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  1. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Yes, I used to knock along between 40 and 50 but to-day its 10 and that is an improvement on the last few weeks
  2. Has the search engine updated?

    If you log out and back in you should find the right number indicating your portfolio total
  3. Cutting account balance to charity without notice

    It's hard to comment without better understanding what has happened to you. It sounds like a matter you should take up with Alamy after they get back from Christmas/New year break. Of course we should all be in control where and to whom we make our charitable donations. It seemed to me that there were a lot more appeals on the TV this year, and some of them looked very slickly produced indeed. All intended to make me choke on my mince pies and dig deep. To be honest, mince pies are wasted on me anyway.
  4. BIG Sale....refunded after 3 weeks...

    Your post/question looks only 9 hours ago. In the sale/refund/sale again possibilities, this is still early days in the way these things happen on Alamy. Especially as we have the the added Christmas low manning levels for another week. Don't despair, at least not yet! The re-sale after refund usually happens quite quickly but the sales team may still be off finishing up their turkey left=overs
  5. flag at half-mast

    Surely the bit of information you need to attach to your photos is who has died and is being honoured. As ever, information enhances our photographs, or as Bill suggests , tidy the photo
  6. A Photographer Should Buy Alamy

    I've got some savings and some experience in running an (admittedly small) agency. How hard can it be?
  7. Revenue graph on dashboard

    50% as long as it wasn't through a distributor in which case you would get less. I'm quite happy with the graph as it is. It shows total revenue and is only there to show whether you are surging up and up or sliding down the pan. Most likely somewhere in between That's the whole essence of graphs, you get the picture without pondering over the details
  8. Selling stock photos yourself

    Well, yes you certainly can and it's not against Alamy rules as long as you have opted for non-exclusive. That's most of us. I marketed my own collection for over 30 years and just a few fellow photographers joined me to make the small agency more viable. I did pretty well, but I had managed to build direct contact with a range of publishers and picture researchers. There were quite a few operations in a similar position. But hardly any of us do meaningful sales these days. In reality, that ship sailed over ten years ago. You can try by all means, but your only chance will probably be to go for a niche market and glancing at your Alamy portfolio, I don't see that kind of concentration.
  9. Film rebate / not cropped

    Its quite easy to get a black border when cropping in Photoshop, never encountered a white one. But yes, if I've done any cropping or verticals correcting, I have a careful check
  10. Use Of Image Manager to older images

    well, I've done some but not the lot. I forget the details but there was a big change about five years ago which required me to re-do the entire portfolio. Once was enough!. I check random sections and can't see that the new AIM had mangled my entries. I did tweek about twenty to achieve that green shift in discoverability but as many have discussed, I don't think that is worth the effort. Not at the moment anyway.
  11. Post Processing

    hard to comment without knowing what you have available in the way of software. Basically, punch is good! Drab or a bit dull aint going to be invited to the party. I don't know a lot about colour blindness, there are degrees and variations. My wife and I disagree about some greens and greys, but she can be awkward sometimes! She's a successful artist but it's pretty abstract so just about anything goes. Back in the days of film, there was a following for Agfa who reckoned it more natural than most Kodak. Then along came Fuji who at last came up with vibrant greens. Game over! pretty well all landscape photographers bought the little green boxes of film
  12. Thanks, I don't often do sanctimonious, but I was a close-run-thing once a good many years ago. I'm not sure documenting is really that helpful but I take that you have been there. Not a good place to be
  13. newsworthy images are one thing but filling up the Alamy servers with more and more photographs of people down on their luck is another matter. I was shocked to find over 21 thousand images answering for "Homeless" as a search. Enough! The real answer to the original post is: never mind the keywording, why do it all? Please support charities and helpful solutions for the homeless rather than trying to make a small profit from their misery.
  14. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I guess I should play around with it a bit, but I managed to get it to work in a few minutes. Got a header up and a few verbals about what I do or did. I was using Google Chrome. When I go to the invitation from Alamy on iCloud which I use to get into my emails I don't get very far. Strangely if I enter "Robert Estall" in the search box, I get two images of the lately deceased Professor Robert Estall from a Historical collection and three random landscapes from East Anglia from my own portfolio
  15. Image quality and cameras

    With less than 1000 images it's hard to find useful statistics. If your Pentax images are the bigger section I might take a guess that your Lumix images might be only a couple of hundred at most. It's a pity none have sold yet, but the number is too low to make any real conclusions. My portfolio is probably 75% scanned transparencies, the other 25% shot on a Pentax K-5. The Pentax shots do sell, but its down to the usefulness of the photos and little to do with which camera was used.