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  1. there are times when the harshness of winter light works, but over many years, I have found that green and lush is much in favour with buyers of landscape with the exception of a few catalogue publishers. Digital gives us the possibility of opening up deep shadows to help but waiting for spring is better. So, signs & architecture may be your safer way to go. I remember my years in Canada when winter seems to last for about half the year. In January, they are not thinking Spring will be along soon. My friends & family in Ottawa & Montreal are currently digging out from the best part
  2. I could try wearing a bobble hat and Jane's pink puffer coat? No, I might get arrested before I even got my camera out! Seriously though, I don't think I have ever been challenged in that kind of situation
  3. I don't recall ever seeing this in any shops even though we have a lot more on offer these days, but I could hand-cut it easily with my nifty hand-cranked pasta machine. Only problem is I've got out of the way of using it now that there is quite a bit on offer in fresh packages. Also there is always a certain quantity of Labradoodle fur floating about in my kitchen. I know they are not supposed to shed, but nobody told Flossie.
  4. Lavenham performs the very useful function of attracting coach loads of visitors away from my village of Boxford and near-by Kersey in Suffolk; both presenting timber frame medieval houses and charming pubs. Thank you Lavenham!
  5. As ever; best leave instructions rather than just leave things to Alamy and executors to do what they think best. In my case, my partner used to be a picture researcher so she would know the ropes, but our son might not be very clued up. Sadly, the value of the portfolio is not a lot as time passes. A brief note slipped into the envelope enclosing the will ought to be enough. Password might make things easier.
  6. Yes, I have a few titles from early days and have not seen a way of changing them
  7. Harry is definitely on the right track without being aggressive; yes, solid information is more useful than fishing for words which just might fit. If you go to the bottom of your dashboard page, at the bottom left of your images will be a tick box which will show you which of your images have been viewed as well as the search terms used by researchers. It just about never includes vague requests. As you have only been here a few days, perhaps look at ALL OF ALAMY I wondered about Saffron for the beach shot too. So, name that lettuce, name that beach, name the breed of that goat an
  8. your three first uploads are fine for the RF option. your keywords look like they have been generated by a software program which is an option I wouldn't use. These systems produce inappropriate keywords which will cause your images to respond to searches in error which will eventually reduce your rank and so reduce sales. 10 accurate keywords are better than 30 words if half of the 30 are random and poorly matched. Personally, I've always prefered the RM option as it fits my images usually and gives me more control, but many prefer the RF model
  9. Yes, had just one over 10 years ago and it was a scan from 35mm. Fee was well into 5 figures so both Alamy and myself would like another. But I'm not holding my breath
  10. I do shop around for most things but don't beat myself up if I don't get the absolutely best deal. Nearly best is good enough! At the mundane level I'll buy from the local shop rather than drive into the nearest town. It may cost more but I don't have to get the car out and I value having the shop there. But nobody in the village sells hard drives!
  11. Yeh, all the pittance sales I take as a personal slap in the face. Surely Alamy can see how demoralizing they are to all photographers?
  12. I thought you were in Ottawa, hills are not much of a problem there. But winter will hit any day soon. I don't know Halifax well but I think it just gets wetter there
  13. I'm not going to be taking any great pictures sitting here like this blabbing to a forum
  14. I have quite a few photographs which have worked out really well. I would not have gotten those if I had not learned a few skills and made me and my cameras available. Remember the old adage: f5.6 and BE THERE.
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