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  1. Alamy has a special arrangement with Calendar companies. The sale for 2022 normally appears around November of the year before. They have until March next year to pay for the images.
  2. I have an Olympus Tough TG 6 which is a 12M pixel camera that shoots Raw images. It’s water and shock proof. https://www.olympus.co.uk/site/en/c/cameras/tough/tough_cameras/tg_6/index.html
  3. My two sales must have been through an Alamy Affiliate Partner which is basically anyone with a website that has a link to Alamy and has signed up as an Affiliate. They get 15% of the gross sale. TopCashback is an Affiliate. 12.15. The Alamy Commission for Content sales made via an Affiliate will reflect that of the applicable commission model as specified in the Alamy Commission Table and will include a 15% Affiliate and affiliate provider fee in respect of the License Fee. These seem to be associated with sales that occurred under the old contact.
  4. Does anyone know the PA Media Voucher code for WEX? I will have an A1 please 😉
  5. I reckon PA Media now get a trade discount on all Sony photographic equipment. 10%+ off the list price all year round 😊
  6. I normally get about one sale per week $$, but it seems a bit quiet this month. Zooms are about average.
  7. I am 63 and still carry my Canon 5D MK III with three L series lens in my Shimoda Action X30 backpack. Is this Weightism?
  8. Buyers do exist in different time zones around the world.
  9. Two sales appeared today (Saturday) but they were Friday (30th July) credits. Alamy seems to do a database batch run of sales after midnight UK time. Sales always seem to show up the day after the event. 7 sales, $256, a book cover, magazine and newspaper articles and two newsletters. Only 3 images had been zoomed. 6 sales last month. Average CTR 1.11, last month 0.64.
  10. The latest Tiff file format can contain multiple layers and masks which is why they become so bloated if not flattened. Try saving a Photoshop multi-layered image as Tiff, close the Tiff image and then reload it. The layers are restored in Photoshop.
  11. I have sold about 5+ images that are published in next years 2022 calendars. They are available to purchase now from book stores and garden centres but non of the images have appeared in my sales history as yet. According to Alamy there is a special arrangement with calendar manufacturers which means they don’t have to register an image use until March of the actual calendar year. So that’s 10% commission gone already even though the calendars were available to purchase in April 2021.
  12. What are we all expecting to happen, apart from the reduced commission?
  13. This brings up the question (again) of when does an image appear in your sales history. I have about 6 images which have been published in 2022 calendars. They have been for sale to the public for about two months (they are available in my local garden centre) and I still have no sale record. This isn’t about payment, it’s about the actual sales record. This happened last year as well. Images were published but the sale was not credited for months. The payment occured several months later. So the commission is going to be subject to the new contract.
  14. I don’t think this is any different to Apple News on iPad and iPhone which pulls newspaper and magazines articles from the web. This has been there for quite a few years. A suspect there is a Google equivalent app. Is Facebook doing something different to Apple?
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