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  1. In America, we like to "shoot first and ask questions later." Speaking of cabin fever I can't help but wonder about those "survivalists" retreated to their caves and cabins in their remoteness. I'm assuming they have deemed now is their moment. I fear they might very well shoot to kill if you ventured anywhere near them. Will we ever hear how this virus crisis worked for them?
  2. I think NU was an experiment which seemed worth a try by Alamy but fairy soon seemed not such a great direction. I never liked the idea having lived with pretty high priced images for many years. Too many perhaps!
  3. Sorry jean-françois, I take your point entirely! I was just generalising about how the Snowbird came to be and how they are a bit resented by some. They should try to get someone to drop some supplies in their drive and see what they might have in the freezer. I visualize your typical Canadian with half a moose and many tubs of icecream in a chest freezer in the cellar. I've never had moose, but am fond of an occasional bit of venison, hence the perhaps odd vision. I sold a lot of chest freezers in Vancouver and used to try and imagine what they were going to be used for. Our family never had one but our neighbours did and their contents were a mystery to me.
  4. Back when I lived in Canada in the 60s Canadians were just waking up to the fact that they could head south for a good part of the winter and miss a chunk of our frosty bit. At first, they flew to Florida or the cheaper bits of The Caribbean where a few months didn't break the bank. Then the Winnebago arrived on the scene and pretty well exclusively older couples hit the road. They could drive on their standard driving license! So The Snowbird was born. When they get back, they are not always entirely welcomed so I'm not that surprised to hear they are not welcomed into the local supermarket in these tense times. Park your vulgar vehicle in your drive and dust off your car would be a better plan. Or bike, even better!
  5. Do have a viewing of 1917. It's a bit like Saving Private Ryan except it is the first world war and there are absolutely no known Hollywood or British actors involved. Just really well filmed. Just a tiny slice of the story. Oh,and yes there are a couple of moments of two current British stars, but they have stupid little roles which American viewers might easily miss. Just a little box office draw nonsense/
  6. Ah yes; some more concrete spurs to do! but enough of this smug gardening chat, must be like goading those who are confined to flats/apartments. I used to live like that and consider myself very privileged to now live in a lovely old house in a rural village. With 70mbps broadband!
  7. I'm fortunate to have quite a bit of garden which is always in need of attention. Fortunately this is spring and things are starting to grow so lots to do. The only thing ready is rhubarb which is not really my favourite but will get done. The lawn is going to need lots of cutting. And repairing! Crows and blackbirds have churned up big patches hunting chaffer grubs which is a challenge. Some recommend a counter-attack with tiny little worms but it's a lot of effort for small reward I'm told. I have enough loo rolls and am not joining the mad rush to stockpile. I don't mind being isolated quite a bit, but Jane loves her private views at galleries and may find that hard.
  8. Yeh, I think I would stay well away from Barbers for now, but as it happens, my wife has been keeping me trimmed for 30+ years. Before that I used to do my own trimming with an old fashioned safety razor having seen my Persian mates doing each other in the bath. You would be surprised how easy it is; never had anybody comment along the lines of "what do you think you look like?" But maybe they were just being kind
  9. Mouse2 sounds a lot better than the old Mouse. My recent one (still a Mouse1) is miles better than the older one which fell off the system so frequently that I kept an even older one as a spare plugged in via USB so I could finish a task without ripping the old battery mouse apart and generally abusing it until it started working again. Little bits of folded up contact-spacer foil dropping about! I just had to change the batteries in my new one and it really did not want to come apart which may be a good thing. Apple wants good money to replace these things! Pretty well any wired mouse would work as a short term fix. Of course you won't have many spare USB ports
  10. Alamy will translate some of your keywords automatically, but I wouldn't count on that entirely. It's perhaps an unfair world, but searching for almost anything on any part of the web is almost entirely in English language. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on English though
  11. The thicker iMacs had a screen which was magnetically attached and you could lift it off with little suction cups. Still not for the faint-hearted. But they had firewire ports, not yet thunderbolt. I'm surprised your mid 2011 was one of the thinner models with the tricky seals. My recently deceased 27" was a mid-2011 and thick. As it turns out when we had it apart, the hard drive was not quite right, the Graphics card very not OK and there was a powerswitch cutting out every 20 minutes. Replacing the drive had lots of choices, but a replacement Graphics card was not available. Apparently it was a well known fault. I've heard of these external drive caddies mostly as a back-up solution but didn't know you could use them as a main drive
  12. The black screen is not necessarily a hard drive giving up. The Graphics card is just as likely to be the culprit. But replacements are not always available. Our clever flat designs make replacing components far more difficult than old fashioned towers. My 2011 iMac was coming and going with black screens. The culprit was traced to the Graphics card. A replacement was not available and my consultant advised me to stay well clear of e-bay offers. Suck or blow the dust out by all means, you might get lucky. There is a technique called re-flow but it's likely to be short term. These big iMacs are more like jumped up laptops and getting at the insides was not really intended. If you have the earlier slightly fatter iMac with CD/DVD slot on the side, you have the option of lifting off the screen (take great care!) replacing the main drive with a SSD (1 TB have come way down in price) chucking out the DVD drive and replacing with a small hard drive (say a 2 TB 2.5 inch). But if your Graphics card is on the way out, none of those are viable. If you have the later thin-edged model, the screen is harder to get off and back on and you have only the one space for a drive.
  13. I can understand a few extra packages of pasta and maybe frozen stuff for the freezer as back-up, but bundles of loo rolls...I really don't get it! Milk freezes OK and eggs keep really well. I always meant to learn to bake bread, maybe this is the time!
  14. 3 sales so far for March. Not great but confirms things are ticking along. I have had times where sales have been zero until mid-month which is always a bit alarming
  15. I certainly wouldn't go to Venice just because there are bargains to be had at some hotels. The eateries are still going to charge the same and you would still have to take care not to get the Tourist swindles. Ryanair flies to Treviso which is a horrid drive into Venice. If you ever go, fly to Marco Polo airport and grab either a watertaxi or a Vaporetto which is the waterbus system you are going to have to get used to soon.. Comparing Venice to Ipswich is quite a stretch! True, the town has pulled itself up quite a bit over the past couple of decades, especially the docks area, but the sprawling estates are still pretty grim. One John Lewis shop makes doesn't quite do the trick.
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