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  1. Australian flies seem to delight in hitching a ride on your shoulders and are a nuisance but Canadian and Minnesota black flies are a real menace. Wisconsin & Michigan would have lots of buggy forests too. How can such a little critter hurt so much!? Not at all like being stung by a mosquito, they take a little piece out of you more like an ant and they can get through just about anything. I react strenuously to mosquitoes for a couple of days, black fly bites last a couple of weeks. There are several fairly effective deterrents but clearly having Betty along might be useful. I recall that
  2. If you wait long enough things come true. These days I usually have my camera set to f8 as that's the optimum for many lenses and let the camera pick its settings. When it is in the bag, it will be set to 200 ASA so that there is a good chance I can grab and shoot. Have to intervene from time to time of course. As to getting closer, yes to a point, but not if it has teeth and is angry and I don't just meen animals. As to being dyslexic, don't worry too much about that; many many researches have the same problem so shotgun spelling may be a benefit. I know I've got some howlers out there, more
  3. I'm also am too persuaded by the argument that everything has been covered to the point of saturation which discourages new shooting and uploading. So of course sales are diminishing. But I am almost entirely a professional photographer and find it hard to take photos just to please a few friends. So where to find the "go" button to get back in the game? The few times I have spent effort and shot something "which just might be useful" I soon look back on the uploaded images and am far from happy about them. I do find I have a few Alamywhacks and that generates a combination of pride and smugne
  4. Years ago I tried a free trial; it was just a joke. Free was what it was worth. You are the only person who can do it that is worth anything at all
  5. I've always been almost revolted by the term Royalty Free. It is almost certain clients don't understand and snatch at very loose interpretation of the terms and conditions. The clearer T&C s are defined and understood, the better for all of us.
  6. Bill Brooks is pretty clued up and we hope the Alamy infringement team will also be experienced and knowledgeable. Pursuing infringers differs tremendously from Country to country; N.America and Germany are pretty bold in their approach and settlements can be eye-watering. Russia and China: forget it! In the UK: we don't do punitive damages so courts may seem a bit lenient, but not so much that litigation doesn't hurt. Small businesses have gathered together a bit and even consider themselves "Victims" of copyright enforcers. This is an attitude that has to change. Getty is seen as some kind o
  7. It strikes me you are getting way ahead of yourself. Uploading 74 home produced photos onto Alamy does not amount to any professional activity. Even if you ventured out for a little drive in the countryside in hopes of shooting something(s) salable on a whim it is a very long way short of taking on a professional brief. It's a HOBBY! Nothing to see here as far as car insurance is concerned.
  8. Aldeburgh is never "hell" like packed out beaches of Brighton or Southend, but the queues for Fish & Chips do get ridiculous. I'm more for a sandwich & cold beer down by the water's edge myself. There is a good sandwich shop but on a week-end I would bring my own. Even the seagulls are a bit upmarket and don't dive-bomb visitors a lot. Mostly they are Terns rather than Herring Gulls so more acrobatic and less greedy.
  9. The riders on the outside seem one legged, I'm not sure how the middle rider has deployed his right leg, all we can see is a knee. I know Ostriches are big birds but carrying a full sized man seems a big ask. I guess hurdles or fences would be too big an ask? It seems some years ago when ostrich steaks were last seen on menus. I tried it a couple of times, but was not not that struck
  10. I operated as a niche agency for about 20 years with reasonable results. I had two refunds in total, both cases of bankruptcy. The only way you could recover the VAT was to issue a credit note. Call them refunds if you like. If it wasn't for the VAT aspect, I would just have written them off as bad debts.
  11. My BHZ image has been pretty well stationary for a couple of years. I never took it as a reliable measure, but it seemed usefully indicative if you might be on the right track. Alamy never liked it but didn't try to penalize those who played the little game as far as I could see.
  12. I've not seen this before; there are so many aspects of this to criticize, it's too hard to start. And a cruddy fee to add insult!
  13. I still pay a few things by cheque; it's that old thing: Use it or Lose it. Hey, I still pay BT by cheque. They don't even make me pay extra anymore. I'm sure they hate it but there are some folks out there who really can't pay on-line or contactless. In the UK, the Post Office is helping out a lot.
  14. Sure I remember Hirondelle! I'm sure I could run up a modest list of cheap blends heavily marketed back in the 70s & 80s, but who wants to know? And how did Blue Nun survive all these years? but sorry, this well of topic...
  15. Great photos for free and no compulsory attribution. What's not to like? For users that is!
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