American press. I always presumed it was intended mostly for the UK.
  15. Several of my lenses, particularly the older ones, are scuffed and have other defects. I haven't noticed any degradation in image quality except maybe when I shoot directly into the light. Years ago I felt there was some degradation with a Sigma lens that developed internal dust. I replaced it with a Nikon and felt the images were significantly sharper. Since lenses are coated I'd take it into the shop, see what they can do and get an estimate rather than attempt to do anything myself. There are various pens that are supposed to help but there's no guarantee. Here's what Petapixel has to say about it.
  16. Live News forum

    Funny you should ask. I shot an evening event on April 3rd and uploaded some photos to Live News that night. I think it was Bryan who reported spotting one in the April 5th issue of the Times. I've been uploading to Live News since the beginning but this was probably my first, maybe second, Live New sale. I suspect the time difference is one issue, but what's news in New York, or the US as a whole, isn't necessarily news across the pond.
  17. Live News forum

    Agreed. Here in New York City, NYPD wants to see published work for a Working Press Card, not just submissions, and a Working Press Card doesn't guarantee access. Generally it's intended to cross police lines. Larger events may require pre- accreditation which is probably what Live News does when they want to send a photographer.
  18. IMO?

    Back in the days of slow dial-up connections. There's also IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
  19. In reality, it probably depends on the individuals working there, what kind of mood they're in, and what kind of camera you're using. Now that I think of it, I took a few iPhone photos in one of our nearby post offices while waiting on line for a package. Nobody said a word. Of course if I had used a DSLR with a large lens they might've gone postal, so to speak.
  20. This probably depends on where you live. Here in New York City, where the Post Offices are probably larger than Montana, they usually have a separate lobby or vestibule. People sometimes tie their dogs there, because they weren't allowed beyond that point, and there may be stairs and doors separating it from the main area. Counters and Windows are in the main area where people wait on line, purchase stamps from a machine, fill out various forms, etc. For decades the Soho Apple Store was a Post Office Substation. The area up to the first set of stairs was once the vestibule/lobby in this photo.
  21. Live News Take Down

    Is this it?{79C8B5B7-B5FE-4493-8E02-0D2EB54D1B1D}%26rand%3d1523772968007
  22. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Thanks Bryan for spotting and posting this. Stacy
  23. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    I would think photographers could simply edit captions and keywords rather that delete images. Of course for those with larger ports this is quite a task. I feel we need clearer definitions from Alamy before making any changes.
  24. Yes, the slower processor, limited RAM and storage are some of the reasons why I haven't bought one. It's probably better than a new iPad for processing images but neither one is really intended for this kind of work.
  25. Not fragile in general but a bit more subject to various issues because we tend to move them around, plug and unplug various peripherals, etc. We've been through a number of Power Adapters which usually aren't a problem with desktops. I'm only 5' 3" so carrying around a 13 inch model is enough for me. I've actually considered a MacBook Air which is even lighter and easier to stick in a bag. They don't tend to have as much storage or RAM but as a second computer they seem like a viable option.