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  1. I don’t think this is any different to Apple News on iPad and iPhone which pulls newspaper and magazines articles from the web. This has been there for quite a few years. A suspect there is a Google equivalent app. Is Facebook doing something different to Apple?
  2. Hi Iain. The Apple looks like an impressive machine with some great reviews. Adobe recommend 16 GB of memory for Lightroom Classic, so 8GB may be a bit minimal. https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom-classic/system-requirements.html I have a desktop Intel iCore 7 system on Windows 10 Pro with 16 GB of memory and I noticed that Lightroom tries to grab about 7GB after loading my large image catalog and doing a few image edits. Martin
  3. Sounds like it’s wise to be anonymous if that’s possible nowadays.
  4. I am curios as to how the attorney managed to contact you? Did he contact Alamy and ask for your details? I didn’t think Alamy gave out details without approaching you first.
  5. I also used to be one of the “1000” because of the $3 -$4 newspaper sales. If you select “Don’t sell for editorial” I think it excludes all book and magazine sales which have always had higher returns ($$). I had an image of a wooden mural sold for about $30 which was published in a book about the same mural and the person that had created it. One of the National newspapers ran an article about the book and wanted the same image, but as I was not in the Newspaper Scheme they had to pay more than the usual “token” payment. They took over a year to pay for the image. I us
  6. I think there are an increasing number of buyers delaying when they report a sale to Alamy. I have three 2021 calendar sales (available to buy now) but I have not had the sales reported to Alamy as yet. Payment will no doubt take even longer. From Alamy: ”Check that there isn’t a license in place already by looking at your sales history in My Alamy. Remember, some customers confirm use after publication so it might take a few months for your sale to be processed.”
  7. If you look at the Alamy Measures section of your dashboard it will show you some useful information. CTR is your “Click Through Rate”. If your image appears in a search and the buyer does not click on your image then your CTR goes down and your images start to appear further down the search list. If the buyer clicks on your image then your CTR goes up. It all depends on how many images they view and how many images they click on.
  8. I agree with that. I went through the exercise of making sure my images had the primary category defined a couple of years ago (yawn). The list should be expanded. I always try to make sure it’s included in the keyword section anyway. It’s interesting that if you use the Alamy “Browse images by category” from the home page it uses keywords with different search criteria applied. “Historical” searches for three keywords “history and historical and archive”. If you don’t have all three keywords associated with your image then your image won’t appear in their search. Is the primary c
  9. I seem to remember a while back that in one of the Alamy blogs they asked people to fill in at least the primary category as a lot of their third party distributors use that field to place images into the appropriate category on their website.
  10. Your wildlife pictures look great. I would agree about adding too many extra keywords just to make the “Discoverability” bar turn green. It will affect your CTR if the keywords are not relevant. Keep your captions descriptive like you have already done. I have about 6000+ images but only four of mine have good discoverability. I get on average about twenty zooms per month which equates to one sale per week.
  11. Oh yes, I forgot the UK Photographic Equipment import duty that we had to pay on all foreign imports and VAT on top of the total amount. Don't forget that Canon UK will also not honour any guarantee if you buy from abroad.
  12. I think this is just the start. After 31/12/2020 the UK will no longer be subject to EU law. Canon Europe can therefore impose shipping restrictions on its EU retailers without breaking EU law. Treasure Island is back just like it was in the 80s.
  13. I reported this problem (NaN) to Alamy yesterday with screen captures of the issue and they have sent the information to their IT team to investigate. I use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Pro and Apple Safari on the iPad (all up to date) and get the same issue. It made my CTR drop quite drastically in 24 hours even though my zoom count had gone up but with NaN errors. Alamy showed me a screen capture of my Alamy Measures detail page and everything was working normally at their end. The problem has now been resolved 😎
  14. I think a better way of creating a POTM page would be to do this automatically. It would be very simple for the Alamy tech bods to create a web page each month showing the ten best grossing sales from each category(Landscape, Lifestyle, Architecture etc.) It’s just a database query and some JavaScript after all. Adobe Stock already do something similar. No need to show how much each individual picture was sold for. That way we get to see what people are buying (style, quality, resolution, usage, country etc.) Am I missing the point of the POTM, is it for the
  15. My calendar sales for previous years have always been paid before the actual calendar start date. At the moment I have no Alamy sales reports for any of the images used by Carousel Calendars. I would not have known the images had been sold if it wasn’t for my own research.
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