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  1. As of Friday 9:00AM EDT / 1:PM UTC I am unable to access measures. All other functions seem normal. Cleared cache, using Chrome. Update - now working fine.
  2. As of 7:00AM EDST the Alamy site seems fully functional on the US east coast. We'll done, a gold star to all concerned.
  3. The site has been down for me most of the day and some pages still not loading or are slow. Was this a planned outage, or worse. Please let us know what is going on.
  4. Unfortunately, here in the States, that strategy wouldn't work. Let's say you were refunded $1000.00 for a past sale. If you report that as a loss or business expense, it would reduce your gross income by 1K, not your taxes. Assuming an 18% tax liability on 99K instead of the 100K you would pay 17,820 as opposed to 18,000. You've managed to recover a mere 180.00. All very rough figures of course.
  5. Simple!...Not. Here in the good 'ol USA we have tax accountants, tax lawyers, CPAs and Congress to create the most complicated tax code possible. In order to "put it down" as a net operating loss (NOL), assuming you are filing business taxes, believe me, you would pay far more in fees just to file the tax return. Or you could do it yourself. Here are some instructions...sharpen your pencils! An individual, estate or trust can obtain a tentative (quick) refund of taxes paid in prior years by filing a Form 1045, Application for Tentative Refund. A corporation uses a Form 1139, Corporation Application for Tentative Refund. The tentative refund form must be filed within one year after the end of the year in which the NOL arose. If this form is properly and timely filed (with all required attachments), the refund will be issued within 90 days after the later of (a) the date the form is filed or (b) the last day of the month that includes the due date (including extensions) of the tax return for the loss year. Although the IRS will issue a refund pursuant to a tentative refund claim, it can later audit the tax returns involved and recover the refund as well as any other tax deficiency that might exist. However, if the tentative refund is properly filed, the IRS will issue the refund check within the 90-day period. The IRS has math and computational error correction authority in a limited examination to change the taxpayer’s loss amount or related adjustments, and its decision is final, but the IRS may not make other, unrelated changes for the carryback year, such as decreasing a depreciation deduction or increasing gross income. See Treas. Reg. § 1.6411-3. The instructions for filing the Form 1045 should be carefully followed, including attaching all required forms (for example, copies of all schedules K-1 from partnerships, S corporations, estates or trusts that contribute to the carryback). If the tentative refund approach is not used, a taxpayer may file amended tax returns for the carryback years to obtain the benefits of an NOL carryback. However, the IRS usually takes longer than 90 days to process an amended return, and it can conduct an examination of the loss year and/or the carryback years before issuing a refund. Handling an examination will often involve considerable time, during which any refund will be delayed. Obviously, if the examination discloses an issue, the refund might not be issued, and a tax deficiency might arise.
  6. A refund for an image sold so far in the past is truly outrageous. There is another thread about the same issue. Small amounts may seem trivial and annoying, but is inherently unfair. What about a large amount that you've paid taxes on the income? Are you now going to file an amended tax return to try to recover the funds? It's a double loss. While I'm sure Alamy's contract covers them their business practices should make it hard for these situations to exist. No refunds after 9 months seems fair.
  7. Congratulations on making so many sales in your first 6 months!! As was explained, other than the "direct" sale you made in May which had a 0% commission deduction, the rest are "distributor" sales where a broker has made the sale on behalf of Alamy. The broker can't work for free, so they get a commission. Carry on!
  8. Per google translate... 173 dolar borcunuz yok. Satışlarınız 173 $, Alamy ödeme yapmadan önce komisyonunu almak zorunda. Ayrıca, ödeme alabilmeniz için tahsil edilen bakiyenizin 50 $ veya daha fazla olması gerekir.
  9. It would seem to me that Alamy would be well able to keep everyone working from home. Is there anything anyone at Alamy does that requires anything more than a desk, a phone and a computer?
  10. When the microstock business started most of the comments I heard at the time from stock shooters was alarm that the flood of "vanity" photographers would decimate the livelihood of "real" photographers for a giggle. I pleaded to all that would listen to not contribute to microstock, it would dilute our value and drive prices down. We all knew this was true, yet many contributors chose to submit their images to micro sites anyway, thinking their choice wouldn't matter much in the bigger picture. Well here we are, caught in this endless spiral of downward pricing dictated by supply and demand. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost. I'm proud that I stuck to my guns, I've never contributed to a micro, but pride doesn't pay the bills. Yeah, I'm angry.
  11. Patiently waiting for QC for 2 months now. No views either. I know Alamy is shorthanded right now, understood, but I wonder if my dashboard just hasn't updated??? Any help available? thanks
  12. My 2 cents... Nikon 3500 +18-55mm kit is around $400 then add a refurbished AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E EDIF VR Lens for $140 and you're good to go for a couple of years while you learn your craft.
  13. So let's think about what you need to run PS optimally, you need 1 real hard drive and 2 other "virtual" partitions on a 2nd hard drive.The first hard drive is where you install PS and keep your catalogues of files (like your C drive), and the separate physical HD is used for partitions - "PS scratch" (see PS preferences to assign it) and "Bridge cache" (see cache management" in bridge preferences). You create these virtual drives in your Windows computer management - basically your borrowing space on an existing drive and making a new partitions. Photoshop likes these virtual drive because it can hand off certain memory intensive functions in the background while it is processing data, thus taking advantage of the processing power of your computer. So why 2 Hard drives? Because having these virtual drives on the same physical disc as your C drive IS BAD, you're forcing Photoshop to stop and start the hand-off process on the same disc. So your virtual drives need to reside on a physically different hard drive, let's call it D. These virtual drives don't have to be very big, and if you install an extra 1T Hard drive, I'd assign 100G each for scratch and cache, the balance for back up and file storage. You can easily create multiple VHDs on this big disc. Now I think you said that there isn't an internal bay for more than 1 HD in your computer? I find this to be really, really odd unless your computer is so old or so basic that you may not have the processing power to handle 64-bit versions of windows, photoshop and other software. If that's the case, I think you need to seriously think about a new computer. I would not consider using an external drive environment for my OS. What about using your new SS for the operating system only and applications on the bigger standard drive? Good idea ....but be careful, since cloning the OS will leave the old OS in place you must assign the new hard drive in BIOS as the boot drive. Use software like partition wizard to clone the operating system over carefully, there are several options you need to understand. So now you will need a minimum of 3 hard drives...1. your SS drive for Windows OS, 2. a second hard drive for applications, and 3. a third hard drive for your "virtual" partitions and backup storage. I personally don't like the idea of cloning over a hard drive because the old APPs have many registry entries and install files pointing at the old OS. So if you clone over the OS, you may need to format the old hard drive and re-install your applications...setting windows to always install everything in your "D Drive". This is tricky and best done when setting up a new computer, is time consuming but will speed up your computer. Good luck, Back up everything!
  14. Well it didn't take long but it has already been copied into one of those foreign language blogs with no contact info so I can't even chase it down. Now it will go wild like a virus. Yeah, ripped off, devalued.
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