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  1. Hey, it's only deemed exclusive if you have stated it's exclusive. Pity if you forgot, but fair is fair; tidy your details and you should be good to go.
  2. I note you have zero images on Alamy. What is a "photography gig" anyway?
  3. Just noticed a nice little tweek to the Sales reported bit of dashboard. Until a few days ago, if I wanted to take a better look at the tiny thumbnail I would be taken to the AIM bit where I was shown a still pretty small image with an ugly blue wash. Now I get a nice big preview about A5 size when I click on the sales thumbnail. Thanks Alamy!
  4. If you check out the restrictions NT put on their images available through Alamy, it's a stretch figuring out if they are available for any uses
  5. I had one of those a few months ago. I guess if it starts students on the path of paying something and obtaining a license at the beginning of a career then there is some hope they won't go on to become serial copyright offenders.
  6. What , no foot passengers? Gosh that takes me back to the days of crossing over to France as a back-packer. We were greatly encouraged to go via Folkestone on a horrid little steamer while the cars made the journey by much bigger and better ferries. We, of course, wanted to get on the car ferry in hopes of spotting some driver on his own who might accommodate us on the first leg of our journey south. As MDM points out, the only ferry service Dublin/Liverpool goes by way of Isle of Man which makes a nonsense of the notion. Pity, I really like getting to places by ferries. I used to cross from upper New York State to Kingston using not one but two ferries with a little drive across Wolfe Island at the mouth of the St Lawrence which I considered a bonus. Just felt right to me but I did get some looks. At least in Liverpool there are still ferries on offer which I'm sure Edo will put to good use as viewpoints.
  7. You can take a leisurely ride on a boat to Liverpool rather than the hell of some cheap airlines. Its a long time since I visited, but Jane and her pal recently spent a few nights doing the rounds of galleries and came away with reports of friendly encounters and good deals on a few nights in hotels. Hope that goes for flat rentals although a little boost from someone with local knowledge could be a great help. Any Scouser forum members with helpful practical suggestions?
  8. never had a distributor sale anywhere near the BIG area. You sure your experience isn't against the run of play
  9. Celebrities and sportsmen and their lawyers have long been fighting to get ahold of copyrights by their actions and grasping contracts. You want to get into "the pit" at a gig, or get accreditation to a big footie match, you are going to encounter copyright grabs. This gal thinks she'll have some of that action. The idea is that they, not the photographer are the creator of the image. Not an area I wish to visit any more
  10. If a nice little central flat isn't coming up (which isn't too surprising) I would have thought a well-found central house=share would be a better second option. Living out in the sticks is no way to get to know a place and make contacts. As long as you get a good amount of your own space. There are so many ways it saves money. Smoothing into a good-deal well placed flat isn't easy anywhere, but getting a good-un is a life-changer. I got lucky back a good few years, hope you get there soon.
  11. You have a good number of photos demonstrating excellent technique and have travelled far for some of them. Why anyone would put them on microstock sites for peanuts is beyond me, but that's your decision. If your shots are available as RF on microstock. then they have to be RF here as well, even though many don't really match Alamy criteria. Not every client will search around looking for the best price but many will. Would you be any different?
  12. beer, wine, coffee are all a fraction of the price if you buy from any supermarket but you don't get the extra benefit of chance encounters and connections you might get at a pub or coffee shop. For the moment, that's going to be vital for Edo to get established in Galway or any other new location. I get the impression he's not too bad at that, I'm hopeless, more likely to sit in the corner nursing my drink looking miserable.Galway being a university town, there may be accommodation going spare at least for the summer break. I rented in London for ten years after a dire stretch of sofa-surfing. When I finally lucked into a cheap but suitable flat deal it was life-changing. When I finally got on the housing ladder, I never looked back but I count myself very lucky!, That was funded by commissioned travel and stock photography which would be really hard to-day
  13. Growing up in Canada I would have sometimes used the term British Isles without malice or anything political. But living in the UK for 50 years I've never thought to use the term ever as far as I can recall. Now that it has been pointed out by MDM I certainly wouldn't use the term in the company of any one Irish. I guess I can see why it might be pretty offensive.
  14. Sorry Seville hasn't worked for you, but there's another place you will be able to speak knowledgeably about. Bronchitis is miserable! I used to dread catching any kind of cold, because it would sink to my chest and I would be coughing and producing great gobs of mucus for a couple of months. Got me down! Standing in a hot shower for a few minutes gave relief and if that seemed inappropriate, breathing through a hot wet face-towel a couple of times helped quite a bit. Hot drinks laced with whisky could be good but then, anything involving whisky is fine for me! Irish, Canadian, Scotch all OK. Bourbon, well I guess I've not tried enough! Thankfully I haven't had that problem for a few years and my immune system seems to be working better of late. I'm only a few years younger Edo. In your case the hay-fever seems to have triggered the Bronchitis like head-colds used to trigger mine.
  15. I'm surprised more contributors haven't complained that finding the forum has changed. I now go to my dashboard and hit the help button opposite AIM in blue and that takes me to contributors homepage and the forum button is bottom left in grey. seems we just had to find it by trial and error. maybe there was a notification I missed Of course limiting access to the forum to contributors is a good thing and has been suggested many times
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