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  1. Martin, you have only been with Alamy about one week and uploaded 24 images and are already looking for the exit?
  2. FocusUno is not Rossie Betancourt, it's our old pal JeffG. He does indeed have a whole lot of images and, as ever, he is in favour of anything which can get more of his images processed just a tiny bit quicker. It is conceivable that a form of AI stemming might work, but most of us don't need it
  3. No Jeff, only pix taken on an iPhone accepted. And we are not allowed to use the Stockxxx word on this forum. They have their own area
  4. If I were into smartphones, I'd certainly look out for a UK launch, but I'm not, so won't. But a 19mm "standard" lens sounds interesting, I use wide angle a lot; or at least I did when there was some money to be made in this business Speaking of smartphones; got no smartphone so can't be "pinged" which is handy at the moment. I do have a proper paper communication from the NHS certifying that I have had two Pfizer jabs when and where. You don't have to rely on an app on a phone. Took just two days and free
  5. I do get alarming messages from Adobe reader but it still seems to work. My Photoshop is an ancient paid-for version 12.1 CS5 with an El Capitan OS. At least we are out of cats and into mountains. The Mac itself is a very early slimline 27" with 16 GB of RAM and an old fashioned 1TB hard drive I may well be running on borrowed time.
  6. I do check regularly on zooms mostly as a matter of habit. If an image has been zoomed, that will increase the chances of it turning into a sale. But not a certainty at all. The majority by quite a long way of sales were images not zoomed at all.
  7. Last time I visited Castlerigg I had the camper but stayed overnight a mile or so away planning to get on site really early before visitors. I knew the site so had a huge step ladder tied to the roof. I dragged the kit to the edge of the circle and stabilized it thoroughly. The early light was great and I took my time about it. When I turned around to descend, there was an orderly gang of Japanese visitors awaiting their turn. They did ask if they could have a go! I had a quick shufty at their gear ( this was pre-digital) and decided they looked pretty harmless and noncompetitive and let them
  8. There was a moment in one of those Clint Eastwood westerns about when a man with a rifle meets a man with a hand gun. I might suggest something similar about a man with a tripod and a hand-held operator. Might you have gotten the shot if you had just whipped out a nifty little compact? Almost all of my UK landscape work has been done travelling in my trusty old camper. Aside from being useful place to bed down it is also a comfortable place to wait for the light or weather to come 'round. wait for it is my often cry.
  9. If FocusUno is really JeffG, why the intrigue? I really don't get this kind of stuff!
  10. I note you have been registered with Alamy since March 2004 so 16 years, and have a portfolio of 10 images
  11. Mistake? Hah! If the image had been lifted even just as a preliminary visual, a copyright infringement had already been committed. But if you will "hire" interns to learn on the job, mistakes will happen daily. They don't know what they are doing and you, as the employer are completely responsible for their actions and mistakes . The agency or/and the photographer should go for The Bay for punitive damages. The Bay is a seriously big company and this is not acceptable behaviour
  12. I feel your pain. Alamy's hands-free approach to contributions (excepting techy stuff) meeting brain-dead contributors creates chaos. The theory is that the miscreants will sink out of site on the search engine. Does that work? I guess all we can do is keep our own work as accurate and relevant as possible and not lose sleep over the idiots. But Yeh, you might think Alamy might be more careful over an image used in their Trending Topic. I think I stopped being trendy quite a few years back, more's the pity.
  13. You don't need to go as far as Cyprus, they used to be pretty common in France
  14. Haven't come across one of those for many years! Ooooh they can be pretty grim, that's a good-un. Note, no loo paper, just a jug and water tap
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