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  1. Have you thought about using Pixsy? I've used them on numerous occasions.
  2. Still cant access Dashboad, but i presume this might related to the data server power outage in London today https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/equinix-ld8-data-center-experiences-major-outage/
  3. " The first casualties of press photography are your lens caps. " What's a lens cap??
  4. I have on occasion posted accidents and fires, The only reason is that it gives my local papers and TV sites the option to pick and choose the images they wish to use as well as saves me the hassles of haggling a price and invoicing them. I'll only post if I know they're liable to use as it's a big enough local story.
  5. I try and have minimal dealings with PC plod. Fortunate to have only had one tell me to stop photographing, CG chopper coming into land, despite explinations of who i was, why I was there and knowing RNLI & CG use my images he wanted me to stop, Yet to my left and right was joe public videoing on their mobiles etc but they were ok, it was me he had a beef with, I just put it down till he walked out of view. Complaint to the local PCC by the end of the day with assurances she will ensure her officers are better trained when dealing with photographers, yeah right waiting for round 2!
  6. Something I need to do with mine as lots of false hits lately. As for the original Question, I have no problems walking around with the kit, currently a 7D2 with a 150-600 on the front, you do get stared at quite a bit but when they realise the lens is not pointing at them they carry on with what they were doing. Only once I've had hassles and that was to do with a coastguard incident, thankfully the coastguard knew who i was and calmed him down. saying i was documenting their work.
  7. It's located on your main Dashboard, scroll down and you should see a link to it.
  8. Rates for online use has always been low, had the same with a BBC useage earlier this month. But when you get a fullpage print, it makes all the difference $245!
  9. Some lovely images Gayle, you may want to be descriptive within your captions. For example: Its caption is "Fixer upper" Maybe changing to "Frontal view of a rusty Ford pickup truck" as I believe Alamy also take into account the caption when searches are perfromed.
  10. Their commercial enough, certainly worth attempting. Contact Alamy to see if they were issued with a license, if not you can either ask Alamy to pursue the license fee or open an account with Pixsy and let them do the work.
  11. If they removed the image from instagram and placed it on their server and no license issued by Alamy then a clear infringement, worth pursuing if it's a commercial website.
  12. In the UK it's doubtful they could use it, currently the likes of Yahoo & MSN will create news stories using Social Media images claiming it was used in "Fair Use" hence why i was able to claim. If it's taken to court in America then their infringement fine is $10,000 per image so most will settle quickily 😃
  13. Infringment only works if they have removed the image from the original source, a lot do, thinking that we are too stupid not to realise LOL Another one they try to claim is "Fair Use" as it's a news story.
  14. I use Pixsy for my mage checks and have just recieved a settlement from them for an infrigement by a major US media outlet who thought it was OK to use my images from Twitter! Can be slow in the mitigation process but very quick at spotting infringements
  15. Snap , although i also use Pixsy to keep track. Very worthwhile, had 2 images used by Yahoo News which were taken from my Twitter , still waiting for the £££ to land for those as they were clear infringments. So far have 14 matches online, just a shame when a sale lands we're not informed by whom so we can match keep track.
  16. Ahh one I didnt pick up!! Thanks Lovely full page in the Daily Mail - lets hope the $$ is just as nice Thanks again!
  17. SShep - Sadly cant get LES down here, did they print any of the lightning shots from last 24hrs - I know they've run online but just wondering - Cheers
  18. Have you contacted Jessica to see if there is a reason. I was tempted to go to SW** but heard mixed things
  19. I had a small sale appear this month and queried it with Alamy and Jessica was kind enough to provide a link to the article it was used in. Certanily helped when Pixsy flagged it up the follwoing week.
  20. They do if photographers direct them to Alamy. I was fortunate that Sunday night, Ashdown forest caught light and my LN application had been restored the previous week. All photo enquires, be it Local or National were directed straight to Alamy Live News, Credit leeches were left with no where to go except embedding tweets, I was surprised a number of big players wanted it for free. Just a shame Alamy don't deal with video content yet or their income from sales would of been a lot higher!
  21. I came across "Japenese Blossom Tree in bloom" yesterday lunchtime, How the hell is that Live News?? I fully understand the need to make LN about news events & soft news and weeding out those who use it as a short cut to getting stock listed quicker, but advanced warning would of been better. So whilst I await the review of my application, any breaking News that comes about will have to go elsewhere
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