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  1. Statement from Alamy

    That didn't last long. We can only assume it wasn't going well. I do hope it wasn't an expensive good-bye like in the footie business. From his blog, it didn't sound like Andy Harding was very comfortable with things. I don't suppose James West is going to elaborate and what good would that do anyway? Onwards and upwards we hope!
  2. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    It's probably wise to take some note of US copyright niceties, but this is an example of a man talking complete bollocks I'm reminded of the many times I have seen an artist working away with an easel overlooking a scene. The photographer sidles up behind the artist, whips out his camera and snaps the scene. Must be acutely annoying, but I've never seen the artist kick off.
  3. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    There are a lot of folk out there with pretty bizarre ideas about copyright. Best just let them dream on. But there have been some nonsense taken seriously; take the monkey copyright uproar. How did that ever get any credibility? And the US sculptor who got a result over his footprint piece! I did once have a German tourist approach me out of a crowd I had been photographing around Eros in Piccadilly. I just walked away rather than engaging in a conversation about UK copyright and privacy.
  4. I often look in the mirror in the morning and ask "did I ask to see that?" A little later it looks a bit more presentable, but not quite Robert Redfern. We're both a little wrinkled, but he gets away with it better.
  5. Quality control madness?

    I too remember film canisters, some even have film in them! Every time I defrost the fridge I pull them out in their little picnic cool bag, put them under a pillow and return once the fridge is cleaned up and restarted. Old fridge! Of course, I am wasting my time, but I can't bear to ditch them. The old Kodachromes I did ditch ' cause there's no way to process them theses days. Probably the old bulk film loader and the reusable cassettes could go to a charity shop, always hated the thing! It was the only way to get dupe film into a cassette until a mate in Japan sent me some factory loaded Fuji dupe film. And it was properly balanced unlike the Kodak alternative. That's all very well, but I digress. Ditch the noisy image(s) and start off with something sharp and "normal" Why make life so difficult for yourself?
  6. Alamy poll - picture needs

    losing the plot a bit; I failed to notice this poll was most of a year old. I still don't do twitter but THE GREAT LEADER seems to surpass himself daily
  7. Alamy poll - picture needs

    I don't do twitter, but I hear daily about an unfortunate buffoon who does. I certainly don't want to go anywhere he goes!
  8. Cleaning up litter etc?

    You could try uploading a straight shot and one tidied up. Any bets which one sells? Back before digital we used to go to all sorts of trouble to try to hide or disguise junk in our photos. now it's usually just a few minutes to clean most things away
  9. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Nope, it was a rather odd site in Spain. Odd but quite a lot of Alamy photographers seem to have been there. The client had the patience to dig down to page 6 or 7 to get to mine. We assume that most searches don't go past 2 or 3 pages.
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    All the African and European photographs were shot over a period of 40+ years so film stocks changed quite a lot over the period. Earlier work was usually Kodachrome but Fuji Velvia latterly. The early African work often involved Nacional Geographic. They had a legendary reprographic department who could extract wonderful quality from transparencies. I've long agonized over how we photographers are these days expected to achieve the kind of scans as were produced by people with years of training and experience and high end drum scanners. But of course the photographer is more important than the film stock or the cameras for that matter
  11. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Banking/financial sector advertising for 3 years a little over $1500 appeared this morning. The last time I had a bite at that sector there was another zero but this one wasn't exclusive. Nice one! An Alamy B prefix to the code, so we've been waiting quite some time. Last month was mostly tiddlers but I resisted the urge to grumble.
  12. Apple Mouse Problem

    In answer to MDM: pretty old, but then, I'm getting on s bit as well. I just checked, mine's a 2004 version of Word. Seems like just yesterday. Lots of stuff refuses from time to time, it's getting to be a challenging game to keep this old system going. Ask about this system and it come up as 10.6.8. I think that is what they called Snow Leopard, back in the days of Cats anyway. No Mountains out here in East Anglia. I could mess with her system and reverse the scrolling, but she might think that was taking a liberty! Bring back WORDPERFECT for Macs! More Hoodlums just West of Ottawa bought it years ago and fairly promptly dropped Mac support. I do have both pencils and sharpeners. Glad to hear Edo doesn't like his new mouse in a sad perverse way. But I'm sure he and i will keep getting this stuff to work to some extent.
  13. Apple Mouse Problem

    My wireless mouse is such a pain that I also have an old apple USB mouse plugged in ready for the many moments when the wireless one loses connection. It does get through batteries but I can live with that. The wireless keyboard is fine and is pretty easy on the batteries. When our tech guru upgraded my wife's iMac he set her mouse to scroll the wrong way around. His parting words were "you'll get used to it, you'll like it!" Hoodlum! He also installed Pages telling her how much better than Word it was and her new system wouldn't run our old version of Word anyway. Hate it! Theoretically her newer system and SSD drive should leave my similar 27" in the dust, but it doesn't seem to really work out that way. I would replace my wireless mouse but they are very expensive. Why's that?
  14. Apple Mouse Problem

    back when I had one of those old black powerbooks I plugged in a cheap little non-apple USB mouse and it worked just fine. That was a pleasant surprise!
  15. Dangers of photographer

    never mind the World Cup footie & some dubious followers, we have lots of fine tennis tournaments at the moment with the best of the season to start next week. The players and fans get a little excited from time to time, but I don't hear BELLENDS being shouted often. Mind, Nick Kyrios mouthed a few ripe ones which the BBC found uncomfortable in their live coverage