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  1. Are multiple versions of the same photo OK?

    Not too many clients are searching for B&W, sorry to those who love the look of monochrome but this is a business, not a salon. We have at least one contributor who only submits B&W; that's how he chooses to work and that's totally OK If you have uploaded both B&W and colour versions of a shot, the Alamy diversity algorithm may cause your B&W version to appear on page one of a search and your colour version on page three for instance. They certainly wont be presented side-by-side. The client only looks at the first two pages of the search and there you are, shot squarely in your foot.
  2. IMO?

    There are lots of short cuts mostly invented by people using smartphones to save time while texting. I don't understand many of them but IMO seems to be In My Opinion Redsnapper is quicker off the mark!
  3. Saloon or Sedan?

    I've always rather liked the term SHOOTING BRAKE but to my mind it was always reserved for the upmarket makers like Jaguar and Rover. I once saw a Bentley shooting brake which was probably one of those custom body jobs and I dare say Daimler might have made a few. But a Station Wagon is a YANK. Not a term of abuse to cars or nation, just a mostly kindly term for those older big bouncy flamboyant American cars which fetched up in the UK. God knows they drank gas or even petrol. I don't think they ever made one which drank diesel. That has turned out to be a good thing.
  4. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    There are lots of bullies in the film & TV industry at every level. And then the are a whole bunch who are just fine. As ever, you have to assess each situation and play it by ear
  5. Saloon or Sedan?

    There ya go: nearside/offside; to anyone but an Englishman with a few miles on the clock, that explanation is probably correct at the same time as being totally bonkers. Fortunately it is hardly ever used except perhaps for describing to a rental car condition report or a scrape being reported to an insurance company. Invariably we just use left side/right side and we all know where we are. Hardly anyone says filling station anymore and boots/trunks is redundant. We just throw it in THE BACK. Most cars to-day are a similar kind of aerodynamic blob so sedan/saloon isn't much in play. Me (and perhaps James West still) drives a VW converted van from the late eighties which is just a box on wheels so much of the terminology doesn't apply. The crazy thing is, it's probably worth more than when new even though it has 150K on the clock. Actually the clock itself is the one bit which doesn't work anymore. I can live without it!
  6. Saloon or Sedan?

    Having been a Canadian youth growing up with lots of sharp fins on cars, I was totally unprepared for the jungle of competing dialogue when referring to almost anything to do with automobiles and trucks/lorries when I washed up on the UK shore. To this day, I have no idea which side of a vehicle is the near-side and the off-side no matter how many times it is explained. It just wont stick in my brain as perhaps I think just left and right side is so much better. It is utterly pointless trying to suggest which term is right and which is wrong just use as many as come to mind.. The main thing is to take care which side of the road you set off on when exiting a roundabout/traffic circle. Just use all possible terms as tags, or move on to photographing your lunch. Edo and I could probably construct a fairly comprehensive catalogue of terms but by the time we finished we'll all be moving about in driverless cars with little regard to which bits are called what.
  7. Going to Malaga - what to shoot?

    I gather Malaga isn't the rather grey old uninteresting city it once was. I did go to a bullfight there many many years ago and it was certainly impressive. I also sat next to John Wayne in a bar there! Nobody else recognised him. Gosh, the airport has three terminals these days.Now that is a change. I remember once doing a shoot for Clarksons and sitting in a little Court Line BAC 111 waiting for the wind to change for best part of 36 hours ( we did get off for a night's sleep). The only way to take off is straight at the mountains to the north and the pilot or traffic control wasn't up for it. Malaga introduced me to Tapas bars, now that is a good thing! It looks like there is rather a lot of good material on Alamy for Malaga already and I fear there may not be a huge demand . There is some nice coast to the East of the city, but the demand will be for the resorts to the West
  8. Other contributors' sales figures

