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  1. I don't mean to be snotty about wedding photography, in fact it's one of the few areas of photography where one might make a living these days. No, I'm not greatly attracted to the whole concept nor socially addept enough to carry it off competently. My attitude was not appreciated by our son who was pretty uncomfortable about our status for a good few years, but he's long past school years now and I don't think it a problem these days.
  2. People pay ridiculous prices for coffee at horrid coffee chains and have invented a whole new vocabulary for a cuppa, but I don't fancy my chances of making a buck trying to sell prints there
  3. I don't do weddings unless asked by a mate. Quite a few years ago, my mate Charles was getting hitched and asked me to do him a set of photos. I prefer candids, but did line up the traditional parents & cousins for the traditional snap, but a whole lot of the party lined up beside me and started shouting (& shooting) Fxxk it! you do it then! and put the camera away. The Father of the bride was so keen on this bloke and we, the rabble that he provided the most appalling cheep cheep wine. But perhaps he was right, it lasted just months
  4. Doomed! I fear it foolish to hope for recovery in prices, and frankly, I won't pick up my camera for so many current prices. Pity, 'cause I used to quite enjoy photography and was pleased `I could make a good living out of it. Lets face it, these low-ball clients like Culture whatever are not going to turn the corner and say "OK we've had some fun, now let's get real and pay some proper prices" No, ;let's see of if we can drive an even harder bargain more likely.
  5. not too difficult to see he is Henryk Kotowski in Poland. He is describing the worst case scenario, but, yea too many slices of the cake can leave the photographer with just crumbs. When I was actively promoting and selling my work Internationally, minimising charges and commissions and withholding taxes was very much part of the game
  6. I only look at momentum on Zooms in measures. So many zooms are not sold and so many sales are never zoomed. Not that bothered!
  7. I remember when the now defunct ZEFA sent an editor over to go though my collection, she delighted in our pretty little country churches. She took back oodles of them to Dusseldorf, but never sold any. I still have quite a lot of them, but they hardly ever sell unless they are real chocolate box or have a special tale attached
  8. back in the days when I was operating as a niche agency, picture researchers and buyers were starting to negotiate more and more absurd packages of rights. In many cases, they only had a modest UK printing lined up but wanted to safeguard against any future renegotiation. They usually had no extra funds in the kitty, they just wanted closure.
  9. Patience is an essential part of all stock photography platforms. Takes years not hours or days. Have a good ride!
  10. This started out in the area of independent TV production in the US and just spread as staff moved about and took the ideas with them or they were just looking over each others shoulders. It is, of course, utter nonsense. Back in the days operating as a niche agency I almost always managed to get it stuck out as a matter of principal
  11. In commissioned work we always balanced time and talent against extent of usage; in Stock you simply find the image define the usage and agree a price (which is getting less and less) Complexity and effort is simply not an issue tempered perhaps a little by how hard it might be to find it elsewhere.
  12. Yeh, the concept of NFT where you, THE PUNTER owns the actual original rights but lots of others can kind-of have access to the same image is OK escapes me, but I struggle with just facebook and google as web access. Would you really part with good money in this area?Assuming we are talking real money, not some blockchain concept
  13. I am particularly impressed with his "extreme and permanent emotional distress" which I interpret as " I really really want your money"
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