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I couldn`t access dashboard or anything else all day today.. but, I`m now able to sign in to the forum... very frustrating... hopefully by tomorrow the site will be up and running as it should.

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4 hours ago, Pete Snelling said:

Still cant access Dashboad, but i presume this might related to the data server power outage in London today



Apparently not.

On Facebook Alamy said ‘as far as we know, this isn’t related. We can assure you that our team is working on this continuously to resolve the issues we have faced today and the site should be back up soon’


Edit: Oh yes it was!

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Well at least we have the Forum........ (Just to be sure, I am joking)


The Alamy site was completely out for about 24 hours and I still can not

access my dashboard?  Not the end of the world, but a bit frustrating,


Hope things are OK in London and Alamy is fully up and running as soon

as possible.



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Early yesterday morning was getting server not found errors. Must be a major problem. At least the forum is back.


Yesterday I could access the forum by following direct links to parts of it, but could not login. Plus all posts were obviously old. I was also able to check the images in my port were still there.

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I shot 2 news stories yesterday which are now, essentially, old news and therefore consigned to the bin.  A storm is expected to appear in Ireland today so if the site still isn’t fully functional that’s a huge story gone.  
This is not acceptable!  Come on Alamy, sort it out - quickly!

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Everything is now back for me, couldn't get onto anything yesterday. I tried in the morning and until I went to bed, just the "try again in a few minutes" message, couldn't get on the Forum either, same issue, same period


All good now



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I reminded of the importance of having a UPS  as part of our home office (Uninterruptible Power Supply) These are now pretty cheap (£75 or so) and should save your bacon in a case of Power Outrage or Power Cut or thunderstorms.Those little surge protectors are very limited in protection and many many have had their little surge and are sitting there useless. Would not have saved Alamy from yesterday's problems but probably would have been effective for our little home set-ups 


A whole day down may have cost Alamy quite a bit in lost business.

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8 minutes ago, ReeRay said:

Not working here. Can't access dashboard from Alamy opening page. Just keeps rolling back. Safari and Firefox 



8 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

My Dashboard is not back and I'm in the UK. 


This is distressing, of course, but I'm "pleased" that I'm not the only lonely human who has trouble with this brave new world.




We recommend using Chrome for the Alamy dashboard. It might also be worth clearing your cache and cookies before trying again.

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2 minutes ago, Vincent Lowe said:

Try clearing your browser cache / history.  I could get to my dashboard with Chrome just now but not with Firefox, but I could once I cleared the browser history..


Thanks for the suggestion: just worked for me (Win 10/FF)

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