    Of course you are posting images that don't sell and will not sell. But that's what we all do! Nobody can or will spell out which are going to work out for you. What you and many other fairly new comers to stock miss is the great importance of attached information. Many years ago, my now wife was a picture researcher at Readers Digest Books. Included on a search list was an item "Emden Goose". That's your pretty standard white long necked goose. Lots of photographers sent in pictures of geese, lots of them Emden Geese. Only mine were captioned Emden Goose and that's why mine was chosen for publication. Because Readers Digest placed great importance on accuracy! I knew what I was talking about, or at least appeared to know, the others didn't know so they didn't make the sale. It doesn't aways work that way, but that's the way to go. Of course it has to be a better than average photograph as well but you need both halves.
  9. Other contributors' sales figures

    Do remember that we are in competition for sales in many cases. Some of us have a few fairly simple accessible subjects which most photographers have overlooked so far. We are unlikely to point you at them. Helpfulness only goes so far! I quite like your Cuban cars, but there are quite a lot out there, Many are from my time in Canada and I could put names and dates on quite a few. That wouldn't be hard to look up and might help sales potential. Don't expect clients to do your work for you.
  10. tinted gradient filters

    I can't make up my mind which I hated more, the tobacco grad or the pink grad back then. Please stay back "then" ! No need to come 'round again. The blue or neutral grads made some sense and I admit to some limited use. Fortunately we can adjust better and more subtly in Photoshop without carrying all that extra kit about.
  11. Sales not declared

    Sadly, infringement from many web-sites is commonplace these days. A friend gets away with it and you may feel yourself a mug for declaring a use. Thus failure to report eventually becomes normal. Newspapers prioritise the new story and simply don't deploy their energies in the direction of tidying up details such as clearing copyright on yesterday's edition. Many have self-reporting contracts with agencies and there are bound to be failures. It's wrong, but it happens. Often newspapers don't get around to reporting until several months have passed. In the UK, the worst that happens to offenders is the court makes them pay what they would have paid if not caught out. In the UK, we don't do penalty charges, we can hope for the high end of the likely fee and a little for flagrancy perhaps. In the USA it can be much more expensive. In Italy, you will be getting into old age before an infringement might be resolved Outside the industry, I meet people who simply have no grasp of the idea of copyright. They may be very puzzled when told that I have derived most of my income from my archive of photographs which I have built slowly over almost 50 years. I recall a rather drunken conversation with a neighbour who took the attitude: you have been paid once for your photograph why should you be paid again? We didn't progress the conversation very much but it was a good evening. The usage reported thread on this forum is constructive and appreciated, but I sell about ten images a month and I haven't noticed a usage spotted on that thread for a couple of years.
  12. Images on sale discrepancy

    try logging out and then back in
  13. Perplexed

    As the Alamy content increases to more dizzying numbers, our content is going to spread out exponentially. It's getting to the point where only the first image from one of our offerings will be shown in searches of popular subjects. And we have no way of selecting which image appears first as far as I know. I do have one image which I could never sell when I sold direct to publishers which sells over and over on Alamy in spite of quite a bit of competition. Just demonstrates how buying and selling patterns are changing, in this case I'm winning, but where I used to sell a lot of Stonehenge and Niagara Falls pix, these are a real rarity theses days.
  14. Do You Do Your PP on a Laptop?

    Yes most probably a crossbreed. Often the best temperament if they have had a decent upbringing. And they almost certainly live longer. As to laptops, that would be my choice only if circumstances forced. Quite aside from calibration, the different ambient lighting set-ups would be difficult. My iMac never moves and I try to keep the lighting levels in my work room as similar as possible. I don't even much like using my wife's near identical iMac downstairs as she moves her brightness levels about and I wouldn't dream of adjusting them. As a stop-gap, I think I would rather find a library or cafe with facilities for renting a little access than laying out good money for a laptop. Hope things move along with your apt but these things so often move at their own pace.
  15. The Olympus and Panasonic models have a different shaped sensor from the APS-c and full frame digital cameras. It is still rectangular but definitely not so long and thin. This goes back to the attempt to launch the so-called IDEAL format as a more useful frame back in the days of film. So a little thought about how you shoot photos might be an idea. Personally, I always liked the move towards the squatter format but it's not a huge issue. Technically, a sensor closer to a square would mean that the circular lens coverage would be a little smaller and so the lenses could be a little smaller and lighter. Every little helps as the late Sir Terry Wogan used to chant on behalf of Tesco