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  1. I'm surprised more contributors haven't complained that finding the forum has changed. I now go to my dashboard and hit the help button opposite AIM in blue and that takes me to contributors homepage and the forum button is bottom left in grey. seems we just had to find it by trial and error. maybe there was a notification I missed Of course limiting access to the forum to contributors is a good thing and has been suggested many times
  2. Kodachomes were a very specific problem. My Nikon 9000 had a special setting for scanning Kodachromes, i don't know if your scanner has that facility, but worth checking. The problem was a shadow just a bit out from some details. It was an extra fringe often around foliage. Once you have found one it's fairly easy to spot them. If your scanning software won't deal with the problem, you can set the stamp tool to something fairly fine and patiently tidy the fringe out If you are allowed "archival" uploading you may get the images accepted, but the fringing will still be there and the end client will have to deal with it. Or if the use is fairly small, they may think it's not really a problem.
  3. I try to do a simple informative caption in Photoshop. No need or room for flowery stuff, clients don't want to see any of that. I always do some basic keywording in PS but flesh those out some more in AIM. A dozen to twenty tags is enough. No need to dream up enough to get a green discoverability bar
  4. sales have been a bit slow the last few months but thankfully, not many of the derisory dollar or two. Any tweeking of search engine seems to have an effect on CTR but how CTR works remains hard to figure. A reasonable level of zooms helps reduce the fear that the wheels are coming off. Fear that exclusive/non-exclusive might be having an effect sounds a bit like conspiracy thinking. You can ask, but don't expect an answer.
  5. Seville suffers from some of the same fate as Harris. The Plaza de Espana is so spectacular that it far outshines most other possible subjects for presentation in the same way that Harris Tweed is virtually the only subject going to be used to illustrate the Isle of Harris. So I think you are somewhat forced into Red Snappers approach to things. He doesn't really do Aberystwyth much but he manages to find lots of subject matter with which he is pretty successful. I don't think I have yet sold a shot specifically of my Suffolk village but I have sold a few nice "generic" shots. You want medieval oak beamed houses, you use Lavenham a few miles up the road. Great; saves us a lot of tourists poking their noses up against our windows. Back in the day, you probably didn't do a lot of Statue of Liberty or Brooklyn Bridge although you didn't totally ignore the NY skyline. Glad to hear the climate is agreeable so far.
  6. it was being suggested that the customer for these many $1.25 sales was https://theculturetrip.com/about-us/ My comments were after trying to read the stuff on that site. I clearly wasn't the only one found the text hard to follow. But lots of corporate speak is like that! And why indeed did they think describing friendly dogs at the doors to their offices was worth mentioning?
  7. I tried to read a bit of this CultureTrip guff. Main points seem to be friendly dogs at the door and rather a lot of staff with doctorates. But I'm not at all clear what they are selling. A lot of the characters seem very heavy with the make-up, maybe that's their strongest line? I've got a very friendly dog at the door but she doesn't seem to be pulling in the sales. Oh, and I don't have a doctorate. My Dad did, but he wasn't selling anything. Neither of us seem to have got things figured quite right
  8. I rather expect this is a wind-up but in any case you will find that almost all on this forum will be motivated to resist individuals and corporations who seek to over reach their rights or notions of privacy. As above, why? What's your problem?
  9. Ricoh have a new model lined up for release in a couple of weeks at just under £800 with a 24 MB APSC sensor. Still is the neat little form as the film camera they made for years which had almost a cult following. The built-in closing cover for the lens is a neat touch. Still no viewfinder unless you shell out about £150 for an add-on optical viewer which is outrageous. Should be change out of £50 but all the manufactures do the same thing when they offer this solution.
  10. I used to do a lot of slide duplicating. Designated dupe film is a whole lot better than any other. Kodak had the nerve to sell film with a little sheet advising colour adjustment from batch to batch. Fuji sold a better film with standard colour from batch to batch. In the UK you had to buy it in bulk and load into cassettes. I had a pal in Japan ship me boxes of the same film factory loaded into 36 exposure cassettes. I have an idea they were also available in the US. No idea if they still make it. I've still got the Beseler unit over on a workbench which was basically an upside down enlarger with CMY filter dials. Heavy! really heavy which is a good thing. Makes the Illumitran look like a tin toy. It had a diffuse light panel about 6x8 cm so could handle my 6x7 trannies as well as 35mm. I used a 75mm Rodenstock enlarging lens which gave me a handy bit of space between lens and original bit of film. The lamp was ridiculously expensive to replace, but this was solved by running off a stabilized power source with the voltage turned down a little. These days I would certainly go for an LED source if cobbling something together. They run cool which reduces the chance of your original curling in the process
  11. My portfolio page seems the same viewed from my own page as public view. I agree it does look a little soft but the image remains as the first on the page and looks OK if zoomed. It was done via Chrome which is about the only browser works with my old Mac operating system. Maybe this will be the year I drag myself upwards. My old Helix Express database wont work but I never use it these days anyway. Pity, I devoted two years of my life to building it.
  12. I run a 27" iMac about 6 years old; before they got ridiculously thin top & bottom. Hardly ever shut it down except when it very occasionally behaves badly. By bad behaviour, I usually mean applications refusing to respond and demanding a force quit. Word is the usual culprit. When I get too much of that nonsense, I shut down and disconnect from my Uninterruptible Power Device. I used to be told the Mac would power up in the middle of the night and do some maintenance. That may be complete bollocks! When I had a black Powerbook, I used to shut it down, but that was mostly down to saving the battery
  13. The greenies are nice little touches, but the only one of these niceties worth hanging onto is your QC rating which maxes out at 3. As to keywording abstract images, anything which can possibly steer clients towards your offering is worthwhile Abstract and copyspace seem unlikely but main colour and mood descriptions might help. Years ago when I was trying to get the hang of this business, I used to include abstract in my presentations. Picture editors and picture researchers were scarcely polite about them and dismissed them with scowls of "artyfarty stuff". I soon learned to keep my carefully crafted abstracts to myself. Many photographers like them, that's just fine, but they don't sell a lot.
  14. Yes, I used to knock along between 40 and 50 but to-day its 10 and that is an improvement on the last few weeks
  15. If you log out and back in you should find the right number indicating your portfolio total
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